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Just In Case You’ve Missed Me

^Yeah, I look like China right now. Black eye and everything.

I haven’t posted one of these useless posts in ages. Upon ages. But usually that’s a good thing, because I only tend to post update posts to explain away my absences, and I haven’t had to do that for a while.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with my twitter, (I don’t blame you – usually I just ramble). I had surgery a few days ago, where I had a growth near the roots of my upper front teeth removed, and am still recovering (hence the hiatus). I’m fine and all, but my face is about twice as big as it should be, I’ve got a black eye, and I get dizzy when I try to think (which puts a major damper on my usual activities). So I’m sort of half out of commission at the moment. (*´н`)゛

After that, I was going to say that everyone should help Extra Credits (a web show about video games that’s very well done and thought provoking) because their artist found out recently she’ll have to have surgery, but within hours donations have risen almost to past 200% of their original goal – so now I’ll just have to say go check out the show. [link-to-the-escapist] – I know this isn’t related to Japan or anything, but I wanted to share. ^_^

Back on track for Japan related things: For those interested in the learning Japanese language scene, I found this cool site sort of like Yahoo Answers but just for Japanese language related questions here: [link] I’ve been happily wasting my time answering questions there. >.>

I was inspired by 2ch’s summer rooms so I thought I’d post my own. Before and after – my available space shrunk considerably so Sanya’s my only figure out and about and I’ve kept her in her box. Only my two new figmas are really “out”. At least I have a real bookshelf now ^_^.

Before (Apartment in Austin):

Yes, that’s a ROAD CLOSED sign my roommate took in.

After (Half of a Home Office Room near DFW-Airport):

The real problem is that I don’t have enough space to write anymore. D:

If you’ve noticed the box, I just got Kuroi Mato (黒衣マト) yesterday! After lots of trouble at the post office, I was finally able to get her home. First figma I’ve ever ordered (though Cute beside her got delivered two days earlier). I’ll probably play around more with poses but I got them right before and right after my surgery day so I’ve been out. >.>

Woo~ Dizzy again. You know an odd side-effect of all of this after-surgery business is that when I listen to music and keep beat like I usually do, the blood rushes to my head and I immediately feel drunk and dizzy – It’s almost impossible to translate songs right now XD – I still want to though – see if “on medication” adds anything to the artistic value.

Also, speaking of – at the very moment I was typing that, these arrived via SAL!!!!!



Anyway – I’m going to go pass out.

Oh wait, one last note. I’ve started a forum type thing as an experiment. I haven’t really done anything to it, and I don’t really feel like linking to it until it’s useful, but what do you guys think about a forum for like Light Novel discussion and what not? I was also going to do it for a Japanese language question and answer thing, but the JL&U have got that covered probably much better than I can do alone.

Here’s one last picture:

^All we’re missing from there is Strength (Yuu).