their world

Requested by: jcole

I’m going to cheat and say this is a translation because I had to translate two words :3

their world
Vo: calo
Arrange: yuyoyuppe
Circle: Draw the Emotional
Album: Funny Party in the Fog
Event: Reitaisai 8

Every moment
Passing us by
Like someone else
It’s so cold

I can tell you
This world harm to you
So just trust me
Only me

Like a fairytale
We are the plot of the story
It’s just dreaming

Like a game
We are never in the real world
Being played by others

Someone smiles down at us
In an evil way
They won’t let us leave from here
Won’t let us…

We are just running in circles
In a world with no truth
“守れない、” // “I cannot protect you,”
The wicked smiles
Envy, resentments, and grudges are everywhere
This world wastes you away
How can I save you?

Like the picture
Everything seems shallow
In short moments

Like a song
Our emotions are being written
But we know what’s real

Someone smiles down at us
In an evil way
They won’t let us leave from here
Will not let us…

Every day I wonder
If I could escape with you
To get a life for happy end

We’ll never wake up from this nightmare
You just trust me
I will save you

I am just living for you
In a world with no truth
“守りたい。” // “I want to protect you.”
That’s all I say
Tell me all of your truths
And let me keep them safe

We only have each other
Never let them hurt you… never

I’m going to save you
I’m going to save you

    • Distortion
    • August 22nd, 2011

    I’ve been meaning to request another translation, but I didn’t because you were swamped at the time. But since Liz Triangle redid the Ficus Glomerata, I think it’s time for it to be translated.

    I don’t know how credible those lyrics are in the description so here’s the lyrics straight from the booklet.

    • I’ll do what I can! I’m (still XD) a bit swamped right now, but …. ボンぼる!!!

    • jcole
    • August 23rd, 2011

    thank you very much for posting this!

    calo is is great singer

  1. um, theres a line you missed after the “Like someone else” line. It sounds like she says something about the cold. Thank you for the lyrics. ^^

    • Just added it in – “it’s so cold” – It wasn’t in the lyric booklet (for some reason D:) so I overlooked it >.>

      Sorry about that. <.<

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