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曖昧スナイパー // Aimai Sniper

Requested by: S.K.

I almost bought this album. I sat in Tora-no-Ana (3rd-floor? is doujin-CDs?) for like a hour picking up some CDs putting others down.

Really I think this song is much sillier than the instrumentals imply.

Vague sniper here means basically to “pin” down the vague, say a lot without telling anything.

I was hoping to get all my requests out before Comiket, but I got busy with C80 stuff even before I could start XD. I’ll try to get a couple of them out.

 Aimai Sniper
Vague Sniper
Vocal: 小峠舞
Arrange: K2
Lyrics: W*M
Circle: SYNC.ARTS (K2-Sound)
Album: TRATRA -Extra Track-
Event: とら祭り

傍から灯火消えるなんて 予期せず

I could never have predicted that lamp would disappear right out from under me
When I reached for it, it was as if it was a mirage the whole time…


Secretly I panicked, telling no one
But unable to hide my beating heart, I worried to no end

遠くの数ある稜の中を 探って

I searched far and wide through the mountains
Acting as if I had withdrawn my ambitions, as if I had planned the journey all along


I chanted, pleading for my wishes to be heard, telling no one
But my rhythm went astray, and I wandered to no end

嘘に遵う哀しさ はぐらかす罪悪感惨めで

I made excuses and diverted conversation
But I was depressed lying, miserable in the my guilt for evading

心拍数振り切れて 世俗遁れた曖昧スナイパー
You must never even think of telling a lie.
Shame on you!
解くまで目線逸らし 気づかぬフリをしている

I led others on, diverting my own responsibility
My heartbeat raced, one who ran from the material world, now a vague sniper
You must never even think of telling a lie.
Shame on you!
Until everything has been solved or come undone, I avert my eyes and pretend I know nothing


Still though my heart grieves I pass everything off as a joke, telling no one
But the situation takes a turn for the worse, and I worry to no end

振れ幅大きくなり 瞳孔開いたまま震えて

Weakness finds its way into my hand as I grasp the key
My instability grows worse as my pupils shake eyes open wide

勝手に濡れ衣着て 欺く謀 曖昧スナイパー

My violently shaking pulse returns
My clothes soaked with sweat as I weave my deception, a vague sniper