Tragic Saint

Requested by: Mint

“If you don’t know weakness, strength is nothing.”
Reminds me of a situation in Shangri-la… – uh.. don’t mind me, let’s move along.

Tragic Saint
感情の摩天楼~Cosmic Mind|東方星蓮船
Circle: はちみつレモン
Album: Over the Magic
Event: C77

幾千の時を越えて 戻れない明日へと繋がる

In the deep dark, fate had begun to move
Crossing over vast time, reaching toward a tomorrow we would never return from

何が正しいの 答えもなく時には傷つけ合い

Since believing in something and being unable to submit are not the same
The strength of belief and love and human weakness are deeply entangled
What is right? Without an answer we will, from time to time, hurt each other
If we touch our wounds and let our tears flow, will we regain happiness?


Even if this love was an affront to the gods
I would embrace it without taint
And feel the warmth in its touch through my hands

閉ざす時間の中 心まで閉ざしていきそうで

In this locked time, it feels as if my heart itself will close


There are nothing so transient as words, but
I took your words and embraced them; now they live on in my heart
In this world that cannot be measured by what is right or wrong, I look for one answer
As feelings as strong as belief pass each others at odds


Will one day this eternal misery make way smiles?
Believing that in the distant future a day will come when we can understand each other,
I continue to fall

弱さを知らず強さは無いの 涙の跡

Even reason, when used just on the surface, is no more than shackles
Without first knowing weakness, strength is nothing! With traces of tears..
It is precisely because I have something I want to protect that even this parting
 I welcome with open arms
Who could ever believe that this is right, who could ever want such a thing!?

翳すこの手空高く 世界に光を照らす

I lift my hands above my head high into the sky and shine light upon the world
Believing that in the distant future a day will come when we can understand each other
 I continue to fall
As I hide in my heart your kindness, beaten and bruised.

^Hot-Damn Murasa.

    • grooven
    • June 17th, 2011

    First off beautiful image! I would LOVE a figure of that! Really nice song but the vocals weren’t as strong as I thought they would be with the large intro but really nice lyrics!

    • Haha, maybe someone somewhere will make a custom kit of it one day. Like how I saw one picture of Youmu in a school swimsuit that was awesome and then found it later as a figure. Not that I could afford or get at it XD.

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