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神々の祈り // Kamigami no Inori

Requested by: Primity

This song is kind of sweet, and also prime real-estate for AkyuuxHina and AyaxHina fans. I guess you can argue which is more likely, even if the last word seems to pin it for Aya. I think AkyuuxHina would be more interesting, but I’m not sure there are many of those fans out there….

 Kamigami no Inori
 Prayers of the Gods
厄神の通り道~Dark Road|東方風神録
歌:沙紗 飛鳥
Circle: 舞風 -MAIKAZE-
Album: 東方神月譚
Event: C77

もし 私が天使で
その 光の欠片で

If I were an angel
I would save a few of the lives that had plunged into the depths of darkness
If with those fragments of light
I could grant you wish fulfilled days, what would you give to have them?

言葉は いらなくて
私の そばにいて

There’s no need for words
Just stay by my side…
I’ve wished for that all this time

運命に背くは 誰がため? 迷い傷ついて
強く差し伸べるこの腕に 伝う絆

For whose sake would you turn against fate? Wander lost and hurt
Reaching out against the chains around your arms

今 気持ちに臆して

Now I’m still a coward to these feelings
I feel I might lose to the powers sleeping deep in this darkness…

言葉じゃ 言えなくて
私に 守らせて

It’s something I can’t say in words but
Let me protect you
I’m always watching…

天に響くは 誰の声? 迷い戸惑って
高く紫煙くゆらせる 悪夢の柱

Whose voice rings high in the heavens? Wandering lost
I leave behind a violet smoke rising high, a pillar of nightmares

東の方に落ちた月 夜に渦巻いた
厄を振り払えるのは 白き祈り

As evil misfortune spins in the night, the moon falling to the east
All that can dispel this are white prayers

ただ風に 流される
私の 心さえ

Just flowing, swept along
Even my heart
Is but a fire flickering in the wind

記録残すは 誰がため? ゆらりゆらめいて

For whose sake do you write history? Swaying back and forth
As the doors of truth are painted over with fairy tales

運命に背くは 誰がため? 迷い断ち切って
開き永久へ書き記す 明日の翼

For whose sake would you turn against fate? Clearing away doubt
Writing towards the dawning eternity with wings of morning

追憶のソール // Tsuioku no Soul

Requested by: Teemu Moisio (Treemu)

^I’ve just broken a record of all-time lateness. “OTL

The background instruments remind me of an old final fantasy soundtrack.

So apparently Utsuho levelled up and became the embodiment of all time. Hey, if you can make and control a sun, I guess you have a right to call yourself time? :3

 Tsuioku no Soul
 Recollective Soul
vo: 3L
lyrics: MAKI
arrange: 流歌
circle: セブンスヘブンMAXION
album: イコルパトス
event: Reitaisai 6

遥か昔 古から続く営み
鳥は唄い 木々は繋がり 人は争い

From the far distant past this work continues
Birds sing, trees intertwine, and peoples war

それはmemoria そしてまた続くfuturus
永き旅路よ 誰しもが後に倣う

That is memory, and the ever reaching future
The long road everyone must follow

君と追いかけたventus 両手で捕まえ
目には見えないけど ずっと此処にあるから

Catch the wind racing by you with both hands
Even if it can’t be seen, it’s always here

時間は絶えず 多様性に長けているviator
涙流し 時に笑う 追憶のソール

Time is unending, growing and aging and reaching in varied ways, a traveller
Sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, a recollective soul

それはmemoria そしてまた続くfuturus

That is memory, and the ever reaching future
Even if the world was were to crumble, I will remember

広い草原の果て 目指し歩いた

There was a time when I walked straight ahead
Over the ends of a wide grassy hill, dreaming of eternal peace

無関係装っては 目を背けた
遠い異国の地だと 幻想抱いて

I would not be involved, I averted my eyes
I embraced illusion: It was but a faraway land

僕もいずれ知るであろう 無秩序なorbis

When would I realize in this circle of chaos
To not cling to others’ kindness but have a strong heart

自ら立ち向かわぬ者 太陽は昇らない
そんな人間を幾度も見てきた 追憶のソール

For those who cannot face themselves, the sun will not rise
I have come to see many like this, a recollective soul