オズネイ・ハマンはもういらない // Oznei Haman wa Mou Iranai

Requested by: ME.

This song’s lyrics are amazing (if a little strange); Fukamizu Chie always gets me. I really need to seek out more of her original works because the only Touhou stuff she does is for Shibayan. Even though she doesn’t actually sing in this album, well her lyrics. I love lyrics that are fantastic, but don’t necessarily have to be.

Like I almost feel that Fukamizu Chie had to have gone to a Jewish festival, and bored – ate Oznei Haman. XD

This song was brought to you by lots of vodka. :F

Yeah, I’ve totally hit drunk :3

Oznei Haman – “Haman’s Ears” a Jewish Dish. Triangle shaped sweets.

“But I can’t let anyone know, whenever I try to give up on you, I just want to scream…”
^But I can’t let anyone know, that even when I try to give up on you and say I’ll never be able to see you again – that I’m screaming inside” < Imagine a girl telling her friend “well, no – it’s okay, there’s no way I’d be able to see him again anyway, so I’ve given up :)” screaming inside.

 Oznei Haman wa Mou Iranai
 I Don’t Need Any Oznei Haman Anymore
Vocal: yana
Arrange: Shibayan
Lyric: 深水チエ
Circle: Shibayan Records
Album: ムソウマテリアライズ
Event: M3-28

こどもみたいな心 宥めてるの

aitai tte me wo tojitara kuraitai tte yokubou datte
osaekonde yasashiku nareru wa
kodomo mitai na kokoro nadameteru no
aietai tte akirametemo sakebitai tte akase ya shinai
tokidoki wa kuufuku no mama de genkai made tamashitemitai no

However dearly I want to see you, when I close my eyes, I just want to eat you…
But if I just push those desires aside, it gets all better! …
This is how I pacify my childish heart.
But I can’t let anyone know, however I try to give up on you, I just want to scream…
Sometimes I like to try and take myself to the very limit – starving.

 ゆられる ゆさぶる 本能 情動!

 koyomi kazoetemo yume ni kasureteshimau
 koyoi anata wa kagerou
 yurareru yusaburu honnou joudou!

 Even if I count the days, in dreams time is stripped away
 Tonight, you’re no more than a mirage
 Shimmering, shaking – as are my instincts, my emotions!!


yosooi wo kaete warau hito wo yoko me ni magameteiru
shukusai no houjun na koufuku ga mune wo sashiteku

I watch from the sidelines as people changed into their better clothes laugh together
The mellow happiness of these festivals pricks my heart

 食べていいでしょ もう限界!

 utau toori ni magire hitori kajiritsuku oznei haman
 amai okashi wo kubaru osanai kisu wa iranai
 kotoba wo kobanda shita ni tsumoru mujun darake no ue
 dakara anata ni aetara
 tabete ii desho mou genkai!

 As if along with the singing I, by chance even, bit into an oznei haman
 I don’t need such childish kisses that carry sweet sweets!
 On my wordless tongue builds an paradoxical hunger…
 So if I actually do see you
 I can eat you, right? I’m at my limit!!!

動物のように素直じゃない 後悔感じるほど優しくない
理性的であろうとしても 一瞬の迷いまでは欺けないね
この断食に終わりはない あなたの声もとうに思い出せない

doubutsu no you ni sunao ja nai koukai kajiru hodo yasashikunai
riseiteki de arou to shitemo isshun no mayoi made wa azamukenai ne
kono danshiki ni owari wa nai anata no koe mo tou ni omoidasenai
yuugure ni hohoendeita no wa
watashi datta ka sura wasureteshimaisou na no

I’m not obedient like some animal – I’m not kind enough to feel regret
Even if you try to reason with me, you won’t phase me a moment
There’s no end to this fast – It’s been long since I could remember your voice
I’ve even begun to forget, was that me?
Smiling beside you in the sunset?

 扉叩いた音にも気づかないくらい 会いたい 会えない
 孤独 受け入れるたび 積もる飢えに叫びそうよ
 抑え切れない 本能 衝動!

 koyomi gyakusan shite wa sugiru kuukyo bakari no hibi
 tobira tataita oto ni mo kidzukanai kurai aitai aenai
 kodoku ukeireru tabi tsumoru ue ni sakebisou yo
 ima mo anata wa kagerou
 osaekirenai honnou shoudou!

 Turning back the calandar, all we spent were empty days
 I can’t even hear the knocking at the door, I want to see you, I can’t see you!
 Every moment I spend alone, I want to scream from this mounting hunger!
 Now you’re no more than a mirage
 I can’t hold it all in! – My instincts, my impulses!


anata no yubi wo tabetai no
            anata no hifu mo tabetai no
anata no shita wo tabetai no
            anata no subete tabetai no
anata no tsumi wo tabetai no
            anata no uso mo tabetai no
watashi wo uruowasu you na
            anata no kokoro wo choudai

I want to eat your fingers
            I want to eat your skin
I want to eat your tongue
            I want to eat your everything!
I want to eat your sin
            I want to eat your lies
Give me your heart
            That made me this way!


anata no yubisaki wo tabetai no
            anata no hifu mo tabetai no
anata no shita wo tabetai no
            anata no subete tabetai no
anata no tsumi wo tabetai no
            anata no uso mo tabetai no
watashi wo uruowasu you na
            anata no shinzou wo choudai

I want to eat your fingers
            I want to eat your skin
I want to eat your tongue
            I want to eat your everything!
I want to eat your sin
            I want to eat your lies
Give me your heart
            That made me this way!

    • belisariayagami
    • November 3rd, 2011

    …I wondered why this song made me so hungry why hearing the last stanza. I couldn’t understand a few sentences, but not much. Now I know why xD Thanks for translating~ Looking forward to the other songs! <3

    Aha, yes, truly, those pictures are fitting~

    • :D :F

      Yeah I’m going to try to get to the rest of the tracks soon, I love Shibayan’s noise albums. >:D

      I have to be careful with lines/fake-grammar sometimes, it’ll make sense to me while I’m typing everything out – but then I’ll look back and be D: what does this even mean!? I try ;^; XD

  1. ñom ñom ñom! :3 delicius lirycs are delicius… thx kafka!!

    • Felipe
    • November 4th, 2011

    Hi kafka-fuura!
    Say, would you mind considering this for one of the next translations?


    Honestly, I can’t even tell what’s the song’s name, I searched through your C-Clays translations and it was not there, which is a pity as this is a beautiful vocal song.

    Well, I know you are busy so this is just a request, so just do it if you like it, but please let me know if you do! Thanks a lot!

    • Xav56
    • November 4th, 2011

    Oh my favorite from this album, thanks for the translation !

    • Yeah definitely this, and then probably 紅涙にしづむは供人の憂い second… – so I’ll be trying to do that one soon >:D

    • KY
    • November 4th, 2011

    Hey Kafka!
    I would be forever grateful if you could tl CYTOKINE’s Nuclear Fusion from album a+jugos

    • Muon
    • November 4th, 2011

    Kafka, are you planning on translating any of the tracks from Tamaonsen’s Common Sky? I liked Northern Winter, Umi Iro Film and Suicidal #23 and I’m quite curious of what their lyrics mean. Thanks a lot!

    • :o

      How did I miss that album?!

      I’ll look into it – gotta find it first.

    • Felipe
    • November 7th, 2011

    kafkafuura :
    I have the feeling I wouldn’t have remembered doing it until I was half-way through re-translating it XD – though I’m starting to make a habit of checking my own list before I start a new song.
    >.> <.<

    You could consider having a “tab” or page or something like that with a list of all the translated songs you have. This way people wuld have an easier time finding things and you wouldn’t risk re-translating stuff :D

    • That’s what this is for [link] – but every now and then I’ve missed an entry and etc. >.>

      I just wish it was automated or something – it actually takes a bit of time to keep that page up to date XD

        • Felipe
        • November 7th, 2011

        I saw that page but it was so confusing to me :S, maybe it works better for you, Idk.

        But for use in the way you need, maybe it would be more helpful to simply have a list with the songs’ titles, so everytime you got a new request you’d just have to open that page, press control+f, type the song’s name and if it didn’t show up you could be sure it was ok to the translation.

    • Kaena
    • November 9th, 2011

    Gosh, thank you so much for translating Shibayan’s songs! I really like this artist, so it’s cool knowing what the lyrics mean. But it seems like you’ve mostly done his newer stuff… have you considering translating earlier, softer songs, like songs on オトメキュート, or are you just into the “noise” stuff?

    • We’ll as for earlier I’ve got half the songs on Kiseki Impulse -Emotional Feedback- translated (His first noise/vocal album and possibly my favorite of his albums over all) but yeah the first song that got me to like Shibayan was the semi-famous Miku Song なんということでしょう, so I’m not opposed to doing his cute stuff – I just happen to like his noise stuff a lot more. :3

      For his lyricists (other than the ones he does himself and NEVER POSTS D:<) he usually uses 深水チエ and やまざきさやか who like to write really complex, long (and awesome) lyrics – which tend to take a long time – which is why I haven’t translated all of his stuff already XD.

      I might take a look after I cut my requests list down a little. ^^;

        • Kaena
        • November 9th, 2011

        Thanks for considering it! Of course, current requests and suchlike should have priority, especially since these lyrics take so long to translate.

    • Shiri
    • November 16th, 2011

    I don’t know how much you’ve been doing this lately since I don’t check the site often, but thanks for the romaji, it really helps and is appreciated!

  2. Heya, I think 「食べていいでしょ」 should be 「食べてもいいでしょ」, so a も was missed out. Heard it then confirmed using a Touhou lyrics blog: http://vovovov26.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-141.html don’t have the album myself to check though!

  3. Also in the romanised「doubutsu no you ni」line, I think 「感じる」→ kanjiru, not kajiru. Don’t mean to be picky, just that I love your translations and end up listening to the songs & reading them really often!

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