Sanae is a good girl.

Here are the actual lyrics, confirmed in the lyrics booklet for “Each and Every Word Leaves Me Here alone” but the English bits drastically change the song.

The song suddenly gets a lot darker. The male speaker wants to keep the female from doing anything – he’ll take care of the problem. But she won’t listen. He gives up knowing that everything’s too late for her. Knowing what happened that made her this way. The female is determined to do anything she can, even it means killing others, even if it means her own death – to change the way things have become. As it seems that “they’ve been found out” you can go with illegal aliens, prisoners, or oppressed peoples.

Vocals: Merami
Screams: Teto
Guitar: Siym
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol. 07 / Each and Every Word Leaves me Here Alone
Event: Reitaisai SP 2 / C81

Let’s get crazy


Let’s get crazy!

雨音が消えた 深い夜
傷に沁みた 冷たい感情が
吐き捨てた言葉 殺伐と
揺さぶる風 儚き世界へと

amaoto ga kieta fukai yoru
kizu ni shimita tsumetai kanjou ga
hakisuteta kotoba satsubatsu to
yusaburu kaze, hakanaki sekai e to

Even the sound of the rain has dissipated this deep night
Now only my cold emotions sting, seeping into my wounds
The one word I spat with bloodthirst and rage is taken
By the rustling wind into the transient world

Shut your eyes
Man I can’t stand anymore
It will come back to you
Shut your eyes


Shut your eyes!
I can’t stand this anymore!
I’m sure he’ll come back this way to you
Shut your eyes!

激しい雨に打たれ 御神に背いても
奇跡を起こすよ この身果てても

hageshii ame ni utare mikami ni somuitemo
kiseki wo okosu yo kono mi hatetemo

Beaten under this fierce rain, even if I must turn my back on the gods
I will bring about a miracle, even if it means the end of me

Shut your eyes!


Shut your eyes!

灰色の雲に 覆われて
その先に 何が見えるのだろう (It will come back to you) 奴は君の元にきっと戻ってくる
抜け出せない 闇に囚われて (I won’t forget what it saw) 奴は見たものを忘れることなんてない
導く風 儚き世界へと (It won’t, it never) 絶対に忘れない

haiiro no kumo ni oowarete
sono saki ni nani ga aru no darou
nukedasenai yami ni torawarete
michibiku kaze, hakanaki sekai e to

With everything cast under ashen clouds
What could possibly lie ahead?
 (I’m sure he’ll come back this way to you)
I can’t escape, captive to this darkness
 (There’s no way he’d forget what he saw)
And the wind leads me into the transient world
 (He’ll never forget!)

Trace back where you started to break
Where I saw it from the inside
I’ve got nothing to say to you
I’ve got nothing


Tracing back to when you started to break
I saw it happening from the inside,
And I have nothing to say to you
Nothing at all

エメラルドの風が心を戒める 幻想の果て
この手から零れ落ちた未来 まだ見ぬ光へ

emerald no kaze ga kokoro wo imashimeru gensou no hate
kono te kara koboreochita mirai mada minu hikari e

And that emerald wind warns my heart, the ends of illusion
The future that has fallen from my grasp, toward a light I’ve not yet seen

迷いは無い 振り返らない 神の怒りだっても
奇跡を起こすよ この身と引き換えに

mayoi wa nai furikaeranai mikami no ikari datte mo
kiseki wo okosu yo kono mi to hikikae ni

My hesitation is gone, I won’t turn back, not for the wrath of any god
I will bring about a miracle, in exchange for this life…

Before it comes back


Before he comes back

    • saku
    • November 10th, 2011

    That demo CD is fantastic, I listen to the 3 songs on repeat for hours, so much awesome in them.

    • Yaren
    • November 10th, 2011

    hurray!! i was waiting for the traslation.. so much “Sanae is a good girl” twist refference :3

    funny, din’t know what it meanst the song at all but at the screams of the end i could clearly hear a “cry fo–re—ver– NOW!!” but maybe its onle me…

    Thx so much!! ^(^v ^ )^ Foreground Eclipse ftw!!

    • Yeah, I was sort of at a loss for what to do with the screams, so I basically put a couple words that I thought I could hear and filled in the blanks with what I thought sounded alright >.> we’ll just have to see when the official lyrics come out. <.<

    • Nijiru
    • November 12th, 2011

    Not normally that big of a fan of screamo, but Foreground Eclipse is growing on me thanks to you. :) I also have to agree, love the choruses of this song.

    • Haha, I grew up listening to screamo, so bands like Foreground Eclipse hit a major nostalgia point with me.

    • Xav56
    • November 12th, 2011

    Kafka, I’d love to request you the translation of “Septuor de écarlate” by Sound Holic, this song is wonderful ;_;

    • It might be a little while before I can get the lyric booklet to Metallic Vampire, but I’ll be doing a lot from that as soon as I get my hands on it, and definitely that one :3

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