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Just In Case You’ve Missed Me

^Yeah, I look like China right now. Black eye and everything.

I haven’t posted one of these useless posts in ages. Upon ages. But usually that’s a good thing, because I only tend to post update posts to explain away my absences, and I haven’t had to do that for a while.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with my twitter, (I don’t blame you – usually I just ramble). I had surgery a few days ago, where I had a growth near the roots of my upper front teeth removed, and am still recovering (hence the hiatus). I’m fine and all, but my face is about twice as big as it should be, I’ve got a black eye, and I get dizzy when I try to think (which puts a major damper on my usual activities). So I’m sort of half out of commission at the moment. (*´н`)゛

After that, I was going to say that everyone should help Extra Credits (a web show about video games that’s very well done and thought provoking) because their artist found out recently she’ll have to have surgery, but within hours donations have risen almost to past 200% of their original goal – so now I’ll just have to say go check out the show. [link-to-the-escapist] – I know this isn’t related to Japan or anything, but I wanted to share. ^_^

Back on track for Japan related things: For those interested in the learning Japanese language scene, I found this cool site sort of like Yahoo Answers but just for Japanese language related questions here: [link] I’ve been happily wasting my time answering questions there. >.>

I was inspired by 2ch’s summer rooms so I thought I’d post my own. Before and after – my available space shrunk considerably so Sanya’s my only figure out and about and I’ve kept her in her box. Only my two new figmas are really “out”. At least I have a real bookshelf now ^_^.

Before (Apartment in Austin):

Yes, that’s a ROAD CLOSED sign my roommate took in.

After (Half of a Home Office Room near DFW-Airport):

The real problem is that I don’t have enough space to write anymore. D:

If you’ve noticed the box, I just got Kuroi Mato (黒衣マト) yesterday! After lots of trouble at the post office, I was finally able to get her home. First figma I’ve ever ordered (though Cute beside her got delivered two days earlier). I’ll probably play around more with poses but I got them right before and right after my surgery day so I’ve been out. >.>

Woo~ Dizzy again. You know an odd side-effect of all of this after-surgery business is that when I listen to music and keep beat like I usually do, the blood rushes to my head and I immediately feel drunk and dizzy – It’s almost impossible to translate songs right now XD – I still want to though – see if “on medication” adds anything to the artistic value.

Also, speaking of – at the very moment I was typing that, these arrived via SAL!!!!!



Anyway – I’m going to go pass out.

Oh wait, one last note. I’ve started a forum type thing as an experiment. I haven’t really done anything to it, and I don’t really feel like linking to it until it’s useful, but what do you guys think about a forum for like Light Novel discussion and what not? I was also going to do it for a Japanese language question and answer thing, but the JL&U have got that covered probably much better than I can do alone.

Here’s one last picture:

^All we’re missing from there is Strength (Yuu).

もう歌しか歌えない // Mou Uta Shika Utaenai

I think this may be the first Sekkenya song I ever heard. Other than ってゐ! in the NicoNico Douga Medley.

This song is really short so I figured I’d go ahead and do it since I haven’t already – even though I figure this has already been translated countless times.

 Mou Uta Shika Utaenai
 No Longer Can I Do Anything But Sing

どれだけ飛べば どこまで高く飛べば
張り上げた歌声 あの空の彼方まで届く
歌い続けて 何度も歌い続け
いつまでも歌って あの空の彼方に届け

How far must I fly, How high must I fly
For my screaming singing voice to reach the ends of the skies?
Singing, Singing over and over again
Endlessly I sing, for my song to reach the ends of the skies!

もう二度と歌えないなら この舌を切り捨てるだけ [歌え 響け]
もう二度と飛べないなら この羽を切り落とすだけ [届け あの空へ]
夜に響く不吉の声 闇に誘う魔性の歌 [歌え 響け]
朽ち果てて暗闇の中 私の歌だけを聴いて [届け あの空へ]

If I no longer can sing, I might as well cut out my tongue
 [Sing! Ring!]
If I no longer can fly, I might as well cut off my wings
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]
An ill voice rings through the night, A devilish song luring all to it
 [Sing! Ring!]
Ruined in the deep darkness, Listen only to my song!
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]

井戸の蛙は 空の青さを知った
それでも届かない 空の広さに何を思う
空飛ぶ鳥は 空の広さを知った
それでも届かない さえずる声を響かせた

The frog of the well knew the color of the sky
And yet it could not reach – what did it think of its vastness?
The bird that flew through the sky knew its vastness
And yet it could not reach – but let it’s chirping voice ring

この声を失っても この歌は決して消えない [歌え 響け]
この羽を失っても 空に届け私の歌 [届け あの空へ]
夜に響く不吉の声 闇に誘う魔性の歌 [歌え 響け]
朽ち果てて暗闇の中 私の歌だけを聴いて [届け あの空へ]

Even if I lose this voice, My song will not disappear!
 [Sing! Ring!]
Even if I lose my wings, My song will reach to the skies!!
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]
An ill voice rings through the night, A devilish song luring all to it
 [Sing! Ring!]
Ruined in the deep darkness, Listen only to my song!
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]

もう二度と歌えないなら この舌を切り捨てるだけ [歌え 響け]
もう二度と飛べないなら この羽を切り落とすだけ [届け あの空へ]
この声を失っても この歌は決して消えない [歌え 響け]
この羽を失っても 空に届け私の歌 [届け あの空へ]

If I no longer can sing, I might as well cut out my tongue
 [Sing! Ring!]
If I no longer can fly, I might as well cut off my wings
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]
Even if I lose this voice, My song will not disappear!
 [Sing! Ring!]
Even if I lose my wings, My song will reach to the skies!!
 [Reach! To That Sky!!]

無何有の雪桜 // Mukau no Yukizakura

^It’s almost as hard to find eye-catching images of Letty as it is Mima or Rika X.x – That one took a while.

無何有の雪桜 is sung by 秀三/Shuuzou, 無何有の雪桜 お歳暮版 is sung by ACE
“Utopic” as in “Utopia” as in “Impossible (Paradise)”.

“Sakura” is the name of a Japanese cherry tree. I only rarely translate it into “cherry blossoms” or “cherry trees”.

 Mukau no Yukizakura
 Utopic Snow Sakura
無何有の郷~Deep Mountain|東方妖々夢
石鹸屋/東方弾打團~Feast of Roaring Beast~ (C68)
石鹸屋/石鹸屋のお歳暮2 (C71)

流れる時間だけが 永い記録の束
始まり終わるだけが 語り継がれる詩

Only flowing time can produce such a lengthy history of records
Only beginnings and endings can produce such songs that are passed on to us

色褪せた過去は遠く 一瞬(いま)だけを重ねて
土に還る亡骸は 刹那に咲いた桜

The faded past from afar places each instant now upon itself
Corpses that return to the earth become the sakura that blossom in the moment

花は咲き舞い散る それだけの為に咲く
終る様(すがた)さえ華 咲いて落ちて果て往く

Flowers open and dance as they scatter; they blossom just for that reason
Surely they show the end itself as these flowers blossom and fall toward their demise

辿り着けば戻れぬ 果ては無残の形
落ちて朽ち果てる華の 果ては名残の土

Once you reach that state you cannot return, the end is truly cruel
Each flower falls and rots, their end vestiges left upon the earth

巡る季節の終わりを 誰が理解る(わかる)と言うのか
舞い散る桜の意味を 誰が謳えるのか

Who would you say knows of the turning seasons’ end?
Who could sing the meaning of the scattering sakura?

夢は現に消え 現は夢に果てて
何も謳わぬ最期(おわり)を 風だけが攫っていく

Dreams disappear into reality, and reality ends in dreams
Only the wind sweeps away the end where nothing is sung

白く白く舞い踊れ 終わる冬 名残雪
咲いて咲いて狂い舞え 乱れ華 雪桜

White, white twirling and dancing, the ending winter, vestiges of snow
Blossom, blossom and dance crazed, flowers in disarray, snow sakura

生まれ咲け散れ鮮やけ 刹那の一片
巡り廻り永き華 終る為だけに 咲いた

Be born and blossom, scatter and be brilliant, each single petal a moment
O seasonal ancient flowers, blossom just to end

桜は終わりを告ぐ それだけの為に咲く
移る姿に託して それだけの為に舞う

Sakura tell of the end, and blossom just for that reason
Each a part of change, they dance just for that reason

白く白く舞い踊れ 消えてゆけ融けてゆけ
咲いて咲いて狂い舞え 狐の己(このみ) 一片の華

White, white twirling and dancing, disappear and melt away
Blossom, blossom and dance crazed, myself a single flower petal.

ルナ・マーダー ~夜霧の幻影殺人鬼~ // Lunar Murder ~Yogiri no Genei Satsujinki~

ZUN said he always imagined this one as a rock piece… >:3

Just 無何有の雪桜 and then I’ll have all the lyrics from Sekkenya’s first two disc releases. I’ve just been gravitating to songs of themes of my favorite characters… Rumia… Youmu… Sakuya… etc. Letty’s sort of an unknown on my radar – other than her role as mentor in Advent Cirno.

If I keep up my current Sekkenya obsession I might be able to catch up with the days in the month.


ルナ・マーダー ~夜霧の幻影殺人鬼~
 Lunar Murder ~Yogiri no Genei Satsujinki~
 Lunar Murder ~Phantom Serial Murderer of the Night Mist~
石鹸屋 / 東方弾打團~Feast of Roaring Beast~ (C68)

閉じた空 月灯り紅く揺れる

The world’s clockwork ticks through the night’s darkness
In its closed sky, the moonlight trembles scarlet

さぁ いらして
終わらぬ 宴を
閉ざした 今宵は
欠けない 月の時計

Now come
Upon this endless carnival
This locked midnight is a
Lunar dial that will not wane


In this world turning with time waxing and waning
Even light is controlled by the night

嗚呼 今宵 永き月の刻を
狂い咲かせ 紅き月の調べ

Ah, this midnight I’ll disrupt the ancient moon’s clockwork
Make it blossom in tune with this scarlet lunar melody


A pocket watch of blood to capture the night
Throwing knives, each a hand mirror to reflect one’s last moments

さぁ 謳って
最期(おわり)の 言葉を
いさよふ 月影
明けない 永遠の夜

Now sing
Your last words
As the moonbeams lure you
Into this never-breaking imperishable night

空繰(からくり)の指 人形は踊る

With the world’s reason and law in my chest
A quick trick of my finger and the dolls dance

嗚呼 今宵 永き月の刻を
狂い廻れ 紅き刻の調べ

Ah, this midnight I’ll run the ancient moon off its course
Make it turn in tune with this scarlet temporal melody

契約の血 悪魔は従う

On the eternal queen’s lips
Is a contract of blood, so the demon follows

嗚呼 今宵も共に宴を
永遠(とわ)の証 歯車のゲーム

Ah, this midnight, this carnival
Is proof of eternity, a game of spinning gears and clockwork


A hand of night mist
And the knives dance

Bonus: おぜうさま!!

EX妖魔疾走【百鬼夜行の大行進】 // EX Youma Shissou [Kyakki Yakou no Daikoushin]

^Damn I love brutal Rumia.

One of my favorites – How can’t you love the awesome bass and the whining electric guitar!? – REALLY EARLY SEKKENYA.

EX妖魔疾走【百鬼夜行の大行進】 is the vocal version of 妖魔疾走 [妖怪は16Beatを採用しました] from Sekkenya’s 東方弾打團~feast of roaring beast~ (C68) [This is before they got ACE].

いったらっしゃいませ! – is more like “Come back next time!” but I felt like putting it from the youkai’s point of view.

石鹸屋 / 石鹸屋のお歳暮 (C69) [Re-Released 石鹸屋のお歳暮3 (C73)]

闇に生きる ヒトに非(あ)らぬモノよ
眠りの夜 密かに目を覚ます

O inhuman beings who live in darkness!
Now in this night with all gone to bed, you in secret open your eyes

さぁ飛び立て 夜に生きる者よ
月は高く 夜の産声 謳って

Now come take flight, all those who live the night!
The moon is high, singing the night’s birth cries

声を張り上げて 月に手をかざし 謳え 終わらない宴を
夜を駆け抜けて 月明かりの空の下 踊ろう

Raise your voice, lift your hands to the moon and sing for a festival that will not end!
Race through the night under the moonlight sky and dance!

人は眠る 明ける夜を待って
暗い闇に 飲み込まれないよう

Humans sleep, waiting for the break of dawn
So they are not swallowed in the deep darkness

刻、あやかし 月と闇の海へ
照らし浮かぶ 摩訶不思議の紅い笑顔

Time, Ayakashi all toward the sea of darkness and moon
Cast a shining floating unsettling crimson smile

朝焼け忘れて 明日を忘れて 続け 妖怪だけの夜
誰も邪魔させない 誰の邪魔も無い 夜と 幻想の世界を

Forget the sunrise! Forget tomorrow! Continue on! A night just for Youkai!
No one will bother us! There is nothing to disturb the night and this world of illusion!

声を張り上げて 月に手をかざし 謳え 終わらない宴を
宵の霞月(かすみづき) 闇を抱き締めて 踊れ

Raise your voice, lift your hands to the moon and sing for a festival that will not end!
Embrace the darkness, the midnight hazy moon and dance!

やがて明ける夜 晴れる空の色 目覚め 夜の終わりが来る
夜明けを背中に あくる夜の夢 願い 夜のモノは眠る

Finally it begins to break; the colors of clear sky begin to wake; the end of the night is coming
The dawn at their backs, the things of the night sleep, wishing for dreams of the next night

夜明けは 溶け出し 消え行く まぼろし
明日へ 巡る 朝へ

The breaking night melts away and disappears, a phantom
Turning toward tomorrow, toward morning


We’ll be Back!!