Stray child’s Alice

All Hail Belisaria!

When sweet girls dreaming of love find that spice and try sex to get the love they want.

Not that I’m telling all you girls to be nuns, but if you’re going to tie up a guy marionette wire, you’ve got to be more crafty about it erhem. Right.

Anyway thank you again Belisaria, or I’d never been able to translate this song :3

That whole “deep down the rabbit hole” part is not nearly as bluntly obvious as I play it out to be, but it’s hard to be more subtle without being confusing or awkward in English.

Stray child’s Alice
Arranged by Poplica*
Vocal, Lyrics by Mei Ayakura
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: over
Event: C80

甘いお菓子 たくさんの果実

amai okashi takusan no kajitsu
dore mo suki dakeredo

I like candies, sweets, and
All kinds of fruit

引き寄せ合い 見つけてしまった

hikiyoseai mitsuketeshimatta
hitosaji no spice

But then I found a spoonful of spice
That would bring us together


kitai to kouyou to mayoi
mou watashi wo tomenaidekudasai

Expectations, anxieties and emotional highs?
Don’t you stop me.

愛なんて全て 嘘さ

aishitenai no
aishiteta tsumori
aisaretai no
ai nante doko ni
ai sae areba
ai nante subete uso sa

I’m not in love
It’s as if I was in love but not
I want to be loved
Where has love gone?
If only we had love…
But love, it’s all a lie.


kotoba ga hoshii
nigerarenai you ni
akuma no emi de
kuzureru ashimoto
fukaku oku made
kono te de izanau kara
ima dake yumemisasete

I want your words
So there’ll be no running –
With a devilish smile
Now the ground crumbles away –
Let’s go deep down the rabbit hole
I’ll guide you with these hands –
So for now, just let me dream

気づいていた 犯した過ち

kidzuiteita okashita ayamachi
mou modorenai koto

Then I realized what a mistake I had made
But now, there’s no turning back…

細い腕と 湿らす唇

hosoi ude to shimerasu kuchibiru
hitotoki no ii koto

Slender arms and moist lips
Just a moment’s happiness…


hajimari mo naku owaranai
jirasu yubi wo tomenaidekudasai

There’s no beginning, there’s no end
Don’t you stop my fingers.

愛なんて全て 嘘さ

aishitenai no
aisareta tsumori
aisaretai no
ai nante doko ni
ai sae areba
ai nante subete uso sa

I’m not in love
It’s as if I was loved but not
I want to be loved
Where has love gone?
If only we had love…
But love, it’s all a lie.

愛していた と

kotoba ga hoshii
mimimoto de sasayaku
aishiteita to
toiki ga koboreru
fukaku oku made
kienai kizu wo tsukete
doko made ochiteiku no

I want your words
And so you whipser at my ear,
“I did love you,”
With a sigh
That strikes me deep
With a wound that will never heal
As I fall forever and ever.

    • xXSupanoobXx
    • October 19th, 2011

    Found something interesting, so I would like you to translate it. I’m hunting down the lyrics as we speak.

    Doesn’t it remind you a little of Digimon Tamer’s opening?

  1. Those lyrics are “strange” for this kind of instrumental imo
    Haha nevermind~

    Thanks again for your hard work for the translation! :3
    I see that you have a long list of songs to translate, so I was hesitating to give you more work… Orz

    Well, I would like a translation of some EastNewSound works



    princess coronation

    I think nobody translated them yet (especially princess coronation…)
    That would be awesome! Thank you! =’)

    • I’ll try to do princess coronation today…
      I’ll add the other one to the list.

    • Darkfireblade25
    • October 20th, 2011

    Yo, so I was looking at an old DDR band called TЁЯRA (great band btw) and I found a song I really liked called 夢幻ノ光 with the lyrics here: I was wondering if you could translate it. Thanks in advance :)

    • belisariayagami
    • October 23rd, 2011

    Just as expected, Mei-sama doesn’t decieve when it comes to lyrics<3 Late answer but, you're very welcome! It's always a pleasure to help~ :3

    Eerily, the pic you used at the topic reminds me of another Alice in Wonderland vocal, still with Mei as the vocalist, but from one of ALR's albums, Second Hand.
    If you're not too busy, I'd also like to request a translation for Second Hand (if you haven't translated it yet…my bad if you already had orz|||) :3
    The scan is right here, if you don't have it:

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’ll try to get to it soon :)
      I kind of thought I had done it already too… but apparently not XD

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