How to go // UN-GO Opening Theme

UN-GO is awesome, if you haven’t given it a shot – you should. Also, school food punishment is a great band :3

If you want more translations to school food punishment bambooXZX has lots: [site-link]

Our generation in regards to the world can be easily summed up with this song.

Anyway I’ll go back to Metallic Vampire after this :3

“Reality isn’t that easy; I don’t want to have to swallow all this down” ← think castor oil.
Also, the adjective used for “easy” is the same as the adjective used for “sweet” so the meaning parallels on itself, “it’s not sweet, so I don’t want to swallow it”, but also “it’s not so easy as to leave possible any clear solutions, but I don’t want to accept that they’re none”. Maybe I should have gone for “sweet” but I felt like tying it to the previous stanza more with “easy” :3

How to go
School Food Punishment

こんなはずじゃないんだ 頭抱え
飽和した世界から 逃げ出したくてもがいている
さらさら 砂のように時が過ぎる
代わり映えのしない現状 夢のない明日を見つめ

konna hazu ja nainda atama kakae
houwa shita sekai kara nigedashitakute mogaiteiru
sarasara suna no you ni toki ga sugiru
kawaribae no shinai genjou yume no nai asu wo mitsume

It wasn’t supposed to be this way! I carry my head in my hands and
Struggle, wanting to escape from this saturated world
And time like flowing sand just passes me by, while
I stare at the dull and changeless reality facing us, at my dreamless tomorrow

迷ってばかりの昨日 さよならしたい
抗うように 手を伸ばしてみる

mayotte bakari no kinou sayonara shitai
aragau you ni te wo nobashitemiru

I want to say goodbye to all the yesterdays I’ve been lost
So I reach out my arms, trying to resist somehow

何百万回 泣いて 生まれ変わるよ
赤い目のままで行こう 描いた未来へ
ここまでおいで 手を鳴らしている
君はどこの誰? 闇に目を凝らして

nanhyakumankai naite umarekawaru yo
akai me no mama de yukou egaita mirai e
koko made oide te wo narashiteiru
kimi wa doko no dare? yami ni me wo korashite

Cry, however many billions of times it takes to be reborn
Our eyes still red, let’s go to a future we’ve drawn for ourselves
Trying to catch your attention I clap my hands
Who are you and where are you from, staring like that into the darkness?

人の群れ まるで氷のよう
気持ちだけじゃ溶かせない 固く閉じた世界
触れる度 心が冷えて
今さら足掻いたって 立ち止まって Game Over?

hito no mure maru de koori no you
kimochi dake ja tokasenai kataku tojita sekai
fureru tabi kokoro ga hiete
imasara agaitatte tachidomatte game over?

All these crowds of people are just like ice
The world is frozen, it can’t be melted away just with feeling
Everytime I touch it, it’s my heart that freezes
At this rate, is it still game over, no matter what I do?

現実は甘くない 飲み込みたくないくらい
蔓延る雑念 断ち切って 闇を抜けて

genjitsu wa amakunai nomikomitakunai kurai
habikoru zatsunen tachikitte yami wo nukete

Reality isn’t that easy; I don’t want to have to swallow all this down
I’ll cut through this mess of conflicting thoughts and break through the darkness

毎日 毎晩 抱いて 擦り切れた夢
じっと見つめて ぎゅっと力込めた
奇跡はないんだ あるわけがないや
行こう 今なら まだ間に合うから

mainichi maiban daite surikireta yume
jitto mitsumete gyutto chikara kometa
kiseki wa nainda aru wake ga nai ya
yukou ima nara mada ma ni au kara

I’ve held on to all my worn out dreams every day and night
I stare at them and hug them tightly
There’s no such thing as a miracle, there’s no way there could be
Let’s go – If we go now, we can still make it in time

何百万回 泣いて 生まれ変わるよ
風が頬 乾かしてく 描いた未来へ
ここまでおいで 手を鳴らしてる
心なしか ほら 優しい君の声

nanhyakumankai naite umarekawaru yo
kaze ga hoo kawakashiteku egaita mirai e
koko made oide te wo narashiteru
kokoronashi ka hora yasashii kimi no koe

Cry, however many billions of times it takes to be reborn
The wind will dry our cheeks and lead us to a future we’ve drawn for ourselves
Trying to catch your attention I clap my hands
Maybe it’s just me, but – See what a kind voice you have?

何も見えない わかんない それでも行くよ
光が差す 君が待つ場所へ

nani mo mienai wakannai sore demo yuku yo
hikari ga sasu kimi ga matsu basho e

I can’t see anything, I don’t know anything, but even so I’ll go
To that place where you wait, shining light

  1. If you’re still taking requests, I’ve got one.

    I think it’s called “miss sadistic” by c-clays.

    I could never find the romaji or english lyrics for it, so if you could translate it, that would be fantastic.


    • (Sorry I didn’t get around to replying to your YT-PM) yep, I’m still taking requests… though maybe I should stop soon given my giant list… I’ll add it in. Might take a while to get to, but I should get to it – I like C-Clays and all so hopefully sooner rather than later.

      Hahaha.. no wonder it sounded familiar – it’s already on the list at #8, so much sooner.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I can’t wait to see the romaji lyrics! I’m going to sing this song all day

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