^I know this is an arrangement of Shou’s theme, but allow me to use this extremely rare opportunity to use fan-art of my favorite little unknown, RIKA!

What an atmosphere to this song!!

Requested by: Xav56

I’m just going to lean towards the word “surreal” and let you all figure it out.

I’m going to go ahead and bring attention to the updated and improved sidebar to your right, which will now keep track (at least for you guys, I still have a post set for the year 3333 in which I keep my real list/notes) of my translation queue. It was much longer before I made this major run today >.> <.<

I'm going to try to do a few more minor things with the site. :) (I do mean minor).

9th post today!!!

Vocal+Lyric: 綾倉盟
Arrange: Syrufit
Circle: SYNC.ARTS (Syrup Comfiture)
Album: TRATRA -Extra Track-
Event: とら祭り

欠片がひとつ音なく 地へと降り立つ
そう 熱を求め震えて

A fragment descends toward the ground without a sound
There is shakes, seeking warmth

瞳に映る蒼黒 染まる常闇
まだ 明ける空を知らずに

In its eyes are only blue-blackness, the dye of eternal darkness
Still yet it knows naught of the dawning sky

与えられた 命 今
叫びに似た 鳴 引き寄せられ
ただそのまま そのまま寄り添えたらいいと

Now with the life it is given
It is drawn towards a call like a scream
“Just this way… If I just go this way…”
And now finds a key, swiftly descending

風に吹かれて 色は冴え渡り
影と光が踊る コントラスト
雨は上がりて やがて静寂へ
雲は過ぎ行き 大地照らすだろう

Buffeted by the wind, colors cross cold and clear
Shadows and light dance in contrast
The rain lets and finally there is silence
The clouds blow away and now the land will shine

遠く 今 声が聞こえた気がする
澄んだ水は溢れ 瞬きにほどける意思

Far away now, I feel as if I heard a voice
A cry from once long ago
Clear water overflows, and intention flickers unravelling
The dawn is coming…

    • Xav56
    • September 19th, 2011

    Oh god finnaly, I’m so happy you’ve translated this song, huuuuuuuuuuuuge thank.

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