melt in the sky

↑ If you like Sanae
Requested by: Cyber

This reminds me of the first chapter of 魍魎の匣 Mouryou no Hako. You are my reincarnation and I am your reincarnation, full drive yuri stuff.

For some reason it’s really hard to find documentation and booklets of this on the interwebs. I was able to find a couple of text files for the lyrics of the tracks though, so all’s good.

This song is beautiful. I might take another look at Pop* (Poplica*) / Poplica*:Syrufit::Syrufit:Masayoshi Minoshima.

Because you may have trouble finding this on YT (there’s another popular song with the same name), here’s a rare link: [YT-Link]; rare not because it’s “rare” but because I rarely post YT links anymore (because they have a tendency to expire on me)… >.>

Hara-hara can mean either the fluttering of something through the sky, or the fluttering of a heart beating rapidly.

01. melt in the sky
二色蓮花蝶 ~ Ancients [秋霜玉/蓬莱人形]
Arranged – Poplica*
Lyric – 綾倉 盟
Vocal – 綾倉 盟
Circle – Syrup Comfiture
Album – Replica*
Event – C78

ふわりたゆたう水滴 煙のよう
影が傾く日の優雅な 魚のよう

Gently swaying droplets of water like smoke
Through sun rays and reaching shadows like an elegant fish


I was taken with you the moment I saw you swimming through the skies
I yearned after you, dancing so freely
Speaking to myself, my words with no place to go I wove
Into a red thread I wrapped around my finger

はらはらはら はらはらはら 静かに舞い上がれ
私の色 どうか届けと祈るの
はらはらはら はらはらはら 零れ落ちる雫

Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara Dancing silently skyward
I pray for my color to somehow reach you
Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara Overflowing droplets falling down
I will not let this thread come undone

あなたは私で 私はあなた
どんなに身体をばたつせても 無力

You are me and I am you
But I cannot catch you
No matter how much I push myself, I am powerless

あなたと私の境目いつも 青く

The thread comes apart and as you receded I was alone
In my ugliness I could only struggle
The rift between you and I is always blue

甘く漂う香りに 導かれて
心の隙間迷い込んだ 健気な蝶

Led by a sweet drifting fragrance
A striking butterfly wandered through the crevices in my heart

最果ての空 何度でも

It shook free from the lures of nectar, but even so
Its coming led my steps to where I could meet my future
Until my faint expectations are completely painted over by reality
I will keep reaching for that final sky, no matter what it takes

はらはらはら はらはらはら 気高く舞い上がれ
この身が果て 千切れようとも願う
はらはらはら はらはらはら 羽根傷んでゆく

Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara Dancing sublimely skyward
I wish, if this be the end, for me to be torn to pieces rather than fall
Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara My wings hurt more and more but
I can’t stop my fingers from reaching

あなたは私で 私はあなた
僅かに曇る表情に胸が 騒く

You are me and I am you
Finally you take notice of me and
In your lightly clouded expression my heart comes alive

小さな身体が吐き出す息は 白く

Seeing your face about to cry I am unable to breathe
Watching you in this cold drizzle swaying
The breath from your small body, white

あなたは私で 私はあなた
微かな声すら風に消されて 脆く

You are me and I am you
You tried to say something to me
Your faint voice, fragile, swept away in the wind

変わらぬこの色くすんだこの身 赤く

I believe one day I will be able to become you
Simply grieving over the flow of time
This body bathed in that clear unchanging red


But no matter how much I stretch out my hands they will not reach
The dyed red wings of that butterfly
I could only watch you there among the white clouds
But I will never give up, not until death takes me

はらはらはら はらはらはら 儚く舞い上がれ
ふたり阻む 風に押し返されるの 
はらはらはら はらはらはら 尽き果て落ちて行く

Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara Dancing faintly skyward
Both are pushed back by the winds between them
Hara-hara-hara hara-hara-hara Exhausted, now falling
But with a warmth in each others fingertips


When I came to, you were embracing me
In my clouded vision was your color
If when we are reborn, we are able to find each other
I will surely fall in love with you all over again…

↓ If you like PC-98 Reimu
↑ If you like Blue (2P) Reimu

    • Anna
    • July 14th, 2011

    Hello :D
    I wanted to ask if you could maybe translate this song YT Link The kanji is in the description ^^

    • As much as I hate to say it, I’ve temporarily closed requests [see here] (to give me more time to catch up on everyone else waiting ^_^;;) I’ve got eight more songs to do before I open it up again – (I’ll make an another announcement about it).

      If you ask again after that I’ll add it to the list ^_^

      Sorry :<

        • Anna
        • July 15th, 2011

        Ok then I’ll ask again when the requests are open again :D

    • Xd – I should have checked the link to see if I’d done it before. But yes – I’ve already done that one. :3

      I’m glad you don’t have to wait :D

    • josh
    • July 18th, 2011

    Anna :Ok then I’ll ask again when the requests are open again :D

    Actually, “Endless Pain” by felt has already been posted here

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