^I don’t think I could have possibly found a better image for this song.

Requested by: Hachi
Sorry for taking so long. D:

Dolce=Sweet, Caramella=Candy/Caramel, Stella=Star

Excuse my liberty, I hope you like the result.

Circle: C-Clays
Album: 灯岸 -HIGAN-
Event: Reitaisai SP

あれもこれも目移り 星を掴むように
時代のせいにしても 今は退屈しのぎ 可愛いだけでいいから

Everything, here – no there! is a distraction; it’s just like reaching out to catch the stars
Sure, blame it on our generation, but this now is just to kill time, it’s fine as long as it’s cute!

Caramella ひとつ 妙な胸騒ぎ 並ぶ肩がぶつかりあって
素顔隠し 強気な瞳
甘く 私を夢中にさせる

Here’s one caramel, now there’s a strange fluttering in my heart –
 we bump shoulders against each other
I hide my true face with strong eyes
That I can’t choose is always an inevitability just like the coincidence that spurs a love
Sweet, it throws me into a daze

好きなものだけ傍に 眠る頬にくちづけしたり
揺れる×忍ばせる 狙いを定めて急降下
乗りこんでいこう ちょっとそこまで もう待ちきれない!

I only keep things I like by my side – now I think of kissing your sleeping cheek
But since yearning for those dreams only hurt my heart
Turning, swaying, hiding – I take aim and dive!
I’ll latch right on, yes – right there – oh I can’t wait!!

時間は砂のように滑り落ち 目を逸らした瞬間消えるの
生まれてくる場所さえ 誰も選べない身勝手なもの

Time slips away just like sand, disappearing the moment you take your eyes off of it
You can’t even choose where new time might be born – it’s a selfish thing no one can control

Stellaの余韻に身を任せて 踊る こんな感じもいいんじゃない?

Just let yourself go in the lingering tones of the stars and dance! Isn’t that just fine?
For how many wishes do you reach out your hands
Hoping one day they’ll come true?
With the sentimentality of a young wandering girl I fill my long eyelashes with expectation

手を取り飛び越えていくしかない どうにかして
だけど本音言えない もっと楽になれたら 今夜
裸足のままで迎えにいくよ ワガママDolce!

It’s inevitable I’d wait here worrying, that’s just reality
All I can do is somehow take your hand and fly past all this hesitation
But I can’t tell you my true feelings, if only it were easier… tonight!
I’ll come see you still barefoot, selfish, sweet!

心にもない過剰な自信 鋭く突いて
立ち止まる暇も 振り返る暇もない

An excess of confidence not in my heart sharply pierces through
I don’t have the time to stop or even turn

時間が経てばわかる理由も それでも現在は…

“Inevitability will form a ring of fate before you even know it.”
After time as passed maybe I’ll know the reason, but the truth is now…

好きなものだけ傍に 時々よそ見もする
ワケもなく嘘ではぐらかして 惑わせるけど
掴む星の数だけ 言葉にならない感情が
限りのない幸せの予感 恋するDolce!

I only keep things I like by my side – now and then stealing a glance
When I’m caught, I’ll escape with lies and excuses, I still don’t know why… but
As many as there are stars I catch, these emotions I can’t put into words,
Are the sign of a happiness that has no bounds – the sweetness of love!


    • Mint
    • June 16th, 2011

    Wow, the image really does fit the name, and sounds pretty cheerful too. Hmm… Dolce… makes me want some…~

    By the way, do you think you could translate the lyrics for ‘Tragic Saint’ by はちみつれもん (Hachimitsu-Lemon)? It’s kinda been bugging me for a while…

    • I have not forgotten you~
      Yeah, sorry about how long the average wait has been lately for these things. I’m going to do Flashing Point real quick because it caught my fancy and then I’ll set up Tragic Saint next.

    • Actually it took about 46 days for me to get around to getting this post out D:
      I need to hurry up!

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