nothing guilty

^I love this image….

Requested by grooven

This is another one on the list I think I’ve taken way too much time on. Maybe I just don’t have enough Shikieiki love. She’s an awesome Touhoumon though. >:D esp. SS ver.

nothing guilty
六十年目の東方裁判~Fate of Sixty Year|東方花映塚
Vocal: 葉月ゆら
Arrange: 黒鳥
Lyric: くまりす
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Felsic Mirage
Event: C78

かすかに見える 罪の地平線
睨む暁儚くも 夢をみる

I can faintly see, the horizon of sin
As in the glaring sunrise fleetingly, I dream


“Of things long past――”


Why do people sin?


In selfishness… for their own sake

抗えず流され 侵す罪

They lose sight of their place in life and wander lost
Amidst whispering voices they cannot erase
As they are washed away unable to resist the oncoming sin

奈落に狂う 怯え叫ぶ声
闇にのまれて崩れゆく理と ひとつ咲いた花

Driven to insanity in hell, they raise fearful screams
As they are swallowed by the darkness, their reason crumbling, a single flower blossoms


Why do humans sin?


Out of compassion… for others’ sakes

忍び寄る影 姿無く
奪われて失い 侵す罪

Ones they love that have supported them time and time again
By formless creeping shadows
Are swept away and lost as sin breaks in

裁きを下す 金の天秤が
傾き落ちて流されだす理に 枯れて朽ちた花

Golden scales bring down judgment
They lean and fall, and in the flowing onset of reason, flowers wither away

氷の上に 並ぶ常の中
絡む人の手振りほどき均整に 添えた罪の花

Over the ice, lined symmetrically over eternity lie
Flowers of sin set beyond the tangle of human hands

奈落に迷い 歩む事を辞め
闇に任せてそびえ立つ理と ふたつ咲いた花

Wandering through hell, another quits walking
Giving in to the darkness, and with towering reason, a second flower blossoms

^Touhoumon Version.

    • grooven
    • August 1st, 2011

    Thank you so much for translating this ^-^ I really love this song and the lyrics fit very well too!

    • Patchu
    • September 26th, 2011

    Thanks for this hard work. I respect you for your work :) I love all songs from ens. And you’re the one who translate them :)) <3

    • I keep on telling myself I’ll translate all of ENS’s songs, but it’s hard to catch up to them!! D:

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