Silent Neighbor

Requested by: FlandrexEatsxPpl

I got requested specifically for the acoustic version, but the lyrics are the same.

I think it’s cool that the heavy metalists are experimenting more with female vocalists. I mean metal + male vocalists is great too most of the time, but you wouldn’t get something like this.

Silent Neighbor
Vocal: 池田将
Arrange: Taka
Lyrics: Taka
Album: From the Bottom Of The Heart
Event: C79

君と二人で描いた あの夢の続き
私一人で見るには 儚すぎるストーリー

I watch alone the progression of our dream
We once made together, a story far too short

過ぎしあの日に交わした 最後の約束
今も覚えていますか 夕日色の指きり

Do you still remember that final promise we made?
Our promise we made the color of the setting sun, that day long ago?

いつかは君も 私のことを 忘れてしまうことでしょう
それを独り 見守ること それが私の努め

I’m sure one day you’ll forget about me
But it is my duty to watch over you, alone

人の命は儚い 陽炎の如く
私はその傍らで ともに歩みゆくもの

A human’s life is transient, like a mirage
But I will still walk beside you

時は流れて 輪廻は巡り 続く未来に夢を見る
たとえいつか その絆が 薄れてゆくとしても

Time flows on and fate turns, as we dream of the future
Even if one day our bonds weaken…

時は流れて 輪廻は巡り 続く未来に夢を見る
たとえいつか その絆が 薄れてゆくとしても

Time flows on and fate turns, as we dream of the future
Even if one day our bonds weaken…

いつかは君も 私のことを 思い出す日が来るでしょう
いつか知れぬ その時まで 続く二人の誓い

I’m sure one day you’ll remember me
But until that time comes our vows will remain

    • exaltdragon
    • July 26th, 2011

    Taka is awesome. I was pretty sad that he(and the others like Pizuya, Su-, Myon, Tainokobone, Tsuuten) didn’t perform at the Flowering Night this year… It nearly felt as if the Touhou Metal scene lost their sole representative at the major touhou live event.

    This particular album is good, especially since it’s essentially a first vocal touhou CD for CROW’SCLAW, but I still think his non-vocal CDs are far more agreeable.

    • Frozen Frog Band! Yeah, there’s usually a bit of a stumble when heavy metal moves to vocals because they have to figure out how much power they have to give up to the vocalists – and the first combination is often a stumble; but like you said, this turned out pretty good. :3

        • exaltdragon
        • July 27th, 2011

        I just watched the series of flowering night concerts from 2006-2009 last night. It strikes me how much they entire group of artists as a whole has improved… It’s really makes me want to get out there and make some touhou music…

        Right now I am looking forward to buying 2011’s DVD, if it does come out anytime soon…

    • I would love to be in a Touhou band. Doing anything. It would be so cool O(≧∇≦)O

    • exaltdragon
    • July 28th, 2011

    Yeah I know!… although I really can’t do anything… at least not just yet..

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