This is why I’ve been busy

This new desk I’m working on wobbles too much and it’s giving me vertigo D: geh.

If you’ve noticed, or haven’t – I updated my About page and swapped my never visited Donations/Commissions page for it – I might get a different website for that eventually, but I really don’t know what I’m going to do with that at the moment. I am now an official University of Texas at Austin graduate! “Asian Cultures and Languages: Japanese” there were only 7 of us single majors, and only 12 total I think, only knew 5? people. Woo…. ~(╹ε╹~)

This is why I’ve been busy.

May 1st-May11th Final Exams / Papers Period
・Sure I only had one exam and two papers, but when you’re worried about failing, that’s killer. (`3´)
May 12th-May14th Recovery Period
・I had to put out a strenuous effort to even play games or watch anime; all I wanted to do was age. (:3 | |)∋
May 15th, Graduation Dinner Party / Flowering Night Day 2
・I was up from ~8pm on the 14th till about ~5am on the 16th. ψ(`∇´)ψ
May 16th, Moving Jaime Day
・I helped move my roommate out. Since I have no physical strength, even just helping put me in a comatose state right afterward. \(^o^)/
May 17th, Packing Day
・Pretty self-explanatory (・∀・)
May 18th, Chloe Day
May 19th, Pre-Graduation Family Day
・ヽ(・∀・)ノ旦 ~75% of my family came down. ~14-ish people. Saw my dad for the first time ~3 years.
May 20th, Graduation Day
・Graduation, After Party, Dinner, After Party, Traffic Ticket (Waived) (゚◇゚ )
May 21st, Moving Out-and-In Day
・Finished packing everything up, drove for 3 hours, unpacked it all and organized it.
 (´∀`*) Hurt my neck, back, arms and I’m still sore…
May 22nd, Fixing Every Electronic Appliance in Your Parents’ House Day
・щ(゚Д゚щ) How do they manage on their own?

This is why I’ll still be busy.

・I need to do state inspection and replace the tires on my car.
・I need to prepare properly for the JLPT1 and other high level proficiency exams.
・I need to have applied to at least 20 jobs by next Monday.
 ・If I’m unsuccessful I’ll be attempting to self-publish a translation of a public domain work.
・I need to do more culture research/study to prove my diploma isn’t just a piece of paper.
・I want to finish all of the 文学少女 (Bungaku Shoujo) main series + more.
・I want to play Portal, Steins;Gate, and catch up on anime.
・I want to revise my diet, and learn/remember how to make more than fancy ramen.
・Your parents’ house isn’t the most work productive environment…

But if anything, translating songs feels like taking a break most of the time, so we’ll just have to see. (。・x・)ゝ<b!

    • Xav56
    • May 25th, 2011

    Welcome to real life

  1. Congrats on graduating! I am still very far back on the “things I want to do” list…

    • Yeah, it’s nice to be graduated, but now I’m much more busy and I don’t have as much time to laze around D: – I have to be responsible. I don’t like it D:

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