Out of Control

^Soga needs more love.

Merami love with Sally. My third favorite from the album.

I’m a bit frustrated because I don’t think I’ve properly captured the feel of the song in the translation and that it doesn’t match quite well with the music (not that I’ve ever made lyrics match the beat of the music or anything, but feeling). See when I hear this song I think of Kurosaki Tamotsu from “文学少女”と飢え渇く幽霊 (Bungaku Shoujo v.2) – but when I read my translation I don’t get that feeling. So … well anyway, let’s see how you like it ^_^; maybe I’m just crazy.

I let some phrase connections stray for flow convenience. In “I feel a terror like waking from a / Nightmare that shows the world’s end” it is the terror that “tells of the world’s end” – I made it “shows” and let it link to nightmare because I thought I wouldn’t corrupt the image too much. >.>

Also, it’s not really clear in this stanza::

Countless cruelties eat away at me
In these rumblings of loss, screams go unheard
In this illusion where everything is rotten

::whether the screams are from the narrator or from the people the narrator’s performing cruelties on. It’s also not clear whether the cruelties are in fact the cruel feeling that’s painful to the narrator, or referring directly to cruelties the narrator has done in her greed to make her feel like she’s rotting, though I lean to the latter. (I floundered between saying “My countless cruelties” or not, but I decided ultimately not to make that great of a leap.)

The first stanza actually does not say that the ashen color that “pollutes” the author’s heart is glass dust, but only that her heart is glass, and that it’s being polluted with grey, and that an engraver is shaving away at it. I ended up rewording it the way I did to keep lines at a stable length and such. >.>

(Can you tell from the notes that I’m not 100% happy with this? <.<)

Out of Control
サークル:サリー (Sally)


haiiro ni kegasareta
glass no kokoro wo eguru graver
kizutsukete kizutsuite
aoi sora wo sakeru you ni
koko kara nigedashite sonzai keshite

Covered in ashen glass dust my heart
Is whittled away with an engraver
As I hurt others it only digs deeper
So I run, erase my existence
As if I were trying to escape the blue sky


akumu kara sameru you ni
sekai no owari wo kataru terror
hakidashite shoukyo shite
fukai yami wo samayoi nagara
ochiteyuku doko made mo
mou nido to modorenai

I feel a terror like waking from a
Nightmare that shows the world’s end
I vomit and try to expunge it
Wandering as ever in the darkness
Falling with no end in sight
I’ll never be able to return…

負のざわめき 悲鳴は届かない

ikutsumo no zankoku ga boku wo mushibande
fu no zawameki himei wa todokanai
fuhai sareta kono maboroshi

Countless cruelties eat away at me
In these rumblings of loss, screams go unheard
In this illusion where everything is rotten

すべてを満たそうと すべてを支配した
嘆いた言の葉 失われた涙

subete wo mitasou to subete wo shihai shita
boku no kurayami ga saisei shite
nageita kotonoha ushinaswareta namida
zetsubou wa hajimari no aizu desho?

In order to reach fulfillment I take control of everything
And the darkness within me is reborn
Lamentations and lost tears
Isn’t despair always the first sign?

静寂が訪れる 覚醒はいつも心縛って
もがいてももがいても 黒の景色感じながら
地の底まで連れってて 地獄の果てまで

seijaku ga otozureru kakusei wa itsumo kokoro shibatte
mogaitemo mogaitemo kuro no keshiki kanjinagara
chi no soko made tsurettete jigoku no hate made

Silence falls and waking consciousness binds my heart
No matter how I struggle, I feel the darkness all around me
As I’m pulled down into the depths of the earth, all the way to hell


reikoku na mousou wa boku wo miryou shite
fu no mezame ga kokoro kuruwase
meisou sareta kono kuukan
ikutsumo no zankoku ga boku wo mushibande

Cruel delusions entrance me
My loss in waking drives me mad
Everything around me leads me astray and
Countless cruelties eat away at me

すべてを欺いて すべてを破壊した
光射す場所は もうここにはない

subete wo azamuite subete wo hakai shita
boku no kokoro kara hanareteku
hikari sasu basho wa mou koko ni wa nai
yokubou no kusari ni toraware

I deceive everyone, I destroy everything
And the places where light used to shine
Pull away from my heart, they are here no longer
I am captive to the chains of avarice

すべてを満たそうと すべてを支配した

subete wo mitasou to subete wo shihai shita
boku no kurayami wo hayaku seigyo shite

In order to reach fulfillment I take control of everything
Someone, control the darkness inside of me before…

    • thatfpsguy
    • August 22nd, 2011

    This is probably very random, but I just found out by chance what this “Comiket” business is all about.

    I was hopping through music I like on Youtube, and stumbled upon the genius DJs called “ZTS” and “void.” That is kind of how I learned about it. So then, I was wondering if you knew of any more DJs like this? Probably not, Progressive trance/Drum and Bass are not genders you can easily come to like. But hey, maybe some of your regulars know about it, so I’m kind of -shamelessly- stealing space for my own gains? (ULTERIOR MOTIVES FTW.)

    I also accept “go away” as responses. Thanks anyways!

      • Xav56
      • August 22nd, 2011

      “, Progressive trance/Drum and Bass are not genders you can easily come to like. ”
      Nhato (and many others Otographic Music like KaNa),, MAYA AKAI, Taishi, Junk,Shingo Nakamura, Hedonist, Kyoei Agawaka, satella, lawy, syatten, fmy…
      [s]Now go away`[/s]

      Btw thank for the translation kafka, like the others Sally’s songs.
      Fantastic album…

    • I’m not good at catching on to what genres of music refer to what music, but I tend to like the noisier stuff more than the calmer stuff… but anyway looks like some one much more knowledgeable than me has already answered your question. :P

      I like Nhato, (and void – through IOSYS) but I’ve only got a vague idea of Hedonist in my memory and I don’t know any of the others XD. (It’s been a while since I’ve stepped into strict trance)

      When genius DJ’s come to mind I always think of REDALiCE (who’s a better remixer and DJ than arranger I’d say) and Masayoshi Minoshima and t+pazolite and Betwixt and Between – but maybe that’s just me.

      Also, the joke is that Syrufit may be a good arranger, but completely sucks as a DJ. >.> <.< All I'm doing is rambling now.

  1. i was wondering if i could make a request?

    i know you have done a lot from funny party in the fog by draw the emotional, but i was wondering if you could post or point me to the lyrics for “their world” by calo

    thanks in advance!

    • Gladly. I just happen to have the scans with me :3 It’ll be up soon. (If I had gotten a chance to listen to this song before now – I’ve been too busy to listen to half my music recently – I probably would have thrown it up, because I love Sakuya and her music :3)

    • scrpn516
    • August 25th, 2011

    If you wouldn’t mind; could you please post the romaji lyrics for this song?

    • scrpn516
    • August 25th, 2011

    Ty muches!

    • Yaren
    • August 27th, 2011

    i am always confused, Meramipop is the same Merami of Foreground Eclipse? o.o, cuz the arragements and the voice are something familiars…

    and thx for the Traslation! ^^ hope u can do a request for me =P but later. i will enjoy the songs i have for the moment ^^
    keep up the awesome work~

    • Yep, they are one and the same :D
      Her (Merami/MeramiPop’s) voice has quite a range though, so sometimes she sounds exactly like Merami of Foreground Eclipse, and sometimes she doesn’t XD.

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