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princess coronation

Requested by: Kizoku-chan

Zensai has such a lovely voice, perfect for this song.

I really do love EastNewSound – I need to finish up more of their songs…

This song is kind of amazing, in a variety of ways.

Politically even.

The first stanza establishes the setting, I thought about making it a sentence, but in this case a noun-phrase works much, much better, even if it’s a little awkward in English.

The “And, But, So, And, But, So, Now” was added for flow and to better show the connection between the stanzas.

Twitter After Thought:
‘Every now and then I wonder if I’m not reading too far into a song’s lyrics-but I’m seeing a subtle political message in princess coronation’
‘Particularly “a dawn that is always coming (but never arrives)” and that the people are led by deceptive “shadows”‘
‘and of course, being shadows depend on the ever coming but never arriving dawn, as they disappear with the light.’
‘I mean, damn – what an image.’

princess coronation
神は恵みの雨を降らす~Sylphid Dream|東方風神録
Vocal: 前菜
Arrange: KOBATYU
Lyric: くまりす
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Felsic Mirage
Event: C78

揺蕩う水の音 佇む虫の詩
さざめく木々の声 終わり無く来る夜明け

tayutau mizu no oto tatazumu mushi no uta
sazameku kigi no koe owarinaku kuru yoake

Drifting water sounds and perpetual insect songs
Rustling tree voices and the ever coming dawn

消える人に 語りかけた影
燃える丘に 囁いた願い

kieru hito ni katarikaketa kage
moeru oka ni sasayaita negai

And shadows spoke to a disappearing people
Whispering wishes to the burning hills

いつも何度も 騙る日々に
掴む世界は 永久へと消える

itsumo nandomo kataru hibi ni
tsukamu sekai wa towa e to kieru

But throughout these days of demagogy ever on and on
The world we grasp disappears into eternity

揺れる世界に問う なくした夢の事
幾度も積み重ね かすれゆく声上げて

yureru sekai ni tou nakushita yume no koto
ikudomo tsumikasane kasureyuku koeagete

So I ask the wavering world, What of our lost dreams?
Again and again I raise my rasping voice

嘆く人に 語りかけた影
沈む丘に 呟いた思い

nageku hito ni katarikaketa kage
shizumu oka ni tsubuyaita omoi

And the shadows spoke to a lamenting people
Muttered thoughts to the sinking hills

いつか未来は 誰の声で
握る誓いは 空へと消える

itsuka mirai wa dare no koe de
nigiru chikai wa sora e to kieru

But in whose voice will the future be?
The vows we grasp disappear into the sky

狂う大地に立つ 壊れた理りと
不条理積み上げて 崩れゆく影落ちる

kuruu daichitatsu kowareta kotowari to
fujouri tsumiagete kuzureyuku kage ochiru

So standing on unstable ground I raise broken logic
And irrationality, to the crumbling shadows which fall

揺れる世界に問う なくした夢の事
幾度も積み重ね かすれゆく声上げて

yureru sekai ni tou nakushita yume no koto
ikudo mo tsumikasane kasureyuku koeagete

Now I ask the wavering world, What of our lost dreams?
Again and again I raise my rasping voice

^I’m not a military otaku (per se), but those uniforms. Sometimes I feel like I can understand Mishima, sometimes.

^Suits and Maid Outfits for the rest of you. :P

root_C /=ALL

Requested by: Shizu

This song’s pretty damn amazing.

I’ve actually wanted to do this song for a while, but it suffered from being one of those “missed pages” in the original album booklet – so it never made it to the net. At least then. Here it is now :D

“Already, the memories I’ve tied together have begun to contradict each other…”
^In other words, the memories aren’t matching up with each other; one memory says this happened, one says something else did.

“rain falls again on my heart”
^This song actually puts it more cleverly than the usual way of saying this, rather that the “rain” is rather a string of unstable heart palpitations that sound like rain falling. The effect is the same, but it’s much more audial and less metaphorical. Just had to mention that.

“withered flowers collapse”
^Like how you know when a dead flower that’s tried up crumbles away, metaphorically – the flowers, the surroundings have not hope nor anything else to offer the speaker.

“I remember, watch myself troubled, taking flight ”
^Think of a baby bird trying to fly for the first time. The speaker’s remembering something in the past when she tried so hard for something, probably for love – but the image is not of falling but getting off the ground, no matter how difficult or painful it is. This phrase compares with the next, of her just standing on the ground, watching the past fly higher than her future.

There’s a sort of pun with kiseki (奇跡 vs. 軌跡)

root_C /=ALL
Album:Love=ALL – (例大祭8)

夜明けに溶ける 細い指先 あの微笑みと 空になった籠
繋ぎ合わせた 記憶も掠れ もう…

yoake ni tokeru hosoi yubisaki ano hohoemi to kara ni natta kago
tsunagiawaseta kioku mo kasure mou…

Everything melts into the dawn: your slender fingertips, your smile, that empty cage…
Already, the memories I’ve tied together have begun to contradict each other…

夜闇に沈む 願いを手折る 心音の雨 ぽつり、また落ちて
戻れる場所も 優しい声も 今はないから

yoyami ni shizumu negai wo teoru shin’on no ame potsuri, mata ochite
modoreru basho mo yasashii koe mo ima wa nai kara
kono mama de

Everything sinks into darkness; as I fold my hands in prayer, rain falls again on my heart
No longer do I have a place to return to, nor your kind voice
And nothing will change…

手を伸ばして願うことも すこし疲れたよ
淡い色で揺れめくのは 戻ることない 軌跡
身を焦がす冷たい火 胸を侵した小さな罪
君のこと思うほど 消えたいほどに だけど生きてる

te wo nobashite negau koto mo sukoshi tsukareta yo
awai iro de yuremeku no wa modoru koto nai kiseki
mi wo kogasu tsumetai hi mune wo okashita chiisa na tsumi
kimi no koto omou hodo kietai hodo ni dakedo ikiteru

I’ve started to grow tired of raising my arms in prayer
That faint light I see swaying is only a life I’ll never return to
A cold fire burns my body and my slight sin breaks its way into my heart
The more I think of you, the more I want to disappear – but I keep living

記憶、断片、鳥籠の日々 ウソツキだった僕を責めていて
焔のむこう 枯れた花さえ潰え

kioku, danpen, torikago no hibi usotsuki datta boku wo semeteite
honoo no mukou kareta hana sae tsuie

My fragments of memories, those days in a bird cage, blame the liar that I was
Beyond the flames, withered flowers collapse

戸惑いながら飛び立つすがた 佇む僕は過去だけ重ねて

tomadoinagara tobitatsu sugata tatazumu boku wa kako dake kasanete
omoide sae mo izure nakushite

I remember, watch myself troubled, taking flight – Now I stand as each past falls upon me
But one day I’ll lose even these memories

あの時から 凍える火に抱かれ眠る日々
もう一度あの手をなんて 在るはずのない 奇跡
焼かれてく 罪だけを胸に残して 沈んでいく
ひとりきり 夜のなか 手を伸ばすのは誰なんだろう

ano toki kara kogoeru hi ni dakare nemuru hibi
mou ichido no te wo nante aru hazu no nai kiseki
yakareteku tsumi dake wo mune ni nokoshite shizundeiku
hitorikiri yoru no naka te wo nobasu no wa dare nandarou

Ever since then I’ve slept through my days embraced in frozen flames
No longer can I take your hand; that miracle cannot be
As I burn, only sin is left in my heart, and I continue to sink
All alone, tonight… – but who is that reaching out their hand?

夢幻ノ光 // Mugen no Hikari

^I couldn’t find any harvest-ish moon pictures that weren’t filled with blood splatter so… We’ll settle with this.

Requested by: Darkfireblade25

Sorry I’m not posting much during the week, (you can see from the calendar that I’ve been trying D:) but I’m getting burnt out from work D: – Sorry to make everyone wait so much! On whim I either seem to make you guys wait either only a day or 2-3 months D:

As a side note – Mirai Nikki and UN-GO for this anime season >:D

November’s going to be crazy… I might make a few “blog-like” posts as I plunge into NaNoWriMo and such.

ヽ(・∀・)ノ旦 I’m going to need all the tea and vodka I can get.

“Ephemeral”+->”Like foam formed on the surface of water”

 Mugen no Hikari
 Phantom Light
From: ポップンミュージック 12 いろは

秋の月、泡沫 ・・・・

aki no tsuki, utakata

The harvest moon, so ephemeral….

更けゆく空 桔梗に染む 冴やけき影を見ていた
幾重になる虫の音色が寂しくて 止む事を祈った

fukeyuku sora kikyou ni somu sayakeki kage wo miteita
ikue ni naru mushi no neiro ga sabishikute yamu koto wo inotta

As I watch the sky deepen in clear shadows the color of Chinese bellflowers
The many layers of insects calling make me feel lonely – I pray they would stop

あの日貴方を 失ったからでしょう・・・・

kono basho ga kurushii no wa naze?
ano hi anata wo ushinatta kara deshou….

Why is this place so painful to me?
Is it because I lost you that day…?

仄かに零れる光 見つけてくれたのは

aki no tsuki, utakata
honoka ni koboreru hikari mitsuketekureta no wa
anata deshita….

The harvest moon, so ephemeral
Hazily overflowing with light – It was you
Who found that light for me….

やがて遠くの山の峰が 白々霞み出すまで
幾度 夜を 時を忘れて 二人語り明かしたでしょうか

yagate tooku no yama no mine ga shirajira kasumidasu made
ikutabi yoru wo toki wo wasurete futari katari akashita deshou ka

Wouldn’t we always forget the time and talk the night away,
Until the peaks of the distant mountains misted with morning light?

欠けては満ちる 尽きぬ影に
思い重ねて 行く末を誓い合った

kakuete wa michiru tsukinu kage ni
omoikasanete yukusue wo chikaiatta

Upon the ceaseless shadows, now fading, now deepening
We placed our thoughts and swore to be together in the end

漂う小舟のように 心は遥かまで さすらうでしょう
行き場もなく 遥かまで さすらうでしょう

aki no tsuki, utakata
tatayou kobune no you ni kokoro wa haruka made sasurau deshou
yukiba mo naku haruka made sasurau deshou

The harvest moon, so ephemeral
Will my heart forever wander like this, a small boat floating on the waters
With no place to go, off forever into the distance?

満月よ、もし一つ 一つだけ願いが叶うと云うならば
逢いたい・・・・ もう一度だけ・・・・
刹那の灯火で良い 呼び醒まして・・・・

mangetsu yo moshi hitotsu hitotsu dake negai ga kanau to iu naraba
aitai…. mou ichido dake….
setsuna no tomoshibi de ii yobisamashite….

O harvest moon, if I could have one, just one wish granted
I want to meet that person once again….
Even if it were a short moment of lamplight, please wake me from this….

仄かに零れる光 浮き沈む雲居に

aki no tsuki, utakata
honoka ni koboreru hikari ukishizumu kumoi ni
anata wo omou

The harvest moon, so ephemeral
Hazily overflowing with light – As it filters through the clouds
I think of you

雁が・・・・ 去り往く・・・・

gari ga…. sari yuku….

Ah, there fly the geese, off far away…