Anticipating C80

^Are You Ready For This!?

[Day 2 of C80 is over, so I’ll probably do an after post once stuff comes out]

Since this is at best a review of cross-fades, I can only review so well, and a lot of the time after the event I’ll change my mind a lot, but here are my first impressions.

First of all the star of C80 is definitely Merami.

Foreground Eclipse is not coming to C80, but Merami’s been really busy in other groups making the touhou music flow better than ever before.

Here’s what I’m anticipating in order of most anticipated:

 (to prevent an high-ranked album flood [all of 遙 -Haruka- would be on the list], I’m limiting 3 songs per album, and one extra for each of the top 2)::

01 “Worldly Flower” from ぴずや独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s “Rising Star”
— I literally could not stop listening to this song. It’s Merami at her best fast-paced rhythmic singing, paired with Pizuya and his amazing pianist Godwood. On top of that that Yuuka’s theme? It’s a shame the preview is so short, I just know this song will be to die for.
02 “Min -眠-” from Sally’s “Sally”
— So damn. I was hopping around links and hit THIS. I’m a sucker for whisper singing, and when you’ve got hard electric guitar instrumentals like this with Chata? And Kasodani Kyouko’s theme!? Everything’s just falling into place for me this Comiket isn’t it?
03 “盲目の笑顔” from 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s 遙 -Haruka-
— I love RD and Merami. His albums have been getting better and better, his instrumentals and lyrics are superb, and Merami fills that hole in my heart that Foreground Eclipse has been straining because of their release schedule (I’m grateful they were able to get us a demo). Anyway, I’ve always loved Satori’s theme and this just fits. It pairs very well with NeGa/PoSi but I feel more potential for this song with its Gothic tones.
04 “P:rhythm Players.” from Poplica*’s “love”
— Poplica*’s been catching my attention lately. Up until recently I’ve thought of him as sort of Syrufit’s lackey or something, but but his style has diverged or at least I’ve noticed that it was different to begin with. I love this song because it sort of shows a stretch away from Poplica*’s normal smooth sound into noise, somehow without losing any of that smoothness, and if you’ve seen my fangirl-ish rants about how awesome Shibayan, you know how much I like noise.
05 “NeGa/PoSi*ラブ/コール” from 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s 遙 -Haruka-
— I love RD’s energetic songs as much as I love his melancholic/emotional tear jerking songs. (夜は優しく舞い降りて almost ALWAYS makes me cry.) The sound in this song reminds me of “A Secret Adventure” – I can’t wait to look at the lyrics, sing along, translate – all of that. As we’ve seen from Taiji no Yume, Koishi is a pandora’s box of material for a skilled lyricist.
06 “over.” from Syrufit’s “over”
— I hope to death that this isn’t just a short intro piece. It’s noisy, got a ridiculously awesome beat and warp sound. It’s something Shibayan might turn into a 10 minute song XD. This makes me want to dance. I’m dancing now. Yeah. I’m probably going to break something. I should stop. Now.
07 “Out of Control” from Sally’s “Sally”
— First of all I love songs that arrange from “unlikely” tracks, like credits or high score or to a very simple intro theme. Well it works. Perfectly, it’s got that Sally sound (I really hope this group becomes a hit or a thing or something) and Merami. Really, my wishes are being granted having this much Merami all over the place. <3
08 “High jump love” from Syrufit’s “over”
— I like Syrufit’s more energetic songs, mainly because I like energetic songs, but Syrufit’s energetic songs are something else. When I listen to Syrufit I feel like I’m underwater. That’s just his sound. Maybe it’s all the base, but something like that is usually suited for deep trance, when you make that energetic instead it’s more unique, and more Syrufit. And who doesn’t love Ayakura Mei?
09 “暗夜航路” from Buta-Otome’s “オリエンタル夢紀行”
— I’m sure you’re wondering why it took me this long to get to Buta-Otome? Their albums tend to be more balanced, so I run into “All their songs are amazing!” and I suppose I’m a bit more used to their sound, so they’re less likely now to shock me into saying THIS IS IT, THIS IS EXACTLY IT, THIS IS ALL I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. etc. Anyway. I put 暗夜航路 up first because it’s an arrangement of an original theme I really like that’s rarely made song material and I really like the smoothness of it. Buta-Otome can be like this too, emanating beauty rather than dancing it. Every member of Buta-Otome’s got talent to do both well.
10 “MIRROR” from Sally’s “Sally”
— RIGID PARADISE AND RANKO WITH GUITAR POWER!!!! Need I say more? It’s got funk, warp, strange tones tempos and loves, tied by a strong chorus melody. This is what Ranko’s good at.
11 “ささぐうた -ヒガン・ルトゥール・シンフォニ” from 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s 遙 -Haruka-
— Merami can do a sort of “emotional strain” in her voice well that makes some notes really feel like she’s crying them out. That sound carries over well in this song and I like the original Komachi’s theme as well. RD-Sounds forever!
12 “宵影” from Buta-Otome’s “オリエンタル夢紀行”
— Whenever I hear a Heian Alien arrangement I always have to compare it to Kimi no Museum’s version. Arrangements of Heian Alien have to be powerful, active, crazy and have a strong beat that makes you imagine the vocalist moving all about the stage while singing. Maybe I still have to hand it to Kimi no Bi, but well this is great too.
13 “So.La.Seed” from Cutie and Headshaking Sounds (C.H.S)’s “Sample Junk”
— I think I jumped up and shouted “THIS IS ELECTRO-LOLI!!!!” when I first heard this on the crossfade. I eat this up. I love it. Erratic is what I live off of, so whenever t+pazolite and Rizna get together I cross my fingers, will it be the perfect Electro-Loli I’m looking for, or will it fall short? This isn’t falling short. Not at all. Maybe it’s her voice, maybe it’s the fact that she sang one of Suwako’s themes with perfect electro-loli goodness, but I can’t dissociate Rizuna from Suwako in my mind anymore. This is Suwako singing. XD
14 “Prayer Blue” from FELT’s “Blue Drop”
— I really, Really, REALLY like FELT. They give off a sort of nostalgic feel to me, and above being just graceful, they’re powerful, and FELT’s singers can really belt it out. Because a lot of FELT sounds pretty much the same to me, the energy behind each song is the most important aspect. If that vocalist’s giving it all she’s got then the song will feel like it’s bursting with emotion, and it will be amazing. This song bursts.
15 “恋死に” from Buta-Otome’s “オリエンタル夢紀行”
— I really love Last Remote. Maybe a little too much. I think inside I’ve always wanted them to do a Last Remote song, and well this song’s granting my wish. How can I not love it?
16 “桜影彩艶” from EastNewSound’s “Solitude Blossom”
— EastNewSound’s been disappointing me lately. Well only kind of. They aren’t disappointing me. They’re just not blowing me away. EastNewSound occupies a lot of my “most favorite songs ever” slots. So I keep on expecting them to do it again. The entire album is beautiful, but the my focus this time around are Kirin’s arrangements. All of them go just a little bit further. This song I feel is the core of the album, so it’s the highest of the album on the list.
17 “伝説のユグドラシル” from 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s “遙 -Haruka-“
— All of RD-Sounds instrumentals on this album are great, and really I could have put this or 弦奏交響曲「ポイズンボディ」 and been perfectly happy with the placement on the list. I just felt I fancied this one a little bit more.
18 “Remind” from Sally’s “Sally”
— The outro piece for “Sally” more whispering tones from Chata and a smooth sound overall. Muted electric guitars can do wonders sometimes too. The lingering notes really caught my ear, which is why it’s my fourth “top” selection for “Sally”
19 “Lover” from Buta-Otome’s “Sadistic Brownie”
— This feels like Liz-Triangle meets Kishida Kyoudan and I like it. It feels like it embodies the title “Sadistic Brownie” more than any of the other tracks. XD
20 “ひとしずく” from EastNewSound’s “Solitude Blossom”
— Tsubaki usually either clashes with a song or melts into it making it 20x better. This is a Tsubaki melt (no not a sandwich). It usually takes a lot to get me to like the Imperishable Night Final Stage/Boss themes. I mean really – I don’t know, maybe I have a grudge against them Kaguya and Eirin. When there’s such an arrangement and I take to the song it’s because of things like Tsubaki melting and spurring the song past its potential. XD
21 “It’s your world in Scarlet” from Syrufit’s “over”
— I think this song would be a lot higher on the list if the crossfade hadn’t cut the song off at the moment it was gaining energy. I don’t feel cheated or anything, but now I’m anxious because I know the song has a lot of potential, but I don’t know what Syrufit/Poplica* did with hardly any of that potential.
22 “ヒカリマツリ” from EastNewSound’s “Solitude Blossom”
— I love this song I don’t really know exactly why. I just know I’m going to love it. Hotaru’s clear bell-like voice and the fragments of the lyrics I liked just sort of grab me.
23 “Vagrant” from 発熱巫女~ず (HatsunetsuMikoz) “Nothing But Flowers”
— I’ve been missing some male vocal love. I don’t know if HatsunetsuMikoz have used any male vocals before, but the first thing I thought was Damn this is totally HatsuNetsuMikoz! followed a realization that I loved it.
24 “escalate” from 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “Sadistic Brownie”
— When you start hitting Comp’s arrangements in Sadistic Brownie it blows you away. Why? Because Comp is amazing. In fact, he may be too good. In most of the songs I feel like the vocalists either aren’t keeping up with him or aren’t putting in enough energy, but this song in particular with Kairo’s 556t and ハナビ雨季 I think they might just be pulling it off… barely. I’ll have to listen to the whole song, I’m hoping for it. I really love partial ツェペシュの幼き末裔 (Descendant of Tepes) arrangements, and it’s paired with 月時計~ルナ・ダイアル (Luna Dial) too! I hope it’s good. It’s so hard to tell with such a short clip…
25 “Twisted Twit” from Cutie and Headshaking Sounds (C.H.S)’s “Sample Junk”
— Had to tack on some t+pazolite instrumentals. Very nice. Fairy Dust.

Albums (Highest on the List get Album Covers):

01 – 凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s “遙 -Haruka-” [*]

— This album is a perfect addition to RD-Sound’s repertoire, there’s not a single track I don’t love, and I’m very eager to explore RD’s lyrics because there are always one or two songs per album that absolutely wow me. RD’s instrumentals are great on their own, but then you add Merami, one of my favorite vocalists into the mix… there really is no better match. My original notes on this album are filled with exclamation marks like YES!!! and KITA!!!!! etc. If you don’t know RD-Sound’s/凋叶棕 yet, you should. I’ve got lyrics for several of their songs, including 月光照らすはシリアルキラー which is being adapted into a doujinshi light novel of sorts by second-lib: [link]. My favorite tracks, when forced to pick, are NeGa/PoSi*ラブ/コール, 盲目の笑顔, ささぐうた -ヒガン・ルトゥール・シンフォニー, 弦奏交響曲「ポイズンボディ」… ok, all of the tracks really.

02 – Sally’s “Sally” [*]

— New Group!!! Chata. Ranko. Merami. F*** YES. AND a Full Touhou Shinreibyou Ten Desires Vocal Arrangement. Like I said earlier I sort of stumbled upon this, and I was immediately drawn in. I don’t know any of the arrangers if they’re from other groups, but they have a really strong sound. The only tracks I didn’t absolutely love were the ones IZNA took vocals for. I don’t know if it’s her, or I just happened not to like those two songs as much (again we’re talking in fine degrees of greatness, both her songs are still better than most songs this Comiket). With “plaza desperado” in a rare turn, I think it actually would have sounded better if Ranko wasn’t singing the vocals. The instrumentals are amazing, but Ranko’s voice doesn’t match quite as well as it might. Katakiri Rekka or Ritsuka, might have matched the song better… but this is only me wondering, the song is still excellent. My favorites are Min -眠い-, Out of Control, and Mirror (Chata, Merami, Ranko) :3 // I really hope this group sticks around.

03 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “オリエンタル夢紀行” [*]

— Buta-Otome just works. It’s very rare to have them fall out of my top three anticipated for any given event (though I’ll have to admit “Rising Star” was giving them a bit of a run for their money…), and that’s because they’re a solid group. Every member contributes well to the spirit of the group: No one else but Ranko can really keep up with Comp’s arrangements or work with them so well. Paprika’s piano might lose to Godwood’s if you set them side by side, but Paprika’s got the whole “Piano-Man” thing down and I don’t think anyone could ever come close to replacing him. Ranko no Ane’s art really pulls the group together too, and even when she isn’t writing lyrics for the group… well anyone who’s seen her in that bunny suit knows what she does for their live performances :3 I don’t know if I’ll like this album as much as my favorite three (幻想ホモ・ルーデンス, 縁, and ロングスカートパノラマガール) – but I’ll wait for the whole album for that judgment. My favorite songs are 宵影, 暗夜航路, 恋死に, and 星の向こうに

04 – ぴずや独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s “Rising Star” [*]

— Worldly Flower. Worldly Flower. I’ve been listening to that short clip again and again and again and again so much that I’m addicted. Merami+Pizuya+Godwood = magic. 3L’s tracks on this album are sweet too, but Worldly Flower blows everything out of the water. マクロフィラパラソル is definitely my second favorite, but since there are only four tracks released, I don’t know for sure. I got to listen to how well Pizuya and 灯油 (KEROSENE) mesh in his Kerosene only album that’s coming out (which I’ll talk about later), so I’m anxious to see how those tracks will work.

05 – Poplica*’s “love” [*]

— We might be losing to Love=ALL here, but if I have to even consider “maybe” that’s already told you how much I love Syrup Comfiture’s new pair of albums. First of all: P:rhythm Players. – YES. But let’s talk about Poplica*. I like Poplica* he’s got his own kind of smooth sound down without going as far down that path as Tsukasa (who may have gone too far). He can pull off something like P:rhythm Players that still sounds smooth with two vocals and yet still rough enough to grab my special tastes – he’s taken an original track that’s probably been worn out from over-arrangement and still make it brand new (like how Shibayan did to Necrofantasia with アモリタチテカミトミユ on Where is Love). My favorite tracks are P:rhythm Players., Ten Desires., Hanamatsuri., and Nowhere Residents. (Syrufit), but the entire album plays very well.

06 – Syrufit’s “over” [*]

— over. I haven’t felt as psyched from an instrumental intro/lead-in track … ever? I really, really hope it’s a full song, because I can’t get enough of the beat. It makes me want to dance, it’s noisy, very Satori, and just… well I won’t rant about it again. I’ve already done that. This album has got a very Syrufit sound to it and plays fairly well all the way through. (I think there’s a bit of a minor dip around “errrrrr”.) That underwater feeling of his permeates the album, and I’d say his poppy stuff has been polished a lot more sense his earlier albums. He’s got it right this time. My favorite tracks are: over., High jump love, it’s your world in scarlet, Stray child’s Alice (Poplica*), and 月影少女.

07 – Alice’s Emotion’s “Radiata” [*]

— Very solid, and the instrumental tracks and “techno solos” especially grab me. Calling Melody, Brilliant Bass, Dark in Motion, Supreme Star Rising (it HAS TO CUT at the GOOD part DOESN’T IT!!), and Singing in the Rain are my favorite tracks, but everything I haven’t mentioned is promising, and the remix of Stygian is great too. The altered melodies in 君想フ故ニ我亡シ are amazing as well. I’m really looking forward to this album about the same as the above two. There’s this insane nostalgia factor I’m getting from alot of the techno tones as well, so… Ironically, I think REDALiCE is less experimental than Syrufit/Poplica* this time around… I suppose it doesn’t need to be said, but 破月 will never hold a candle to Saigetsu.

08 – Alstroemeria Records’ “Haunted Dancehall” [*]

— You had me from hello. (Masayoshi Minoshima’s always got a way with his intros goddamn him.) I absolutely love “only in the morning upside down after moonlight”, “your smile,your face, your lies, your love”, “Witching Dream” and “Ancient”. The entire album is great. The rap J-core track will await my further judgement when I hear the whole thing (for instance “Retropolitans” is one of my favorite tracks, and it’s similar). Also I’d really like to hear mican*’s track, but that somehow didn’t make it into the xfd. D: I can’t wait for this album. I’m only slipping this below love/over. because I am slightly less excited about the my favorite track here “only in the morning upside down after moonlight” than those above.

09 – 少女病’s “聖骸メロフォビア -Seigai Melophobia-” [*]

— An original album from a group that has RD arranging. It’s one of those albums that tells a story, with narration and very powerful orchestral instrumentals, a chorus, and powerful vocals to match. We’ve only got two tracks in the crossfade, and both of them blew me away. (unfortunately the quality of the xfd makes everything crackle a bit, but we all know about lossless music right?) Melophobia means fear of music. Oh rusty red….

10 – FELT’s “Blue Drop” [*]

— Another strong album from FELT. Every song on this album is beautiful, and it has unity and level quality throughout that few other groups can match. Without a doubt, “Prayer Blue” has the most energy. I really liked “The Highly Sensitive” and “One More Time” as well. “And Other” didn’t disappoint either. FELT knows how to wrap up an album well. I don’t know what it is about FELT, but they make me extremely reminiscent of where I used to live. Anyway excellent. If you love FELT’s sound, here’s another great addition.

11 – EastNewSound’s “Solitude Blossom” [*]

— Maybe I’ve been a little harsh of EastNewSound lately, but I miss Izumin. Nayuta’s been slightly less of a ghost, but those two and 黒鳥 are the ones who started the group… right? What you have to look for in this album are the songs arranged by きりん (Kirin). He stands apart from the group this time around I think. ヒカリマツリ, 桜影彩艶, and ひとしずく are my favorites. I liked Replay and 花弁~雫~ too, but Crescent Night almost hurt me. The vocalist クボタン isn’t bad, but … it really should be Izumin singing. It needs to be Izumin T^T. Anyway, this is a great album, and whenever the full album comes out I’ll inevitably rate it higher (short clips can almost never give ENS songs justice), but I can’t help but feel that ENS isn’t evolving enough or something, or maybe it’s trying to evolve but left some of its most important elements behind.

12 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “Sadistic Brownie” [*]

— This is what I’d call an interesting experiment. It’s very good, very interesting overall, but it really did remind me just how well all the members of Buta-Otome go well together. “Lover” is great and it doesn’t have the the “maybe Ranko should be singing this” or “maybe Comp should be arranging this” problem because no Buta-Otome members are involved in that particular song XD. As soon as you get to the latter part of the album and Comp starts composing you realize two things. First “wow” I’m not sure I’ve realized how good this guy is. Second, “wow” I have respect for Ranko for being able to match this, I’m not sure anyone else can. I think “ecarlate”/”escalate” has promise (basically Kairo’s 556t and Hanabi Uki might match the energy of one Ranko) but I want to hear the whole song first. I liked mineko’s voice in 夢について as well.

13 – Cutie and Headshaking Sounds (C.H.S)’s “Sample Junk” [*]

— Tasty electro-loli. I really like t+pazolite. Him and Rizna make a great team, but I think their electro-loli is a bit of a victim of hit-and-miss which is why I usually have trouble rating an entire album really high, it’s usually just particular songs. Still I’d say there are lot more hits and misses this time. I absolutely love So.La.Seed, and Twisted Twit and Rigid Raver are great instrumentals. “Don’t Stop this!(Radio Edit)” and “Incomplete Cherry Girl” were pretty good I thought, but not to write home about. I was really excited when I heard t+pazolite was remixing a 豚乙女 song, but so far I’m a bit disappointed. It’s pretty much just a sped up version of 郷愁 with some effects. I don’t know about you, but I think a remix should NEVER make you want to listen to the original immediately. Maybe it should make you want to listen to the original, but it should never let you go. It should make you want to listen to the remix five times before you go back, at least.

14 – 発熱巫女~ず (HatsuNetsuMikoz)’s “Nothing but Flowers” [*]

— If anything, Hatsunetsu Mikoz have been becoming more and more like themselves. (I guess you’d say perfecting their sound) I think this album will be better than their previous two, but not quite on par with their best (Re:Starlights & An Umbrella). I don’t know if HNM have ever used male vocalists before, but “Vagrant” is perfect proof that it can work. I love the beat – and damn that “makes me want to dance”. I wanna go to the clubs HNM go to. Incidentally, the vocalist is one of the arrangers featured in Sadistic Brownie. I really like the tracks “Surface Star” and “Reflections” in addition to “Vagrant”.

15 – Celestian Clays (C-CLAYS) “無音 -Muon-” [*]

— Superb. Just superb. This is a 小峠舞 only album, and I love her, so I guess it was inevitable I’d love this album. Every track on the album is spectacular, and it’s hard to pick favorites, but I guess I’ll go with: ツインソウル~輪廻する旋律~, 猛る月の叙情歌。, 狂奔Matter, 猛る月の叙情歌。, 還る櫻と、闇夜と。, Storm… yeah… It’s kind of rare that I love every track on a C-CLAYS album, usually because they try to spread across so many genres, but whenever it’s all 小峠舞… Anyway, this is great. I kind of want to her to sing some epic Anime OPs or something – or maybe she’s too good for them?

16 – OTAKU-ELITE RECORDINGS’s “tohoREWORX Vol.1+2” [*]

— When I first listened to this, I didn’t like it too much, and but I felt that spark. So I listened to it again, and again. First of all this is a Remix Album. Secondly the first six tracks are tohoREWORX Vol.2, and the last 5 tracks are from the already printed tohoREWORX Vol.1. My favorite track is a grindy mix made the day of the deadline selected by the album artist Sakuma (I’ve used his works in posts before, he’s awesome): THE SHOTGUN JUSTICE (Sakuma’s Favorite Dub). After that my favorites run like this: And I love the world ~ キレそうな紫の幾年月 (Extended), ruby and aquamarine (Club Edit), From here to anywhere (CYTOKINE Remix). As you can see, Vol.2 is better than Vol.1 in my opinion, but well. Great remix album. I like OTAKU-ELITE. You can find a couple of their songs on my site XD.

17 – LiLA’c Records’ “Heavenly Beats” [*]

— Hahaha… Yeah… I like this one better than the Touhou arrange album. Now I’m no hardcore Angel Beats fan, but Brave Song(Heavenly Trance Mix), 一番の宝物(Low Trance Mix), are amazing and MY SOUL,YOUR BEATS(Heavenly Trance Mix) and メグメル(Euphoric Fantasia Mix) are pretty good as well. The rest isn’t bad, but it’s not spectacular or anything. There’s an extended mix for Brave Song too >:D

18 – Forest306×みかん箱×Foxtail-Grass Studio’s “navigation il mare” [*]

— Refreshing. First of all I’ve got to say that these guys really know how to do an intro and an outro. Even though I was just hearing clips, those clips did a perfect job of leading the rest of the album in and out. Anyway, this instrumental album is a very folksy sort of album, if you like that – give it a listen. My favorites were 水泡, 逃げ道の夜行鈴, アイスカフェラテ, and 小さな日傘と赤いスカーフ (always a sucker for Remilia). 間抜けな水上バス weirded me out a little bit, Romantic Children really does work better in a heavy techno/metal environment…

19 – 豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “東方猫鍵盤3” [*]

— Paprika’s piano album. Paprika’s one of my favorite pianists and he’s really got that “Piano Man” vibe down. He does piano only arrangements of a lot of Buta-Otome songs and many of his own. A must listen for piano fans. A few extra effects look like they were added this time around.

20 – 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)’s “コモン・スカイ” (“Common Sky”) [*]

— I’m not particularly excited about any one song on this new album, but it sounds good. I’m really glad to see ytr and Romonosov:? back, but if I’m going to be perfectly honest with myself, I’m most excited about the Scarlet Velvet Karaoke track. I should get drunk and try to sing it. If I had to choose, my favorite song on the album is 儚.

21 – Celestian Clays (C-CLAYS) “CERCA -チェルカ-” [*]

— Another good solid album. (and a lot more 小峠舞) C-CLAYS actually has disappointed me a bit for the last two events, but I think this makes up for it. My favorites are: 黄泉少女, Summer2011, カコノトビラ, and Signal.

22 – Cytokine’s “Backflash Audibility” (Remix Album) [*]

— I’m not going to review this in depth, as it’s a remix album, but I liked the remixes a lot and I’d like to take another look at Cytokine. I’m kind of rediscovering him at the moment. His Reitaisai 8 album was amazing after all.

22 – Floating Cloud’s “祭” [*]

— Festival Music!! Instrumental Album. I actually really like this sound, it reminds me of Spice and Wolf. All the tracks flow together quite nicely and all of it is pleasantly calming.

23 – ぴずや独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s “井戸端GOSHIP” [*]

— Pizuya arrangement of Vocaloid-Launched original tracks with Kerosene for vocals. This is only low on the list because my favorite “ペテン師が笑う頃に” is already out on YouTube/NicoNico in full. [here]. I’m addicted. Maybe I’ve been missing out on Miku stuff recently, but if the best stuff is re-arranged (Matroyska and this) then maybe I can just wait XD.

24 – K2 Sound “Spark! -スパーク-” [*]

— I didn’t think as much of this one as the other two that will be released by C-CLAYS to be honest. It feels around the same level as the ones in the past that have been disappointing me. I did have three I liked quite a bit though: You Reply To Me! ~ Ambience Dist., COOL BEAUTY, and Fate Moment. Also, there’s a country song on this album O_o.

25 – LiLA’c Records’ “Naughty Eyes” [*]

— When I heard the first two tracks I got excited, but the album calmed down a bit after that :/ – that’s alright though because overall it’s still good. (And at the very end 「ただいま」を、「おかえり」を blew me away.) My favorite tracks are: ReMorning, 「ただいま」を、「おかえり」を, SENSED, and Finally Here.

— Actually I went back and looked at the album they released at RTS8 (R3D ANTHEM), and I like that one better; a lot better – so if you’re meh on this new one, check that out if you haven’t heard it :x

26 – Halozy’s “Aqua Trytone” [*]

— While I wouldn’t call the album weak, it was cutie without my headshaking sounds. So it didn’t really grab me. However, I did like 空飛ぶライカ (the final track) a lot.

27 – CROWS’CLAW “Just For My Heartache [EP]” [*]

— Originals from CROWS’CLAW. I’ll be sure to pick it up, but since it’s just a short EP (and not Touhou) I’m not as jumping up and down excited about it. I think it may do a good job of filling the gap made by Pizuya(xMyonMyon) not releasing another heavy rock/metal album.

28 – Forest Pierrot Records (FP Records)’s “Sing Summer Song” [*]

— Much better than usual, there’s just too much soft cute for me. 残り香 (by 豚乙女) is really good, and there are a few other nice tracks, but FP Records seems to be fated to stay near the bottom most of the time on my list. Every now and then they surprise me with something amazing, (like Florentia from Foreground Eclipse – hot damn was that track good), so I keep on checking, but nothing amazing this time. The first track (アイス売り場 de パーフェクトフリーズ) is pretty cute though; I like it.

29 – SYNC.ARTS’s “霊水夢双” [*]

— This is a “best” sort of compilation album across circles. My favorites are: Lunatic Blue, 喪失の雪夜, 音無き刻の中へ, and Leap in the Dark.

To Add to Review:

Still Waiting:

If I could only pick 10 albums: (slightly nuanced difference)
凋叶棕 (RD-Sounds)’s “遙 -Haruka-”
Sally’s “Sally”
豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “オリエンタル夢紀行”
ぴずや独房 (Pizuya’s Cell)’s “Rising Star”
Poplica*’s “love”
Syrufit’s “over”
FELT’s “Blue Drop”
豚乙女 (Buta-Otome)’s “Sadistic Brownie”
Cutie and Headshaking Sounds (C.H.S)’s “Sample Junk”
Alice’s Emotion’s “Radiata”

Not Participating (as of Posting):
Foreground Eclipse – T^T (Confirmed)
Shibayan – T^T (Mastering Only)

Oh. Isn’t Ten Desires Coming Out? (・∀・)


    • Xav56
    • August 6th, 2011

    Nothing about C-Clays, Lila’c Records, TUMENECO, IOSYS or OTAKU-ELITE Recording ?
    You should listen them (and yes I recomand IOSYS, the crossfade sounds reeally better than their past work), all of these seems awesome too :>
    Btw ALiCE’S EMOTiON and ALR will post their announcements they will be probably both on my wish list too

    Also this comiket seems better than the last summer comiket who was very disappointing…

    • n
    • August 6th, 2011

    So psyched for this comiket. I was hoping for Shibayan, but there’s so much other stuff to satisfy, and I’m happy to see arranges of 未知の花 魅知の旅 and Ten Desires music.

    Some things not on the list that you might be interested in are メリーの世界 (a Sealing Club drama CD?), and TUMENECO’s 現夢 as mentioned above. It’s a little hard to find the crossfade; you have to go to the main page (, click on ‘product introduction’, and select the icon to the right that says ‘genmu’. Some of the vocal tracks are mediocre, but there’s a Girls’ Sealing Club arrange by Buta-Otome and an Innocent Treasures arrange by RD/Meramipop (!!!).

    I’m also looking forward to “navigation il mare”, which is a nice relaxing ambient/acoustic instrumental album.

      • Xav56
      • August 6th, 2011

      ” Some of the vocal tracks are mediocre”

  1. @Xav56 , @n I’ll give all of that a look in the coming days.

    • Bakatea
    • August 6th, 2011

    Thank you for this awesome post. Maybe i’m stubborn about Shibayan, but my hope for a new release isn’t gone. The CD category on Shibayan’s site shows why: 2011/08/– Or I don’t want to believe it XD
    Sally catch my attention too. 3 super awesome singers in one group? Like a dream come true.

    Oh and there is one group you might don’t know now, it’s Amateras Records. They are a ‘newer’ one, releasing on C80 the 3rd album Catastrophe Eve. A total EoSD vocal and instrumental arrange album. But they don’t sound new, more like EastNewSound and Alstroemeria. Or it’s just me thinking it when I hear them.

    • exaltdragon
    • August 7th, 2011

    So I keep on expecting them to do it again.–> my sentiments exactly.

    Looking forward to Buta-otome’s new CD, SOUND HOLIC’s PV DVD, C-CLAYS’s MUON, Pizuya’s Rising Star, Tamaonsen’s Common Sky, Hatsunetesumiko’s Nothing But Flowers, and Yellow Zebra’s 2 new CDs.

    This new Sally circle sounds overpowered XD But yes, looking forward to the CD too.

    Thanks for reviewing all and the recommendations….

    • Nico
    • August 8th, 2011

    Teto said a couple days ago on a tweet to my friend that something would be released SEPTEMBER 11TH, so be on the lookout. I think he said it was only a demo, though. Why must we wait?

    • I’m willing to wait – and if it’s another demo, that’s almost a promise of an album at C81 or sooner.

    • Xav56
    • August 8th, 2011

    ALR will proably release nothing during this comiket.
    Except if Superman is a Masayoshi alias.
    He has tweeted about the CD situation yesterday, 0%
    A comiket without ALR
    *cry* ;_;

    • brian
    • August 8th, 2011

    No ALR this comiket? :(

    • Looks like that changed >:D

        • brian
        • August 10th, 2011


        I think ALST tends to make their website announcement for Comiket later than other doujin groups. I think for C78 or C79 last year, they didnt say anything until less than a week before the event.

    • Chou
    • August 10th, 2011

    Swing Holic has their crossfade up, I’m hoping Sound Holic’s will be following soon since their track lineup seems really wonderful.

    • :3 – I like Swing Holic, what are they at now… volume 7? :D

        • Chou
        • August 11th, 2011

        Yep, and it’s 7 volumes of wonder.

        Also, Sound Holic has their crossfade up now, sounds really promising.

        • Chou
        • August 11th, 2011

        Oh also, on the topic of Swing Holic I can’t remember if you’re only taking one request per person but if you are I’m very tempted to change my 六弦アリス – 夢、分かつ夢 request to that new Party Time track from Swing Holic’s upcomming album, I love 709sec so much.
        If you did that additional romanji would be wonderful so I could sing along since it reminds me of Gindan Marrionette and that’s one fun song to sing. *has sung Gindan Marrionette so many times in the past*

        Also, I wish I could just edit my last comment.

  2. hey, with C80 coming up fast, are the CD’s only avalible to buy from the event? or can people who cant afford to fly to japan for 2 days for a CD buy them too! i’d love to get a hard copy of eastnewsounds new CD but i dont know where/if i can buy it….

    dont suppose you have any ideas! wasent really sure if i should ask here but well… i dont know who to ask sorry…

    • [ToranoAna], [Melonbooks], [Akiba O~koku], [White Canvas], [D-Stage], [Comic Zin], and [Mandarake] all have Comiket items in varying quantites. On ToranoAna and Melonbooks you can usually pre-order stuff, whereas other sites like Mandarake focus more on older items.

      Of the above list, I think Mandarake is the only one that ships outside of Japan, but they might not have new items. For the other sites (of which I personally recommend ToranoAna, D-Stage, and Melonbooks) you’ll have to use a proxy/deputy service to have the item shipped.

      [Goody-Japan] is the proxy service I use and they’re really good, but recently they haven’t been accepting more registered users so you might have to find another source D:

    • Jumendez-sama
    • August 11th, 2011


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