アリスマエステラ // Alice Maestra (君の美術館 dialogue)

Requested by: INA War Minister

I love 君の美術館 or Kimi-no-Bi or Kimi-No-Museum…. Cherose is sexy. If what they mean on all their albums that say “dialogue” they mean singing “dialogue” then I’ll have to check more of them out.

I was going to color code the singing, but… yeah. – Opted for a calm blue this time. Despite the fact that I would usually go red for Reimu.

 Alice Maestra
Vocalist:Cherose & lily-an (Liz Triangle)
Album:dialogue -Stella Theater-

夜が明けぬ様に何も見えず 進まぬ時の中どこへ行けば
大きな流れから逃げる様に 全てが背く様にこの手離れ

It’s as if morning will never come; I can’t see anything
 Where should I go like this, frozen in time?
It’s as if I’m running from a great wave, like
 Everything is set against me, slipping from my hands


Since that day I’ve been unable to believe in my strength
But keep struggling alone against a wall I cannot see

過去は虚しく輝き続け悔いを拒み <夢でさえ>

The past though empty continues to shine, and I refuse to regret (and even dream)
But keep living now in the midst of my crumbling pride


I remember the days when I claimed that loneliness was strength
Then I didn’t even know how to rely on anyone
(I closed my heart, unable to believe in kindness)


If everything is false, then I’ll even cling to lies
I felt like screaming, “If there’s nothing I can believe in then just pierce my heart!”
(All alone, searching for an answer, “Just where does it lie?”
Unable to find a single clue, only the darkness continues)

そしてどこまでも彷徨えばいい 同じ場所で <独りきり>
何も答え導くものなどありはしない <どこへ向かうのか>

So then should I just wander forever in this same place? (All alone)
There was nothing, nothing that might lead me to the answer (Where should I turn?)


Now the magic unravels, and left is a “statue” walking alone
At its close in loneliness it crumbles into dust and disappears
(As if everything were a lie, nothing is left behind)


Unable to resist, tears flow
Even if I were to just stand here…


If it will just stop the tears, then I’ll even cling to love
Even if there’s nothing sublime about it, even if I would be miserable!
(If I might still make it, then I’ll seek kindness in a warm embrace
I just want to melt away this winter of loneliness…)


If I might have my wish granted, then I’ll even cling to the gods
I don’t mind even if all of the past I’ve built is swept away now without a sound!
(If you might turn around, I would give praise for your deep compassion
Even if all you did was show me the exit to this endless corridor…)

^I felt like I need something with some PC-98 references :D

    • inawarminister
    • June 9th, 2011

    Oh man thanks thanks thanks very much thanks…!
    BTW for information, the video can be seen here in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jUL3LFbrXQ (by Aghart101)

    • inawarminister
    • June 9th, 2011

    Oh btw for those who would like romaji, then here:

    yoru ga ake nu you ni nani mo mie zu susuma nu toki no naka doko he ike ba
    ookina nagare kara nigeru you ni subete ga somuku you ni kono tebanare

    ano hi kara shinji rare zu kono chikara ga
    hitori mie nai kabe he to mukai mogaki tsuduke

    kako ha munashiku kagayaki tsuduke kui o kobami
    ima ha kuzure ta hokori no naka de iki tsuduke te

    kodoku ha tsuyo sa da to ogot ta hi no natsukashi sa ni
    mada dare ka o tayoru jutsu sae mo wakara zu

    subete ga itsuwaru no nara uso ni sae sugaro u
    shinjiru mono ga nai nara kokoro tsuranuku dake , to tonaeru you ni

    soshite doko made mo houkou e ba ii onaji basho de
    nani mo kotae michibiku mono nado ari ha shi nai

    kon mahou ga toke te ichi nin aruki no guuzou ga
    kono kodoku no hate de chiri to kieru

    aragau koto deki zu namida nagare
    tada tachitsukushi tsuduke te mo

    namida o tayaseru no nara ai ni sae sugaro u
    kedaka sa no kakera mo naku mijime demo kamawa nai

    nozomi o kanaeru no nara kami ni sae sugaro u
    kizukiage ta kako ga kon oto mo naku kiesat te mo kamawa nai kara

    Converted by http://nihongo.j-talk.com/kanji/

    it’s not that accurate yet, seems to be one or two mistake when I tried to karaoke it just now.
    I think I’ll revise it… When I have the time , o’course.

    • I might have to use that site to speed up some of my romaji requests – lyrics always like to have their special pronunciation of characters though, so no machine will be able to do it perfectly.

        • inawarminister
        • June 9th, 2011

        Ah, but I’d think spending 10+ minutes max searching for mistakes beats many hours converting those into romaji by hand…

        But I’m horrible at kana, let alone kanji, soo…

    • Yeah, when romaji’s requested of me I don’t like messing up, so I type it up from the paper booklet (because sometimes they have notes on the side) then I read along with the song to fix mistakes… it takes way longer than it should – which is why I hardly do it unless requested XD. But then again it REALLY highlights any mistakes if I’ve made them so it’s a trade off XD

    • thatfpsguy
    • June 9th, 2011

    Great work as usual.

    In regards to my request, that’d be “Salvia Farinacea” by Itö Shizuka. Big fan of her.

    Lyrics would be here, edited directly from the CD box:


    If this isn’t the right way to request, do let me know.

    Have a great week.

    • Just added you to the list :)
      Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get to it.

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