花残り月 // Hananokori Tsuki (花咲くいろは Hanasaku Iroha OP B-side)

Requested by: thatfpsguy

I really like this song too – like I’ve said before – I really like Hanasaku Iroha… much more than I expected to like it.

( ;д;) Ohana-chan…

“Scars won’t heal if you keep stretching like that”
^Scars here are “nail/claw marks” as in from being slapped or scratched, but the term can be used in a more general fashion. I don’t know if this is the “saying” or “old words” the line before is referring to, but I suppose “scars won’t heal on stretched out skin” translates into “if you keep pushing yourself your scars won’t heal” – but I’m not sure.

“like the color of this town”
^uses the kanji for “street” but it really sort of means both – the image works better if you imagine looking down a street with shops and trees on the side… etc.

 Hananokori Tsuki
 Flowers Left Behind Under the Moon


furubita kotoba kurikaeshi tsubuyaite miru
nobashita mama no tsumeato wa hora kienai yo

I try muttering some old words to myself again and again…
Your scars won’t heal if you keep stretching your arms like that.

少しずつ変わるでしょう 街の色と共に

sagashimono nara mitsukaru you ni oiteku yo
sukoshizutsu kawaru deshou machi no iro to tomo ni

If you’ve got something you’re looking for, I’ll put it somewhere you can find it,
Because everything changes bit by bit with time, just like the color of this town.


tabi narenai boku no ryoute wa
tsumaranai nimotsu de umaku te mo furenai kedo

I’m not used to travelling, and
I can hardly hold your hand with all the useless baggage I’ve brought along…

遠く離れた空へと向かうよ 隠しても隠せない弱さに
春の風は優しくそれでいて強く 花びらヒトツ宙に舞う

tooku hanareta sora e to mukau yo kakushite mo kakusenai yowasa ni
haru no kaze wa yasashiku sore de ite tsuyoku hanabira hitotsu chuu ni mau

I face the distant sky, against the weakness I try to but just can’t hide
This spring wind is gentle but still strong, and flower petals dance in the sky as one.

迷わないふりをした きっときみもそうでしょう

naranda kimi ga itsumo no you ni warau kara
mayowanai furi wo shita kitto kimi mo sou deshou

Since you’d always smile right next to me,
I’d act as if I wasn’t lost, but I’m sure you did the same.

さよならはまだ歌わない コトバに変わらない

sayonara wa mada utawanai kotoba ni kawaranai
omoi wa fukaku ni shimaikonde

I won’t sing goodbye just yet; first I’ll put all of
My unchanging feelings for you into these words.

遠く遠く離れた空へと向かうよ 失くしたり手にしたりしながら

tooku tooku hanareta sora e to mukauyo nakushitari te ni shitari shinagara
hitorikiri de wa nai kedo futari demo nai kara
todokanai yoru mo aru darou kedo

I face the distant, distant sky, losing somethings and gaining others along the way.
Even though I’m not all alone, I don’t really have someone just for me;
There are some nights I can’t reach anyone…


boku ga nokoshita hanabira ni kaita futashika na mirai no yukue wa
dare ga shiru demo nai kedo tsutaerarenai kedo
wasureru koto mo nai darou

Where we’re headed, the uncertain future I wrote on the flower petals I left behind.
No one knows, and I can’t convey it, but
I’ll never forget.

そして遠く離れた空へと向かうよ 隠しても隠せない弱さなら
春の風に溶かしてぼくごと溶かして 流されるままに泣くよ

soshite tooku hanareta sora e to mukauyo kakushitemo kakusenai yowasa nara
haru no kaze ni tokashite bokugoto tokashite nagaresareru mama ni nakuyo

And so, I face the distant sky and this weakness I try to but just can’t hide
Melts away into the spring wind, together with me, crying as I’m swept away.

春の風は優しくそれでいて強く 花びらヒトツ宙に舞う

haru no kaze wa yasashiku sore de ite tsuyoku hanabira hitotsu chuu ni mau

This spring wind is gentle but still strong, and flower petals dance in the sky as one.

    • Revolution Saber
    • August 13th, 2011

    Just got Funny Party in the Fog today! (fanboy squeeeeeeeeaaaal!) I’m emailing you the scans right now.

    • thatfpsguy
    • August 13th, 2011

    *bows down low, ground level* I’m very sorry. I was under the *very* wrong impression you mistook my request. Swing and a miss.

    Thank you for the lyrics, as usual. Again, sorry for troubling you.

    • Hahaha, not at all – I was wanting to do this soon and you reminded me XD

    • hazel
    • August 14th, 2011

    I really love this anime, it’s so heartwarming and hilarious. Do you think you can do Hanasaku Iroha Insert song Saibou Kioku and its B-side Tsukikage to Buranko as well?

    • I will add them to the list! I was kind of thinking of doing them anyway, but at the moment I’m going to focus on new C80 releases until I get a good chunk of those done. >:3

    • jonhn
    • July 19th, 2019

    a lightly song about spring and expecting future

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