fatal bite

^Maybe given the title, I should have put some Remilia pictures, but this Sakuya is just too damn cool. Plus, it’s definitely narrated by Sakuya, so.. yeah.

Requested by: Rumia_13

So, sorry this took so long. I know I did the first one right away and put the rest on the backburner, but I probably put the rest on the backburner for far too long. ^_^; I really like Koumajou II, and since it’s easier (i.e. lets you give yourself like 20 lives at the beginning in settings) I was able to get further along, but DAMN are the boss battles hard. So I never got to listen to these tracks in game, unfortunately. They sound nice though :) / Playing as Sakuya and using defeated bosses, Chen and China and etc, made Koumajou II much more fun than I. Ah.. now I want to play again. As it is, I’m going to have to strictly plan out my entire weekend hour by hour if I’m going to get to be able to do any of the things I want to do D:

I really, really miss being able to stay up for 48 hours straight with little exhaustive penalty. I miss high school for that. Four hours of sleep used to be plenty. Now I’m usually exhausted if I don’t get 9 or more D: / Trying to shave it down to 6-7 or else I won’t have time to do anything during the work week, unless I do it at work D:

Fatal Bite
Circle:Frontier 彩 (Frontier AJA)
Album:紅魔城伝説 妖幻の鎮魂歌 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Event:Reitaisai 8

長針(はり)と 短針(はり)が 重なって
徐々に 深く 突き刺さる
首に 残る くちづけは
貴女が戒めたfatal bite

The minute and hour hands cross over like needles
Slowly, deeply, piercing
This kiss left on my neck
Is a fatal bite you punished me with

逃げられない 血切(ちぎり)を 交わして
寄り添い 迎えたヒカリ
抱きしめて生きていける ずっと

I cannot escape this blood vow we’ve exchanged
In both the oncoming light
And phantom darkness I gain a warmth
Which I embrace as I keep living, forever
I love you

lingering pain 甘く
anima 満たして ほしい
途切れがちな ためらい

This lingering pain is sweet
A whispering affliction
Anima rising in my hands
I want to be fulfilled
My faltering hesitation
I give all only to you

朝(しろ)と夜(くろ)が まじわって
魔法 解けて めざめたの
月も 誰も いないまま
音なく 刻まれた fatal bite

White mornings and black nights are mixed and
As the magic comes undone I wake
Not the moon nor anyone else are here
As without a sound I am stuck with a fatal bite

頬に伝う 涙を すくって
ぬくもり 忘れた イタミ
日常に 星たちが 溶けていく
叶わないのならば いっそ
壊して ほしい

Wiping the tears as they flow down my cheeks
I feel a pain that has forgotten its warmth
With every day the stars are melting away
If my wishes will never be fulfilled, then
I would rather destroy

みつめて いたい
永遠を誓う まなざし
花のような 日々をうたう 紅く
繋いで 時間(とき)を
孤独(ひとり)じゃない いまだけ
貴女をまだ 感じさせて

I just want to look at you
This gaze a vow of eternity
Like a flower singing of each day, scarlet
Over all this time interconnected
Now, while I’m not alone
Let me still feel you

逃げられない 血切(ちぎり)を 交わして
寄り添い 迎えたヒカリ
抱きしめて生きていける ずっと

I can’t run away from this blood vow exchanged
Along with light coming to meet
Warmth gained in this a phantom darkness
I embrace and keep living on and on
I love you

lingering pain 甘く
焦がして 満たして ほしい
途切れがちな ためらい

This lingering pain is sweet
A whispering affliction
Scarlet, rising in my hands, burning
I want to be fulfilled
My faltering hesitation
I give all only to you

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