White Wind

And with this, all of Foreground Eclipse’s discography is translated or transcribed on my site :3

This is another one of those songs where I don’t have a perfect grasp of what the narration’s about (due to ambiguity in the lyrics) so I just tried to keep as much as I could in the to-English transfer. I imagine a someone left behind by their partner (gf/bf’s) suicide. The narrator believes in part that it was his/her fault for missing a change in their partner and not addressing it. I would go so far as to say that the partner couldn’t love the narrator after something, but the narrator wouldn’t notice, but also wouldn’t let go. The partner commits suicide (by knife) and the narrator struggles with it, thinking he/she missed something, something that he/she’ll never know. The narrator will always “remember” their partner through the experience, though he/she admit there’s nothing really left in his/her heart. I believe the white freezing wind is a metaphor for time.

Whew. Ambiguity.

White Wind
Vocals: Merami
Lyrics & Music by Suzuori
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP
Event: M3-23


So I might never let go of your white hand
I wrapped a ring around our touched fingers
That day I’m sure, something about our world
Had already fallen apart..

-Asymmetric- 心の形

On your thin arms and white fingertips
The glimmering knife was so out of place;
Your heart, its shape asymmetric,
Erased, a bell that brings no music..


Even as fragments of tears fall overflowing upon my soaked umbrella
I still could not see you I’d lost sight of, so precious to me..

空を見上げた White freezing wind

This white freezing wind
Still leaves me with the words you had given me
Though I probably am no longer inside of you..
Lost I look up at the sky, the white freezing wind.


What I lost was precious..
So I wouldn’t lose the promise we made that day


The freezing wind blew
Stealing away your scent, heart, and everything
So in this room where you are now gone
I will keep waiting forever

空をすり抜けて White freezing wind

You disappeared into the February sky
But the courage you left is engraved in my heart
Though you are no longer within me..
The white freezing wind races through the sky


    • Yaren
    • June 27th, 2012

    old post… but thx for the traslation!! a overhelming sentimental song =)

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