Plan Doll

I love Alice. Have I mentioned that I love Alice? I love Alice.

I’m actually going on something like a date tomorrow. How unlike me right? Unfortunately it’s not with Alice. This song makes me both sad and happy somehow… ToT

Part of me thinks this should be “Plain Doll”… but that’s ok.

Plan Doll
Arrange: NAGI☆
All Instruments & Programming: NAGI☆
Bass: Maurits “禅” Cornelius
Lyrics: NAGI☆
Vocal: 舞花

古ぼけた箱に しまったことも忘れ
届きはしない大声で 失くしたと泣いてる
新しく作った 君の代わりにはならない
ただ動きはしない 笑顔を忘れた人形

I’ve forgotten; in some old box I’ve put you away
In a loud voice I cry I’ve lost you, but I won’t be heard
I’ve made another, but it can never replace you
A doll, it won’t move; it has forgotten how to smile

今 扉開いて 新しい世界へと
踏み出す勇気をもって 久しぶりの空

Now I’ll open the gate unto a new world
With the courage I need to step forward into a sky I’ve got seen for some time

この手の中にある幸せの数 もう失くさない
怯えてる そんな顔見せないで
見えない糸で繋がれてる絆だけ 忘れはしない

The happiness I grasp in my hands – I won’t let go, not anymore
I’m afraid. Don’t show me that face
We’re bound together by invisible threads. I won’t forget
My feelings of pain in longing I lift to the winter sky

絡み合った 糸を 少しづつ解き始め
自由を与えられ 初めて見せた笑顔

The tangle of threads unravels bit by bit
Given freedom, for the first time you show me a smile

心の奥底に しまっていたはずなのに
寂しさが目を覚まして 涙湛えてる

What should have been locked away in the depths of my heart
My loneliness awakens and I’m filled with tears

心乱して 許されない嘘も
この手に伝わる感情 指先に乗せた思い
この寂しさを紛らわせることでしか 隠せはしない
胸に秘めた思い 届きはしない

The unforgivable lies that mislead my heart
The emotions conveyed to my hands, the feelings on these fingertips
Can only distract from my loneliness, they can’t hide it.
My feelings kept secret in my heart won’t reach…

幻想に取り残されて 暗く何もない世界で 一人ぼっちだ
寂しさ隠すために見つけた古ぼけた箱から 君を見つけた

Left behind in a dark world of fantasy, all alone
While trying hide my loneliness in an old box I found you

この手の中にある幸せの数 もう失くさない
怯えてる そんな顔見せないで
見えない糸で繋がれてる絆だけ 信じているから

The happiness I grasp in my hands – I won’t let go, not anymore
I’m afraid. Don’t show me that face
We’re bound together by invisible threads. I won’t forget
My feelings of pain in longing I lift to the winter sky

    • exaltdragon
    • April 19th, 2011

    Do tell us what you personally think about the song, right now I am bored with the current touhou playlist and end up listening to the original versions most of the time instead… It would be useful to me if you told me what you felt, or maybe a scale of 1-10 for example…

    • Hahaha… I should make another playlist. But I’m one of those people that take WAY too long in making playlists, it’d take me days….

      In the meantime, all I can say is listen to RD-Sound’s discography. I love FELT, but you’ve got to be in the mood. This one is good, but the lyrics are too ambiguous. Endless Pain is better. The truth is, when I have the freedom to pick my own songs, I gravitate towards my favorite characters’ themes…

      Though, maybe, nothing beats listening to Hourai Dolls again, and again, and again, and again… I’ll think about putting more of my thoughts and ratings and stuff, but unfortunately I’m not as much of a music theorist as I’d like to be.

      If you see an arrangement of Kasodani Kyouko’s theme crop up, be sure to let me know – I got kind of hooked on it.

      Next thing, me rudely ignoring requests again, will be the xbox360 Steins;gate theme because I’m currently hooked on the show.

    • Also, if you like piano music, Pizuya’s Cell’s piano releases (piano by godwood) are some of the best arrangements I’ve heard:

      Bibamus.moriendum est.
      E,R,P ~emotional romantic pianoforte~

    • If you want me to make a few picks from a certain genre I could do that…

    • exaltdragon
    • April 19th, 2011

    I actually meant my own playlist >_<

    But okay, I am listening to RD-sound's(UFO romance in the night sky and otenba koi musume) now. Very jazzy but sounds a little*(that's actually quite a bit) like "elevator music" … but he seems to have great variety otherwise…

    Okay, time to slowing listen to each track…. thanks for the recommendations

    Personally I listen to touhou metal a lot, but sometimes that gets boring too so maybe something with nice vocals and lyrics would be nice… lilly-an seems pretty much what I'm talking about :L

    • exaltdragon
    • April 19th, 2011 What a coincidence found a Kyouku arrangement…

    • exaltdragon
    • April 19th, 2011

    I meant Kyouko, although it’s both the stage and boss theme.. vibrating ears ^^;

    • Darkfireblade25
    • October 5th, 2011

    …… I always thought it was plain doll until today. Somehow I finally noticed that there was an i missing in the title after what, 10 months after it came out? xD downloaded the album a few days after it came out too…

    • Haha, yeah – it’s one of those cases where I’m not 100% sure whether it was meant to be Plain Doll and someone made a typo or it was intended to be a pun or something, or … yeah. XD

    • ninryu
    • July 26th, 2013

    I love Alice too, she’s my second favorite character.

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