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stitch/step // stitch’step

^I’ve always had a ridiculous fascination with dolls. On a psychological level.

Requested by: Primity

I love Alice. Alice Margatroid, Alice in Wonderland.

If your name is Alice you’re already starting positive (+).

Sorry for my lack of posts recently. It’s just really sort of getting to crunch time for me. I have way too much fun with this site, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop translating songs, or working on the site in general – but while translating songs is kind of like one form of studying – it’s not the only thing I have to do ^^; (Though sometimes I kind of wish it were.)

“There are only two I’ve made like this”
^”There are only two (twins) here on this star (Earth)”

You can either say Shanghai and Hourai or dolls of Alice and Marisa – “star” clearly references that the “you” in the song is Marisa, but we already knew that. “Twins” references Shanghai and Hourai, but well.

I used “weave/woven” for 紡ぎ出す/紡ぎだされた, but it’s more like spinning thread, which is interconnecting and twisting together fibers. (Which kind of holds the same concept, so I figured it be okay). I didn’t use “spin” because I thought “spin a melody” was missing something. Maybe that’s just me. – … – I simplified the analogy in the last stanza with “joined together” instead of “spun together” or “interwoven” because the imagery with fingers intertwined, moving together like playing an instrument was enough to get the image across.

I’m glad to translate another song’s lyrics written by Izumin. I miss him.

Vocal: Tsubaki
Arrange: 黒鳥 (EastNewSound)
Lyrics: いずみん (EastNewSound/したらば)
Circle: Alstroemeria Records (EastNewSound)
Album: Aspherical Surface e.p. / Fragment Reactions
Event: Reitaisai 6 / C76

紡ぎ出してく 弦の調べ
針先踊る 波のように
縫い合わせてく 白のレース
あしたの空へと 舞うように

tsumugidashiteku ito no shirabe
harisaki odoru nami no you ni
nuiawaseteku shiro no lace
ashita no sora e to mau you ni

I weave with my thread a melody
The tip of my needle dancing in waves
As I stitch together this white lace
It flows fluttering toward tomorrow’s sky


default no hohoemi wo nazori
tojiru koto no nai hitomi wo egaku
kono hoshi de tada futatsu no
anata to au tame tsukuridasu

I trace their default smiles
I paint their eyes that will never close
There are only two I’ve made like this
So that I might see you again


uta ga kikoeta
madogarasu mukou gawa de
tooku no neiro
kanadete wa kaze ni saita

I heard a song
From beyond my window pane
A faraway tone
The blossomed in the wind as it was played


uta ga kikoeta
madogarasu mukou gawa de
tooku no neiro
todoite wa kaze ni saita

I heard a voice
From beyond my window pane
A faraway tone
That blossomed in the wind as it reached me

紡ぎ出された 弦の調べ
あなたは踊る 雨のように
風に揺られた 白のレース
きのうの空へと 舞うように

tsumugidasareta ito no shirabe
anata wa odoru ame no you ni
kaze ni yurareta shiro no lace
kinou no sora e to mau you ni

In this melody woven with my thread
You dance like the rain
White lace swaying in the wind
Flowing, fluttering toward yesterday’s sky

紡ぎ出してく 手をつないで
指先踊る 奏でるように
ページの上を 歩いて行く
微笑んでいる あなたが好き

tsumugi dashiteku te wo tsunaide
yubisaki odoru kanaderu you ni
page no ue wo aruiteyuku
hohoendeiru anata ga suki

We are joined together, hand in hand
Our fingers dancing, as if playing a melody
Over this page we walk, smiling
I love you.

Next, I’ll have to wear this…
Ah!!! Enough already!!