Pray (Revised Translation)

^I still like spelling her name Kotiya Sanae…

3L really can sing can’t she…

I translated this song over two years ago, and thought I’d give it another go. There are still a few confusing parts, such as the slow stanza where the instrumentals drop (which I would attribute to narration by Kanako) and the stanza right after which doesn’t really link any of the phrases together properly.

According to my list, this is the 8th Touhou song I had ever translated. (Out of what? 530 or so?) Anyway, the song is beautiful and I felt like being in a nostalgic mood.

I was planning on doing some reading marathons this weekend, but I’d like to get to some of those request songs too ^^;

Original Translation: [link]


Event-Reitaisai 5


kanawanai mono wo inotte wa
kaede no miki no shita de naiteiru
kieteyuku yashiro wo nagamete
owaranu eigou no yume ni oboreta

I pray for what I know will never come true
Crying under the branches of a maple tree
As I stare at our disappearing shrine
Drowning, in an eternal never ending dream


shinjiru omoi ga itsumo nani ka wo yobu koto wo
wasureta kokoro wa sora wo mayotte

Having forgotten my faith, my feelings always calling out for something
My heart wanders in the sky

明日へ続く 儚い星の瞬き
未来に明かりを 導いた 風

ashita e tsudzuku hakanai hoshi no matataki
mirai ni akari wo michibiita kaze

The fleeting twinklings of the stars reach toward tomorrow
The wind guiding their light into the future

さまよい続け 優しく傷つけあって
甘美な懐古を 断ち切れる 奇跡

samayoi tsudzuke yasashiku kizutukeatte
kanbi na kaiko wo tachikireru kiseki

We were once lost and gently hurt each other, but now
With this miracle, I can leave such sweet reminiscences behind

人として生きぬ この身体

hito toshite ikinu kono karada
awakute tooi hibi sukuidashite
sasagu te ga umu egao no me wo
modosenai kako no hito ni todokeyou

With this body, I can no longer live as a human
Freed from those faint and distant days, but
I’ll give to the people of my past I can never return to
The budding smiles born as I raise up my hands


itami ni naku mono wa tada hitori dake de ii to
kodoku to sekibaku ni uzukumatte

I used to tell myself it was better to be by myself when
I would hug my knees and cry all alone

一緒に行こう ここは終わりじゃないから
君が居てくれる 選ばれた 神

issho ni ikou koko wa owari ja nai kara
kimi ga itekureru erabareta kami

But you said, “Come with me, this isn’t the end.”
There for me, that moment you became my goddess

触れ合う手と手 記憶の隙間を埋める
懐かしい想いを迎える 奇跡

fureau te to te kioku no sukima wo umeru
natsukashii omoi wo mukaeru kiseki

Your hand touched mine, and everything I was missing was filled
With this miracle, I had precious memories to look back on with nostalgia

流れゆく 風よ
信者たりし 巫女よ
祈り 讃え
選ばれし 神は

nagareyuku kaze yo
shinja tarishi miko yo
inori tatae
ebareshi kami wa

May the wind flow
As you pray and give worship
O shrine maiden, once a believer
This goddess you have chosen
Will grant your wishes

生まれ変わるよ あなたを守りきるため
信じた祈りよ 人超えし 巫女

umarekawaru yo anata wo mamorikiru tame
shinjita inori yo hitokoeshi miko

I will be reborn to protect you, gathering faithful prayers
A shrine maiden beyond human comparision

平穏崩す 見えないものの在り処へ
辿りつき払う信仰は 奇跡

heion kuzusu mienai mono no arika e
tadoritsuki harau shinkou wa kiseki

As we reach a land where unseen beings disrupt tranquility
The faith here itself is a miracle

Then just pray alone
I ruminated about you
In the flood of a memory
I pray the wind ‘comes a miracle

Like a little wound that’s feel
You are warm, full of immaterial smiles
Now try, take a hold of my hand
I want to be alone, with you~

    • miona21
    • October 1st, 2011

    Would you mind if I use your translations in a YT video? I’ll make sure I’ll credit you in the video.

    • scrpn516
    • October 1st, 2011

    Ty for the revised translation!

    • Yeah, I’m glad I got back around to it – can’t blame myself of two years ago for making a few mistakes ^^;

    • Primity
    • October 4th, 2011

    hi Kafka, it’s me again. do you mind adding Alstroemeria Record’s “stitch’step” to your TL queue list? Tsubaki has such sweet vocals, and I don’t think Doll Maker of Bucuresti gets enough love compared to any of Alice’s other themes.

    keep up the good work, and thanks again in advance.

    • Gladly – that’s from one of my favorite Alstroemeria Albums too, (Aspherical Surface e.p./Fragment Reactions) – I guess “stitch’ step” instead of “stitch/step” means Fragment Reactions, but there’s no difference. :P

      Only, if you liked Scarlet Fogbound (as much as I do), don’t listen to the one Fragment Reactions, listen to the one on Aspherical Surface – it’s much better.

      Doll Maker of Bucuresti needs more love, but if we’re talking about all of Alice’s other themes, I’d say Plastic Mind’s getting the least love XD

      Now I’m in a Alstroemeria Records mood. Tell you what – I’ll do the song right now. ^o^

    • TasteTea
    • October 4th, 2011

    Would you mind translating MN-logic24’s “pyrolysis” and “杯交わして ~ Shining SAKAZUKI Friend ~” from their album “ファンタスティックパンダワールド”

    Please and thank you~

    • Darkfireblade25
    • October 5th, 2011

    Heard Story by FELT yesterday and IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Dunno about the lyrics though. But that’s where you come in! :D Would you mind translating it? It would be great!

    • Ooh… I actually don’t have that song…

      (of course I’ll add it to the list ^_^)

    • I actually have had some trouble finding the lyrics/booklet for this song – keep me posted if you find them anywhere and I’ll do it stat!

    • Yaren
    • October 5th, 2011

    realy calm song and cute lirycs… but i prefer the new and hardcore version “Destruction” of Foreground Eclipse X)

    • I’m waiting on the lyrics – I heard from Teto on Twitter that they’ll be up on the Foreground Eclipse site eventually – if anyone gets them before me please tell me! :D

    • scrpn516
    • October 11th, 2011

    Hey there, it’s me again :O I was setting subs for this song for when I eventually put it on YouTube (subs are on, now I just need to find pics and such…); but I’m not quite sure about the romaji line “kanbi na kaiko wo tachikireru kiseki” I’m hearing what sounds to be like “kaoru mina-sa” in there; the line starts at about 1:49 in the song. I’m probably wrong about this; since my Japanese knowledge is limited; thought I’d point it out though.

    • Nope, it’s right :3
      Some of the pronunciations in other places in the song use obsolete sounds like へ→ゑ (we) in 楓 kaede (used to be spelled カヘデ) but I just wrote how it would normally be read.

        • scrpn516
        • October 12th, 2011

        Ah alrighty. Ty for the info.

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