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CORE PRIDE // 青の祓魔師 Ao no Exorcist OP


I had not realized this show’s yaoi potential. I must have had my yaoi goggles turned off. But now it seems obvious… Anyway, love the show, and I’m probably too much of a fan of Amaemon.

This song is totally “bros”, too. Wahaha.

I’m having trouble with fonts lately – do you have any good Japanese fonts you can recommend? From my experience EPSON has some of the best free Japanese fonts available, the problem is the roman character set looks like complete and utter crap, so unless you’re typing in Word or something that’s intelligent enough to let you select two different fonts for Asian and Non, you’re stuck with it D:

I’ve temporarily gone back to MS (UI/P) Gothic. However, it looks clunky and I still don’t like it much. I’d go crazy font shopping, but Japanese fonts usually go for about $250-400 a pop. I CANNOT afford something like that.

By the way, I just got a temporary full-time job. I am now a officially a freeter. [wiki-link] – Most freeters don’t get full-time positions, but “temporary” is a key word here. It’s only for a few months. Still, 40 hours a week will seriously get in the way of my hobby-hobbies, (i.e. things I don’t qualify as “studying”), which means I’ll probably be spending a whole lot less time here. I’ll still be taking requests – but I’ve decided to lock my requests when the list reaches 20 (which means there’s probably no more slots even as I post now) until it goes back down to a more reasonable number like 10. I’ll make a more extensive post about it later, but probably when the list is locked I’ll take special requests (i.e. “payed” requests) just in case someone really, REALLY wants something translated (desperately). Not that I’m trying to move this to a money making venture or anything – if I were it wouldn’t be worth my time to be honest (personal time cost v. reasonable demand != profit)- but I just don’t want to COMPLETELY outright deny anyone.

Like I said – more later.

While my line length might not be suitable to karaoke, that’s not really my aim here.


生を受け それぞれが人生を謳歌 脳のブラックボックスを知る それは幸か?
要はリミットラインをすべて凌駕 さぁ行こうか 踏み出す それは今日だ

Life begins – and you’ll hear people singing its praises, trying to uncover
 the black box inside their minds, but is that really happiness?
But really, it’s all about crossing over your limit lines – So shall we?
 It’s time to step up, step forward, that’s what “Today” means to us!

やっぱ日々は如何せん こう そつなく過ごしてちゃ NO NO

But that’s not going to change the fact that really, life sucks day to day.
 Especially when it’s going by like this, nothing happening – Yeah, no thanks.

ストップ 流れを見極めな まずものともせず行こうぜ

You’ve got to stop, look hard at the flow, then strike out in defiance of it.

届かぬ物や限りあるものに 熱くなる胸を押さえつけるのは
理解もせず 押さえつけようとしてきた
嫌いで 許せなかった あの大人達と同じじゃんかよ

Before I knew it, I had unconsciously begun to suppress the burning in my chest
That was yearning for things I could never reach, limits I couldn’t break
I hated myself for it, I could never forgive myself, because damn
 You think I’m going to be just like all of those other adults!?

どうしたって 叶わない絵空事だろうが
空から降る黒い雨が この身を濡らし降り止まなくとも
まだ消させはしないこの胸の火 それが「プライド」

Even if this is just some kind of pipe dream, and I’ll never see my hopes come true,
I won’t let anyone extinguish this fire burning in my chest
Even if this black rain drenches me to the skin and never stops pouring
I still won’t let this fire go out, for me – that is “Pride”.

予報通りに降り出した雨 予想以上に仲間は集まった
お互いの日々や将来の話で 熱くなって殴り合いになった

The rain came just as the forecast predicted, but under it gathered more friends
 than I ever could have asked for
After talking about each other’s days hopes for the future, the frustration got to us
 and we hit and punched each other

お前が笑い出すから 変わってないな…って 俺も吹き出したんだ

It was just like back when I was fifteen, running from anxiety
I remembered back then how we used to rile at each other the same way
Because you started to smile, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Nothing’s changed has it?”

そうやって意地張って 踏ん張って生きてなくちゃ時間の流れさえも怖くなる
本当に殴るべき相手は そんな自分だろ
ただ今は負けたくない 自分に負けない「プライド」

This is the way we’d exert ourselves – If you don’t step forward and live then even
 the flow of time’ll turn into a nightmare
But really the one I should be beating up is myself
It’s just that right now I don’t want to lose, at least not to myself. For me – that is “Pride”

ストップ流れを見極めな まずものともせず行こうぜ

You’ve got to stop, look hard at the flow, then strike out in defiance of it.

どうしたって やっぱ一人の夜は 自分の事さえも分からなくなる
そんな俺と分かり合おうとしてくれる君が居るなら もっと強くなれる

No matter what I do, with all these nights alone I start to lose touch with myself
But if you’re there to help me understand myself, and me you, we’ll grow stronger.

もうどうなったて良い 格好悪くたって良い
どうしたって 変えれない運命だと言われても
まだ俺は変われる 自分で変えてみせる

It doesn’t matter to me anymore; I don’t care whether I look lame
I’ll go crazy if I have to, but I’ll change the future
No matter how much you tell me fate can’t be changed,
I can still change, I’ll show you I can change myself!

これが そう「プライド」それぞれの場所で….

For me, this is – yes, “Pride”, here and there in various ways…

まだまだ消えるな 心の火を
まだ忘れたくない 胸の熱さを
まだまだ消えるな 心の火を
まだまだ行けるぞ 行けるぞ

Flame in my heart, don’t go out just yet!
I don’t want to forget this burning in my chest
Flame in my heart, don’t go out just yet!
We can still move forward, so let’s go!!