Flower Flag

Requested by: GoldenArcher96, plus I’d been wanting to do this for a while.

I love FELT.

The roles here are played by: 幽々子 and 幽々子 and Cherry Blossoms/Ayakashi as a metaphorical extention of 幽々子. I love songs like this to death, but making them make sense in English is always a challenge >.> – Also, almost every single ambiguous phrase link in the translation is either just as ambiguous or more ambiguous in the original lyrics. I only tried to add a little suggestion this way or that way for sanity, but since they’re all attributed to Yuyuko ANYWAY, it’s all good.

Flower Flag
幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜~Border of Life|東方妖々夢
アルバム:Flower Flag

春の訪れを待つ 彼女の瞳に
手のひらくぐり抜け 流れる風を追って
消えてく 空を越えて

haru no otozure wo matsu kanojo no hitomi ni
maiochitekita sakura no hana
te no hira kugurinuke nagareru kaze wo otte
kieteku sora wo koete

Waiting for the coming of spring, in her eyes
Cherry blossoms were dancing as they fell
Slipping through her hands and chasing after the wind
Disappearing across the sky

未来を失うこと この木に深く刻んで
開花を始めて 世界を春に変え 絶命の時を待つ

mirai wo ushinau koto kono ki ni fukaku kizande
kaika wo hajimete sekai wo haru ni kae zetsumei no toki wo matsu

Her loss of her future is carved deep within this tree
Setting it aflower, turning the world to spring as she waited for death

開かれる花ビラ 舞う風のように強く
失って 壊れゆく 後悔もすべて忘れて
辿る軌跡 最後に 思い出のかけら見せて
消えてゆく 記憶にまだ 薄く残る幸せをのせて

hirakareru hanabira mau kaze no you ni tsuyoku
ushinatte kowareyuku koukai mo subete wasurete
tadoru kiseki saigo ni omoide no kakera misete
kieteyuku kioku ni mada usuku nokoru shiawase wo nosete

The released flower petals dance strongly as they wind
Knowing her loss, expiring, forgetting even regret
Tracing lines and motions in the end they show fragments of memories
As they disappear portraying a faint happiness left within them

彼女が眠りにつき いくつもの年を越え
突然現れた君が 見つめたその瞳に
映した 春への扉

kanojo ga nemuri ni tsuki ikutsu mo no toshi wo koe
sakanakunatta ki no shita de
totsuzen arawareta kimi ga mitsumeta sono hitomi ni
utsushita haru e no tobira

She laid to rest and many years passed her by
Under this tree that no longer would blossom
When you suddenly appeared, in those eyes
Shone a gate leading unto spring

強い眼差しの奥に 閉ざされた君を思い
一つ一つただ大切に 拾い集め 君に春を届けに

tsuyoi manazashi no oku ni tozasareta kimi wo omoi
hitotsu hitotsu tada taisetsu ni hiroiatsume kimi ni haru wo todoke ni

In that strong gaze, I think of you locked away
Carefully gathering fragments one by one to bring spring to you

失った記憶は 心奪われる瞬間に
涌き上がり 魅せられた 時に零れ落ちてく涙
春を集め君を 救うと誓った日から
運命を取り戻した いつまでも眠る 君を呼んでる

ushinatta kioku wa kokoro ubawareru shunkan ni
wakiagari miserareta toki ni koboreochiteku namida
haru wo atsume kimi wo sukuu to chikatta hi kara
unmei wo torimodoshita itsu made mo nemuru kimi wo yondeiru

Those lost memories in that moment my heart was swept away
Boiled up inside of me and in that moment I was entranced, overflowing with tears
Ever since that day I swore I would save you I gathered spring
I took back fate, calling you in your eternal sleep

咲き乱れ始めた空 桜は蝶のように舞ってる
涙零れ落ちて 震えも止められないの
大きく叫んだ瞬間 微かに感じた

sakimidarehajimeta sora sakura wa chou no you ni matteiru
namida koboreochite furuemo tomerarenai no
ookiku sakenda shunkan kasuka ni kanjita
kimi wa sugu ni mata kieta

Now the sky has started to blossom in profusion, cherry blossom dancing like butterflies
I cannot stop these tears from overflowing, or myself from trembling
That instant I cried out I felt faintly… something – and then
You disappeared again right away

開かれる花ビラ 舞う風のように強く
優しく 包まれる 時に零れ落ちてく 笑顔
あの日 君に触れて 感じた気持ちのまま
永遠に出会う事なく 満開で咲く 君を待っている

hirakareru hanabira mau kaze no you ni tsuyoku
yasashiku tsutsumareru toki ni koboreochiteku egao
ano hi kimi ni furete kanjita kimochi no mama
eien ni deau koto naku mankai de saku kimi wo matteiru

The released flower petals dance strongly as they wind
And as I am gently embraced I overflow with smiles
The feeling I felt that day when I touched you will never go away
Though I will never see you, I wait for you in full bloom

    • GoldenArcher96
    • July 13th, 2011

    Seriously, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for a translation of this song. I attempted one myself, but I used Google Translate since I can’t understand Japanese, and it was just a complete failure.
    Sky Gate seemed happy the first time I heard it, but when I read the lyrics, I realized how emo it really was. Then Plan Doll came around, and it was double the melancholy and double the emo. I’m glad to see that Flower Flag is actually somewhat happy this time around. =P
    So once again, thank you so much for posting this wonderful translation. =D

    • When I went to take a quick grab of the lyrics to bring to work to work on I saw on the site that you had requested for a translation, so I thought you might have been looking for a while.

      Google translate tends to do alright between similar languages that have pretty clear word to word links and not too much of a complex grammar (Romance/Germanic languages), but this is where Japanese’ll go nuts. Plus, with lyrics/poetry there are so many lines of ambiguity this way and that – and even the best made translation programs can have a hard time making sense of implied subjects and unclear linkings of phrases and etc. It’s what I use for words or phrases in other languages that pop up every now and then in Japanese lyrics. I do remember I had to do a lot of research for one song that had lyrics in devanagari script (sanskrit)… ._.

      Anyway, I’d wanted to do this song for some time too, and I’m glad you liked the translation :)

    • scrpn516
    • November 29th, 2011

    Requesting romaji lyrics for this one :D

    • scrpn516
    • December 5th, 2011

    Ty for the romaji! I really like the lyrics for this one; I thought the lyrics would be something like this when I first heard the song with no translation. It seemed like one of those songs :] A small suggestion about part of the english lyrics though; do you think this part would flow better with the edits I made (in brackets)?

    “Now (the) sky has started to blossom in profusion, cherry blossom(s) dancing like butterflies
    I cannot stop these tears from overflowing, or myself from trembling
    (The) instant I cried out I felt (something faintly), and then
    You disappeared again right away”

    I agree with you on the google translate thing; it’s horrible XD Glad we have people like you around to translate this stuff! Hope you’re not too annoyed with me requesting all this romaji and the suggestions I make XD

    • Ayaya, there should definitely be a “the” between Now and sky… (I’m guessing I was either tired or was trying to cut lengths to fit stuff and cut it out accidentally? D:)

      I gave it a gentle tweak, I might go back and revise everything to sound better if I remember when I wake up in the morning XD

    • GoldenArcher96
    • February 20th, 2012

    Hey, I’m trying to convert these lyrics into singable English lyrics that will match with the original song (I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, if I do anything at all), and I just want a little clarification.

    The song is “spoken” through Yuyuko and the Saigyou Ayakashi tree, right? Yuyuko has died because of the tree during the song. But then at:
    “In that strong gaze, I think of you locked away
    Carefully gathering fragments one by one to bring spring to you”
    I’m assuming that would be Youmu collecting spring ala PCB? The first line would be Yuyuko talking, but would the second line be Youmu?

    The stanza after that would definitely be Youmu because it’s talking about bringing spring back to “you.” But then it talks about “you” disappearing and:
    “The feeling I felt that day when I touched you will never go away
    Though I will never see you, I wait for you in full bloom”
    Would that be Yuyuko talking directed at the tree or Youmu directed at Yuyuko? It seems like this song has more of switching roles between Yuyuko and Youmu rather than Yuyuko and the tree, but like you said, it’s so annoying how ambiguous it can be. I convered Sky Gate and All This Time to singable lyrics fairly easily, but this is an absolute pain.

    If you had any idea how these parts of the song are supposed to be I’d really appreciate hearing it. =)

    • Sorry I took a while to get to this, I just wanted to give a thoughtful reply ^^;

      First of all this song is full of overlapping actions and images and motifs, so much that everything mixes together and it’s even confusing in Japanese. ^^;


      Here’s the solution to the subject problem (at least my theory). Here’s a little back story (briefly referred to in the song). Saigyouji Yuyuko was died to seal a great evil within the Saigyou Ayakashi. (Her last name suggests that her family was related to a temple related to the tree). However, because of that pesky Buddhist sort of thing about forgetting your past when you move on to the afterlife, Yuyuko has no idea that she’s buried under the tree and that (at least part of) her soul is sealed within. Yuyuko feels something about the tree, a presence within, but she doesn’t realize that it’s herself. She wants to make the tree blossom and release whoever (herself) she feels inside. When she comes close she’s overcome with the emotion of reuniting with her soul and cannot take it so it breaks off.

      That’s what’s described… basically. So the you and the I are both Yuyuko, and since the tree is representative of the soul within (Yuyuko’s), and the flower petals are representative of death (Yuyuko) and the tree (Yuyuko)… everything… Everything is Yuyuko. o.o;

      Hope that helps.

      I remember this being kinda crazy to translate.

        • GoldenArcher96
        • February 21st, 2012

        Geez, that’s deep. And really freaking confusing. Of course, I never really looked in all that deep into Yuyuko’s backstory. I’ll give it a shot at making it singable lyrics once my head doesn’t hurt haha. Thanks for the help. =)

    • Saru san
    • January 14th, 2015

    Thank you for this gift

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