大切な歴史 // Taisetsu no Toki

Requested by: Aghart101

I would have a lot more to say about this song if I wasn’t so tired. It’s very nice, and perfect for MokouxKeine fans. Would you call this R&B?

Notes: I was going to say “Precious Moments” but I sensed copyright violation.

 Taisetsu no Toki
 Precious History
Vocal / lily-an
Rap / Peko
Arrange / kaztora, Peko
Lyric / Peko
Circle / LizTriangle
Album / S4U
Event / C79

過ぎる日々に取り残され 私は貴女と二人で生きてきた
どれだけ歩いたのでしょうか あなたは今笑えてるでしょうか
そうありますように a ah 笑って la la

Left behind by passing days, I lived together with you
I wonder how far we’ve walked along together, I wonder do you still smile?
I hope that you do, a ah.. smile… la la..

季節は巡りまたページをめくり 刻んだ歴史が歪まぬように

The seasons come and go and another page turns so history is not distorted
Why did this continue over so many years? I’ve forgotten why
It’s just I didn’t want to see the faces of the ones I loved filled with sadness
So starting with a promise of, “Let’s meet again,” a history grows


Because we are human we keep loving one another
We separate, meet and meet again, and welcome that darkness once more
You were the only one who stayed beside me whenever I needed you
In the time we spent that would never stop, emotions blossomed brilliantly
I know it’s not much but, I want to say those words, “I love you.”

幾千もの時を超えて 歩んだ刹那が繋いだ思い出
愛すべき幸せな日のことを 愛しあった日のことを

Crossing over thousands of hours, memories connect the moments we walked together
I wonder, do you remember?
Those lovely happy days, those days we loved each other

あの時教えてくれた たくさんの 幸せ それまで気付かなかった
風の行方や木漏れ日森の静けさ そこに咲く花々
聞いたことないけど懐かしい 口ずさんでた歌も幽かに
覚えてるよ全てがキレイで 貴女の白い髪に似ていて

Back then you showed me so much happiness, I never realized how much
Where the wind blows, the quiet peace in the forest under the sunlight
 trickling through the trees, and the flowers blossoming there
The songs you sang I hadn’t heard before, but they felt faintly nostalgic
I remember, everything was beautiful, like your white hair

そして日々は過ぎ去って二度 とは戻らない時
何千回 重ねた言葉まだ 足りない ほど貴女が好き
思わず抱きしめ 囁いた 言葉「愛してる」

Then those days passed by, a time we’d never return to
It was so frustrating for me that I couldn’t say it well in words, it tears at me even now
But still I think of our time lovingly, because after all you were there
No matter how many thousands of times we exchanged words it was never enough,
 so much I loved you
Without thinking I embraced you and whispered those words, “I love you.”

重ね合った両手はもう 離れて触れることさえも叶わず
それでも覚えてるあなたと 歩いてきた愛の溢れる日々

But our hands we held together are now separate without a hope to touch again
Still I remember you, and our days we walked together filled with love
Even now

始まりがあれば終わりもある 残された限りある時の中
悔いがあるとすればそれはそう 貴女が残した
もうずっと ずっと 言えずにいたけど 今なら言えるよ

All that has a beginning must one day end, left with limited time
I can no longer hide my memories of and love for you nor anything else
If I were to have one regret it would be that throughout the days we spent
 loving each other, supporting each other
I was never ever able to say… but I’ll say it now
Goodbye, and thank you

過ぎ行くこの時は終わる 涙は不思議と出なかったけれど
今でも 変わらない 胸には この思いだけ
零れそうな愛を 抱きしめて離さない

This passing time is ending; for some reason I wasn’t able to cry
Even now, only these thoughts remain in my heart
I embrace my love about to overflow, and don’t let go

数えきれない時を超えて 歩んだ刹那が繋いだ思い出
貴女は覚えていますか? そう それを愛と呼んだ日の事
愛し合った日の事 愛と呼んだ日の事

Crossing over innumerable hours, memories connect the moments we walked together
Do you remember? Yes, those days called love
Those days we loved each other, those days called love

    • Induviate
    • May 14th, 2011

    So… pretty. As expected from Liz Triangle.

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