Requested by: Integral.
^I’m sure I’ve said this before but I commend you on your net-handle. Whether you’re the area under a curve or just integral to our plot (to take over the universe with cats that have bad grammar).

I have a strange feeling that this is one of those songs that I wanted to translate as soon as it came out (over a year ago) but got sidetracked…

I’m using he for white and she for black. Just because that’s what psychology says. Or something like that.
I tried to keep a semblence of the wording differences between white and black… sort of.

Vocal: 綾倉盟
Arrange: Syrufit
Lyric: SHIKI
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Album: of memories
Event: C78

まだ知らない空 静かな月夜に
叶わぬ思いを 隠せず溺れる
生きてる痛みを恐れ 嘆いた白

mada shiranai sora shizuka na tsukiyo ni
koi kogareta mama nemure
kanawanu omoi wo kakusezu oboreru
ikiteru itami wo osore nageita shiro

White laments, yearning for the sky he has not yet seen,
For the silent moonlight, as he sleeps
Drowning in unfulfilled wishes he cannot hide
He fears the pain of living…

誰かを愛する 怖さ忘れて

mou ichido kimi no soba ni ireru nara
dareka wo aisuru kowasa wasurete

If I could be beside you once more
I might forget how frightening it is to love someone…

手を伸ばす 距離さえも儚く
いつの日か 境界線越えて
繋がりはじめるよ きっと

te wo nobasu kyori sae mo hakanaku
chigirete hodokeru omoi mo
itsu no hi ka kyoukaisen koete
tsunagarihajimeru yo kitto

I’ll reach out my hands, distance is nothing
Even my emotions strewn all about
Will one day cross over the border line
And we’ll connect, I’m sure

もう見飽きた空 無口な暗闇
懐かしさにまた 景色が重なる

mou miakita sora mukuchi na kurayami
aitodokanu mama nemuru
natsukashisa ni mata keshiki ga kasanaru
shi ni yuku kodoku wo osore nageita kuro

Black laments the sky she has tired of, the soundless darkness
In which she sleeps, her love left unconveyed
As yet another landscape is layered unto nostalgia
She fears the loneliness of death…

誰かを愛する 強さ信じて

kesshite kaenu bokura aeru nara
dareka wo aisuru tsuyosa shinjite

If we that must not mix might meet
I’ll believe in the strength there is in loving someone…

手を伸ばす 距離さえも儚く
いつの日か 境界線越えて
繋がり逢えるよね きっと

te wo nobasu kyori sae mo hakanaku
chigirete todokenu omoi mo
itsu no hi ka kyoukaisen koete
tsunagariaeru yo ne kitto

I’ll reach out my hands, distance is nothing
Even my emotions tightly bound
Will one day cross over the border line
And we’ll come together, I’m sure

  1. fairly nice translation for nice song

    • Integral
    • November 15th, 2011

    Thank you for the translation! It’s oddly appropriate for my current situation. Beautiful song and even more beautiful with the lyrics.

    And yes, I’m quite pleased with my handle. I’m glad you like it. :)

    • AMF
    • August 22nd, 2012

    Wow… I can think of many ways one could interpret this song right now. I wonder which one is right?…. Are any of them right? Are they all right? I don’t really care right now, for I find myself lost in the beauty that is these lyrics. (Now…. If only I could think like that all the time…. -.-;) Anyways, back to normal internet commentary: Short and not very poetic at all.

    I really need to search this song on YouTube. X3 Thank you so much for this site! (Congratulations. You have just aquired 1 crazed fan-girl. Keep it up. XD)

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