Over the noisy ground

I love Mamemi’s voice in this song…. :3

Thanks to iKieramieche/Aghart101 for letting me know about antiphona.

Let’s see if I can’t draw a scythe on my WP calendar by posting once a day next week XD

Over the noisy ground
Circle: こなぐすり
Album: antiphona
Event: C80

Ah, 忘れられて寂びた場所に

ah, wasurerarete sabita basho ni
waraigoe ga sasou

Ah, laughter beckons all here to this place
Run down and forgotten

ねぇ アナタを呼ぶ私の声 響く余韻残しても
歪む陰だけの アナタは気付かない

nee anata wo yobu watashi no koe hibiku yoin’ nokoshitemo
yugamu kage dake no anata wa kidzukanai

But no matter how my voice calling you lingers in the air
Made only of twisting shadows, you won’t notice me

なのに今 待つことすらも出来ずに
視界阻む弱さ 振り払えずに

na no ni ima matsu koto sura mo dekizu ni
shikai habamu yowasa furiharaezu ni

Now, I can’t even bring myself to wait for you any longer
I can no longer rid myself of this weakness that blocks my vision

寂れたカゲ抜け ヒカリの向こう側
太陽壊すほど 暖かい場所へ
廃獄から観た 残像描く空
伸ばしたこの腕は 虚しく闇の中へ

sabireta kage nuke hikari no mukougawa
taiyou kowasu hodo atatakai basho e
haigoku kara mita zan’zou egaku sora
nobashita kono ude wa munashiku yami no naka e

Bursting through the lonely shadows to light on the other side
To a place so warm it would destroy the sun
This I saw from this abandoned hell, a sky drawn in an afterimage
To it I reached out my arms, emptily into darkness

Ah, そのカタチ失くして

kasumu sora no saihate
ah, sono katachi nakushite

Now the ends of that sky cloud
Ah, now it loses all its form

ねぇ 枯れ果てた世界だなんて いっそ壊せたなら…
けどこの両手は今も そんな力無くて

nee karehateta sekai da nan’te isso kowaseta nara…
kedo kono ryoute wa ima mo son’na chikara nakute

If only I were able to further destroy this delapidated world…
But in these arms, I still don’t have the strength

Ah, 歪んだ世界で…

ah, yugan’da sekai de…

Ah, what a twisted world…

佇むヤミ抜け 望んだ向こう側
太陽壊すほど 輝いた場所は
廃獄から観た 残像描く空
探したあの世界 儚く攫われゆく

tatazumu yami nuke nozon’da mukougawa
taiyou kowasu hodo kagayaita basho wa
haigoku kara mita zan’zou egaku sora
sagashita ano sekai hakanaku sarawareyuku

Bursting through the stagnant darkness to all I wished for on the other side
To a place so brilliant it would destroy the sun
That I saw from this abandoned hell, a sky drawn in an afterimage
And now I watch that world I searched for, swept away from me in an instant


kasuru yume no saihate

The ends of this dream blurring…

Ah, その名前を失くしても…

ah, sono namae wo nakushitemo…

Ah, even though I’ve forgotten its name, I…

    • CDRAnt
    • September 25th, 2011

    I got really excited when you mentioned Aghart101 like it was his new alias, only to rush off to youtube and find it was not :<

    • :< Yeah he's gone from YT; the other name is what he uses on Twitter.

    • Lexsuncion
    • October 8th, 2012

    I’ve been lurking about here for a while now, and now and then I’ll scribble down some of these romaji lyrics because My wife and I like to sing them together.
    Which brings me to my next point! Could you post the romanized lyrics for this song, as both of us enjoy it and I would love to finally be able to sing it.

    • Lexsuncion
    • October 9th, 2012

    I love you forever T.T

    • Lexsuncion
    • October 9th, 2012

    Quick Addendum:
    Where does one request a song? Email? Telepathetic Powers?

    • Requests are usually done in the comments, whereas “sponsored” requests are usually done through e-mail(/paypal) ^^ – but there’s no set system; many people ask me on twitter and etc.

    • Lexsuncion
    • October 10th, 2012

    In that case, I shall request something here, since i don’t have twitter or the like.

    I appear to be on a Rin-kick, and my wife is joining in with the addition of a SOUND HOLIC Bella uploaded a bit ago. Its from their Energy Breaker album, named 再生のパガトリウム (Purgatorium of Rebirth). Seems like its one of those Gems from C82 I’m sure you’ve been bogged down with. But if I had to bog you down with more, that would be the one to bo you with ;)

    • I wrote it down on my list, which has got a lot of things on it, but as I’m trying to finish a lot of lyrics translations this month, there’s a good chance I’ll get to it ^^

        • CDRAnt
        • October 11th, 2012

        Kind of feel like a creeper, reading these messages back and forth :>

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