Requested by: TasteTea

I really liked this song, so I’m doing it early? I guess – anyway. I think I’ll look more into MN-logic24 because I hadn’t heard of them before, and anyway. I like it. The other stuff by them that’s on my request list is pretty good too.

pyrolysis is a chemistry term, basically, burning in the absense of oxygen (or with it as a low factor) – lava flowing over a tree as a more pure example or simply wood burning into char: [en-wiki]

死体旅行~Be of good cheer!|東方地霊殿
Vocal: 琴音
Arrange: marque
Lyrics: marque
Circle: MN-logic24
Album: ファンタスティックパンダワールド
Event: C80

迷うキモチ 深く埋めても

mayou kimochi fukaku umetemo
itsumo sugu ni mitsuketeshimau

Though I bury deep my feelings of doubt and hesitation
I always find them again, right away

孤独積もる 傷の檻の中
ただ あてもなく
熱く燃える 強さ探してた

kodoku tsumoru kizu no ori no naka
tada ate mo naku
atsuku moeru tsuyosa sagashiteta

As my loneliness mounts in this cage of wounds
I just, aimlessly
Search for strength, burning and blazing

腕を引いて 連れ出して
このキモチが 答えと言って

ude wo hiite tsuredashite
kono kimochi ga kotae to itte
nagai tabi no deguchi wo misete

But now pulling my arm and leading me away
This one emotion brought me an answer
It showed me the exit to my long journey

キミの言葉 本当なら
永久に二度と 迷わない様に
この躊躇い 燃やし尽くして

kimi no kotoba hontou nara
towa ni nido to mayowanai you ni
kono tamerai moyashitsukushite

If your words are true
So that I will never again be so lost
I will burn away all my hesitation

うなる不安 ただ飲み込んで
自分にすら ウソを重ねた

unaru fuan tada nomikonde
jibun ni sura uso wo kasaneta

I’ll just swallow my groaning anxiety
Even if it means lying to myself

キミがくれた 熱いため息は

kimi ga kureta atsui tameiki wa
iro wo nakushita
sugishi hibi ni okuru komoriuta

The hot breath you gave me
Was a lullaby to take me through
Each colorless day that has come to pass

そっと触れた キミの手の
指先から 融け合うココロ

sotto fureta kimi no te wo
yubisaki kara tokeau kokoro
meguri aeta imi wo oshiete

As our hands gently touched – from your
Fingertips, I felt our hearts melt together
Tell me what it truly means be fated for each other

今は強く 抱きしめて
キミの体温で 忘れるほどに

ima wa tsuyoku dakishimete
kimi no taion de wasureru hodo ni
kono tamerai moyashitsukushite

Embrace me, tightly now so that
With your body heat I can forget and
Burn away all of my hesitation

  1. [YT-Link]

    this vid apears ot have romanji lyrics for forground eclipse ~ destruction, just thaught i’d post it as you have if in your “looking for lyrics for”

    though im not sure how accurate it is as my japanese is somewhat non-existant

    hope it helps in some way! keep up the awesome translations ^^

    • Well – there’s a lot of it wrong – but it helps to give me a sort of frame work to work with, and there’s a lot of effort there (especially with those screams), so I’ll kind of feel bad if I don’t put in a little effort, so … I’ll work at it and if I think that I’ve got 90-95% of it or more right I’ll go ahead and make a post. ^^

    • induviate
    • November 9th, 2011

    Hope you don’t mind me making another request. (You’re too amazing >w<)
    Another song from Liz Triangle, another remastered song.
    Remastered moon light step from HIEROGLYPH
    Lyrics from LR First Strike! Hopefully they didn't change. ; w;

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