root_A / evenescence

Requested by: Larissa

An “as I lay dying” song, if you have a little trouble imagining the scenery from my translation.

Bubbles are a symbol of transience because they don’t last. Concretely, you can either think of it as her brain going, or her coughing up blood/foaming at the mouth.

root_A / evenescence
Vocal+Lyric: 綾倉盟
Circle: Syrup Comfiture
Album: Love=ALL
Event: Reitaisai 8

暮れる色 薄く 延びる
揺れる月 泳ぐ 沈む
ひとり ひとりきり凍えてしまいそう

In sunset colors spread thinly as a
Falling shower moistens my cheek
The waving moon is swimming, sinking;
Alone, all alone I feel I might freeze to death

声を上げ 泣いてもこの肺が息を求める事は
変わらない繋いだ指先の温もりは もはや幻なのだから

Raising my voice though I cry, my lungs won’t cease their desire to breathe
Even though the warmth in intertwined fingertips is already but an illusion for me

もし明日 私が死んでしまったなら
僅かな幸せが 今は苦しいだけ

If tomorrow I were to die
Would you smile for me?
A smile smeared in lies beside time unable to rewind
That fleeting happiness brings me now only pain

あぁ 悪い夢なら醒めて お願い何も聴こえないもう…

Ah, if this is a nightmare then please let me wake! I can’t hear anything anymore…

ねぇ いつから 道を逸れた
泥濘に 足を取られ
ひとり ひとりきり想いを閉じ込めた

When did I go wrong?
Travelling back among memories, untying the threads
My feet are caught in a sludge
Alone, all alone I lock my emotions away

あぁ 息を吐き出し無数の泡に変わる風景はとても綺麗で
あぁ 悪い夢から醒めてゆくのが嬉しくて

Ah, with each breath I hack form countless bubbles, in such a beautiful scene..
Ah, how happy I am to finally wake from this nightmare..

もしも明日 私が死んでしまったならあなたは悔やんでくれるのでしょうか
もしも明日 私が死んでしまったならあなたは笑ってくれるのでしょうか
上手く言えたかな 届くはずないのにね
あぁ 涙は闇に溶けて広がる温かな泡に包まれた

If tomorrow I were to die, would you grieve for me?
Cooled emotions that once burned, now so empty
All that remains is one distortion of “love”
If tomorrow I were to die, would you smile for me?
I spit out a lie in my final moments. “I never wished for anything.”
I wonder if I said it will, though of course I would never get through to you
Ah, my tears melt into darkness as I’m embraced by these warm bubbles spreading…

    • Larissa
    • April 15th, 2011

    Thank you!

  1. March 15th, 2016
  2. February 22nd, 2018

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