Run up shooting star

Requested by: Aghart101

I may have finished all of Foreground Eclipse’s discography, but if I’m going to finish all of ENS’s I’ve still got a lot of work cut out for me ^^;

I only have a few requests left from last month! “orz

Run up shooting star
Vocal: リツカ
Arrange: きりん
Lyric: 海兎
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Definite Energy
Event: Reitaisai 8

捉えた声 夢描いて背中押した君の笑顔

A map of the future tracing its way through my heart blazes and accelerates
I hear a voice and your smile paints my dreams and keeps me going

その姿憧れて この場所から飛び立つ

In awe I take to the skies

譲れないもの 瞳に宿して
散りばめた星 移る景色に
大切なもの 描き続けてた
変わらぬ想い 流れ星遠くまで

Things I can’t let go shine in my eyes
Stars set into the landscape rushing by
Drawing what’s precious to me
With firm emotions, like a shooting star I fly far away

駆け抜けてく未来さえも 巻き込んでく私だから
どんな時も諦めずに 前を向いて歩き出そう

Even the future dashing ahead is wrapped around me
I’ll never give up, just stare straight head and keep going

暗闇を切り裂いて 君の声が聞こえた

Tearing through the darkness, I heard your voice

守りたいもの 強さに変えてく
カタチあるもの 何時かは消えてく
一筋の星 流れてく未来へと

Things I want to protect become my strength
Accelerating deep within me
Everything that has form will someday disappear
Like a single streaming star shooting towards the future

譲れないもの 心に浮かべて
守りたいもの 描き続けてく
一筋の星 輝いて遠くまで

Things I can’t let go float in my heart
Becoming strength I feel their heartbeat
Drawing what I want to protect
Like a streaming star shining I fly far away

    • Larissa
    • May 15th, 2011

    Can you also translate Miniature Garden ~変わらぬ想い~?

      • なでこ
      • May 16th, 2011

      ^ seconding this. My favourite song on Definite Energy.

      Also, could you please translate 蓬莱哀歌 from Endless Seeker by SOUND HOLIC?

    • Yep, I love that one and it’s on my list of “things to translate when my request list is low” I’ll move it to my request list then ^^

      I am sort of in the middle of moving out this week, so my posting’ll probably be erratic for a while; but I’ll try to get everything out.

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