Sadistic Paranoia

^I’m sure there’s a large selection of those uniforms down there. But let us remind ourselves that 15% of Americans thought every man, woman, and child of Japanese descent be wiped from the earth after WWII.

Requested by grooven, Sera.

I think 80% of all the Satori arrangements I’ve encountered are sexualized.

“pure white feet” happens to use the phrase “transparent” which refers to Satori’s eye’s ability to “see through” and read people’s minds. It means “as if transparent” which can mean pure white etc. etc… I couldn’t find a way of working in the wordplay.

Sadistic Paranoia
少女さとり~3rd eye|東方地霊殿
Vocal: Tsubaki
Arrange: 黒鳥
Lyric: *(the real name of this artist isn’t UTF-8 friendly apparently.) [丙]
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Split Theory
Event: C79

聞かせて悲鳴を 痛みを教えて
潰れそうな鼓動を伝えて 早く
傷 滲んで流れ恍惚に 落ちて

Let me hear your screams, let me know your pain!
Convey the beat of your heart about to burst, now!
Fall into the ecstasy of your open wounds bleeding!

狂おしく 紅く散った薔薇のように
その足 血に染め
歩くの辛いなら 透き通る この足
お嘗めよ 跪いて

Losing sanity, stain your feet
With blood like a scattered red rose!
If walking is so hard then kneel!
And lick my pure white feet!

熱く深い傷 その味教えて
あなたの中に 私を刻んで
開かれる甘い罠のような 世界
淫靡な私にあなたの色 見せて

Let me taste your deep, burning wounds
Carve my image inside of you
Your world’s like a sweet trap wide open
Now show this sick slut your colors!

恋い焦がれ 蒼く散った薔薇のように
その喉 渇いて
声擦れるなら 潤う 甘い舌
求めよ 泣く喘いで

Waste your throat with screams
Burning with love like a scattered blue rose!
If your voice is so rasped, then beg, cry and gasp!
Don’t you want this sweet wet tongue?

待ち焦がれ 白く散った薔薇のように
その瞳 凍てつき
何も見えないなら 全て見通す瞳
さぁ乞えよ 泣き伏して

Let your eyes glaze over blind
Burning with longing like a scattered white rose!
If you can’t see anything, then beg, bend over and cry!
Wouldn’t you like a glimpse from this all seeing-eye?

辿り着いた恍惚 身体で教えて
その舌で 唇で
離れたくないなら 透き通る この足
お嘗めよ 跪いて

The ecstasy you’ve attained, tell me with your body
Your tongue, your lips
If you don’t want me to leave you then kneel!
And lick my pure white feet!

^Usotsukiya, as always, never lacking in the foot-fetish dept.

    • grooven
    • May 2nd, 2011

    That was awesome thanks XD The title suits it very well!

    • Sera
    • May 3rd, 2011

    it is so nice to see more of Satori-ish song, still I like Kata Gekka Maru Bukyoku more, this one has more treble rhythm

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