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EX妖魔疾走【百鬼夜行の大行進】 // EX Youma Shissou [Kyakki Yakou no Daikoushin]

^Damn I love brutal Rumia.

One of my favorites – How can’t you love the awesome bass and the whining electric guitar!? – REALLY EARLY SEKKENYA.

EX妖魔疾走【百鬼夜行の大行進】 is the vocal version of 妖魔疾走 [妖怪は16Beatを採用しました] from Sekkenya’s 東方弾打團~feast of roaring beast~ (C68) [This is before they got ACE].

いったらっしゃいませ! – is more like “Come back next time!” but I felt like putting it from the youkai’s point of view.

石鹸屋 / 石鹸屋のお歳暮 (C69) [Re-Released 石鹸屋のお歳暮3 (C73)]

闇に生きる ヒトに非(あ)らぬモノよ
眠りの夜 密かに目を覚ます

O inhuman beings who live in darkness!
Now in this night with all gone to bed, you in secret open your eyes

さぁ飛び立て 夜に生きる者よ
月は高く 夜の産声 謳って

Now come take flight, all those who live the night!
The moon is high, singing the night’s birth cries

声を張り上げて 月に手をかざし 謳え 終わらない宴を
夜を駆け抜けて 月明かりの空の下 踊ろう

Raise your voice, lift your hands to the moon and sing for a festival that will not end!
Race through the night under the moonlight sky and dance!

人は眠る 明ける夜を待って
暗い闇に 飲み込まれないよう

Humans sleep, waiting for the break of dawn
So they are not swallowed in the deep darkness

刻、あやかし 月と闇の海へ
照らし浮かぶ 摩訶不思議の紅い笑顔

Time, Ayakashi all toward the sea of darkness and moon
Cast a shining floating unsettling crimson smile

朝焼け忘れて 明日を忘れて 続け 妖怪だけの夜
誰も邪魔させない 誰の邪魔も無い 夜と 幻想の世界を

Forget the sunrise! Forget tomorrow! Continue on! A night just for Youkai!
No one will bother us! There is nothing to disturb the night and this world of illusion!

声を張り上げて 月に手をかざし 謳え 終わらない宴を
宵の霞月(かすみづき) 闇を抱き締めて 踊れ

Raise your voice, lift your hands to the moon and sing for a festival that will not end!
Embrace the darkness, the midnight hazy moon and dance!

やがて明ける夜 晴れる空の色 目覚め 夜の終わりが来る
夜明けを背中に あくる夜の夢 願い 夜のモノは眠る

Finally it begins to break; the colors of clear sky begin to wake; the end of the night is coming
The dawn at their backs, the things of the night sleep, wishing for dreams of the next night

夜明けは 溶け出し 消え行く まぼろし
明日へ 巡る 朝へ

The breaking night melts away and disappears, a phantom
Turning toward tomorrow, toward morning


We’ll be Back!!

東方妖々夢 ~the maximum moving about~

This just makes me want to play 12.3 and pwn with Youmu.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to go back to some old Sekkenya for a while. As always it tends to defy English-ification, but I try. At any rate I think crafting a short story out of this song would be a good writing exercise :D I see demon blades and peasant girls and colorful bloodshed and cold flashes of steel and a phantasmagorical afterlife – you?

I really think I need to practice writing poetry and short stories of my own, hopefully it’d have a good influence on my translations – What do you think?

Either way I’m planning on participating in this years JLPP Translating Competition and also in NaNoWriMo. :3

“Each Painting over Each other’s Flowing Mistakes” all I can imagine is “blood being used to paint over blood.”
“the One that will Kill her Hesitation” the word used is the same word used for a “Suicide Assistant” who would behead Samurai set to commit seppuku when they were unable to kill themselves.
As usual, I have to insert pronouns because there really are none – but with Youmu in mind we get ‘her’ and ‘she’.


東方妖々夢 ~the maximum moving about~
 Touhou Youyoumu
原曲 東方妖々夢~Ancient Temple|東方妖々夢
石鹸屋/東方不可拘束 ~the maximum moving about~
Event: Reitaisai 3

堅く 鋭く 妖しく 眩く 光放つ
冷たく 輝く 白い刃

Releasing Hard, Sharp, Bewitching, Blinding Light
A White Blade Flickers Coldly

誰が 誰もが 掴めば その手を血に染めて
悲しく 空しく 己を消した

Anyone, Anyone who Grasps that Blade will Stain their Hands with Blood and
Tragically, Emptily, Erase Themselves

それは 不器用で 一途な想いが成れの果て
それは 不器用な たった一つの誓い

That is, the Result of a Blind and Stumbling Love
That is, a Single Stumbling Vow

たとえ この身が 誰かの刃になろうと
たとえ この身が 命を奪えど
たとえ この身が 全てのモノを切り裂けど
この身 全てが 一振りの鋼

Even if this Body were to Become Another’s Blade
Even if this Body were to Take a Life
Even if this Body were to Slice and Shred Everything
All of Me would Be a Single Slash of Steel

強い 有り様 求めて 誰もが手を伸ばし
流れた 過ち 塗り潰して

Seeking Strength, Everyone Reached out Their Hands
Each Painting over Each other’s Flowing Mistakes

弱い 自分を 分からず 振り回し切り捨て
断たれる 命は 死に切れないで

Not Knowing her Weakness, she Sliced and Cut at all in her way
But when Cut Down herself, she Could Not Reach Death

いずれ 辿り着く 迷いが果てに連なる道
いずれ 巡り合う 迷いを断つ介錯

One Day she will Reach the Road Running at the End of Hesitation
One Day she will Meet the One that will Kill her Hesitation

せめて この手が 誰かの最期となるなら
せめて この手が 願いを掴めば
せめて この手が 砕けぬ刃になれれば
この手 一念 迷い解き放て

At Least if this Hand is to be Someone’s End
At Least if this Hand may Take Hold of one’s Wish
At Least if this Hand may be an Unbreakable Blade
This Hand will In an Instant Release itself from Hesitation

夢は 願いは 全てを鋼に刻んだ
深く 欠けない 曇り無き刃
いつか この身が 誰かを守る力なら
この身 一念 一振りの刃

With Dreams, Wishes, Everything, Engraved in Steel
A Deep, Flawless, Cloudless Blade
If this Body were to Become a Strength to Protect
I would Be a Determined Slash of a Blade

誰が 願いか
誰が 望みか
誰が 終わりか
誰が 生き様

For Someone’s Wishes?
For Someone’s Dreams?
For Someone’s End?
For Someone’s Existence

Marble Hearted

Requested by: Mint

A pretty interesting Mima – song, we don’t get many arrangements of her theme, and usually it’s Reincarnation rather than Complete Darkness. Kotoge Mai’s vocals are grand as always.

Marble Hearted
Complete Darkness|東方封魔録
Circle: C-Clays
Album: 遊穹 U-KYU
Event: C76


Shadows of jade envelop the sky, raising great waves
Flickering in colors of blue and green


In this endless place
I breathe in the
Flowing clouds that reach me, an
Infinite pity and pathos


With my hands, let me lift your tears
Just once give me control
Close off your fleeing soul, and
Let me grant your wish

響く地平線 あの向こう側に見えて

Over the resonating horizon line beyond, far away
A faint mist spreads


Just how many I pulled
I cannot recall, but
I still remember
Those horrible tricks I played


Just how far am I driven by desire?
I never knew whether or not what I sought for even existed
That meaning or purpose I would wreck so much havoc to achieve, and yet
I pursued it with such a vengeful persistence


Over four starry skies
Scattered throughout
Trembling time
My hatred bleed through


Since when did I sink my
Plots and irritation into this world?
But in it I found a clear and just
True brilliance that enchanted me


Released from the blade
Was truth mixed with sadness
Extending down from the tip
Staring right at me