Dim. Dream

^I’ll admit I’m only attached to her because she was my one of Touhoumon for so long….

A pun of sorts. Dim. Dream stands for Dimensional Dream, but here it’s taken as “Dim” Dream.

I was listening to it today and since it’s short, ended up translating/posting :)

Dim. Dream
Dim. Dream|東方夢時空
Vocal – 綾倉盟
Arranged – Masayoshi Minoshima
Lyric – Haruka
Circle – Syrup Comfiture
Album – Where is Love
Event – C78

夢は まだ遠い 今は 届かない

My dreams are still distant, far out of reach

君は 俯いてた そこは 薄暗くて

You eyes were cast down, where it was dim and dark

伸ばす 手の先も いつも 辛過ぎて

With my hands too reaching out, it’s always painful

私 振り向けない きっと 今も

I can’t look back, I’m sure even now

夢は 逃げてゆく 今も 届かない

My dreams are running away, still out of reach

私 俯いてた? なぜか わからなくて

My eyes have been cast down? Why I cannot say..

夢は この先も 暗く 辛いまま?

Will my dreams always be like this, dark and painful?

私 振り向けたら きっと 今

If I could look back, then I’m sure now

手を伸ばす ことさえも出来たはず

I would at least be able to reach out my hands

引き離す こともないままいた 貴方と

With you, who never pulled back yours

この先は 仄暗いだけの夢

Ahead, just another dim dream…

ここからは 仄暗いだけの夢?

Will it forever be this way?

    • Sydney
    • September 28th, 2011

    Hello, um… I have a request? It’s a touhou song, and I have a link to the kanji. Could you translate it, please?


    (I promise it works)

    Also, I had a of question. How do you become a translator for Japanese? That’s always what I wanted to do.

    • I’ll add it to the list; sounds like it’ll be fun :).

      As for the second question, (prepare for TLDR) I’m not professional yet – but I’m aiming for that, and I can tell you what I’ve been doing up until now to get there :D

      I started learning Japanese around 7 years ago (… I’m getting old) in high school because I was trying to find a way to enhance my awful memory (yeah, seriously). Bought learning books at the bookstore (which were awful) I studied using Tae Kim’s site [link] (which was extremely helpful) and studied from kanji books (which were helpful). Then miraculously my high school opened an after school Japanese class which I attended, then I took Japanese at the local community college my senior year.

      When I entered college (I made sure the college I entered offered Japanese – and ignored a scholarship at another place for that reason), I skipped a year and then eventually moved on to getting a B.A. in Japanese. It was during probably my sophomore year of college that I started translating songs which was difficult but gave an incredible boost to my vocabulary and grammar and kanji (song lyrics like to use crazy grammar and kanji).

      I also pushed myself into the English department so I would be able to take classes in creative writing and get real feedback from English readers who have no idea about anything Japanese. They told me that my stories were extremely phantasmagorical and abstract – which is sort of what I wanted to hear XD…

      I had already started translating shorter things like the Renko and Merry stories when I first got translation assignments in my classes. I got an award at my college for translating a chapter of Curiosities of Lotus Asia and Hitagi Crab from Bakemonogatari.(which put me WAY over the minimum.maximum page limit XD) \(^o^)/

      In the summer before my Senior year I went on a trip to Japan and took classes with KCP in Shinjuku/Tokyo and stayed in Saitama. That stay was crucial for me because it really helped my fluency and forced me to translate for people that had no idea what was going on XD. I was also able to nab an award for my speech while I was at it! (Now I’m just bragging :3)

      Anyway, I graduated and got a corporate job that I’m already tired of because it’s sucking my life away – but it’s giving me money to prepare for the next step so to speak.

      I’m studying hard for the JLPT N1 Japanese language proficiency test (required by most universities in Japan), I’m trying to read a full book in Japanese at least every two weeks (which I’m falling a little behind on D:) I’m planning on participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) because my English writing skills have to be spectacular too.

      In addition there are two Japanese to English translation competitions this year, the JLPP – more difficult and for which I don’t think I’ll have time for this year T^T; and the JAT which I think I might be able to have time to do.

      Because I don’t live in New York or anywhere where there’s a real publishing company I can’t just get my foot in the door – I have to try to get exposure by winning awards (which sounds ridiculous right?)

      If I’m unable to – I’ve been saving up money to move to and work in Japan; I want to get my foot in the door at a publishing company and maybe get into a Japanese university.

      I’ve also applied to other universities in the United States for masters degrees in Japanese literature, which I think would be very helpful, but I’m not really sure how cost/learning effective they’ll be… we’ll just have to see.

      It’s funny how much work I’m putting in to the opportunity to make LESS money than I’m making now, but it’s all I want to do with my life. ^_^

        • Sydney
        • October 1st, 2011

        Wow, that’s amazing! None of the high schools in the area teach Japanese so I’m a little late on that.

        Do you think if I found a college that did, and tried to take as many years as they offered, I could take it from there? Being a translator is a big dream of mine.

        I’m also learning French now so I’m attempting to learn two languages, or even three if I can learn Italian.

        And thank you very much! That’s one of my most favorite songs, it sounds really cool. And if I have your permission, could I put it into a video on Youtube? If you want, I can link it back to you.

    • I’m sure you can become a translator! Just always try to learn more and go further than what they teach you in class – I hear that the more languages you learn the easier it is to learn even more, so good luck!

      And yes, of course you can do the whole YT thing, I just appreciate links back :3

        • Sydney
        • October 1st, 2011

        Okay. Thanks for everything; I promise to put a link back. Thanks again for translating this for me, and good luck to you, too!

    • Darkfireblade25
    • September 29th, 2011

    Can you translate All this Time by FELT? I would really appreciate it if you do :)

    • Brian
    • September 29th, 2011


    If you have the time to…a translation of “Little Love Girl” from Alstroemeria’s “Haunted Dancehall?”

    • Sure :D – looks like I’m going to translate that entire album at this rate XD.

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