Endless Pain

^I’ve been introducing a lot of angel imagery lately haven’t I? / In my opinion there is no more perfect an image than this for this song…. It feels like it refers to one of the stanzas even.

I think it’s a little funny how high a percentage images of Remilia take up of my WP file-space.

I’ve been in the FELT mood for a while, and this song has been stuck in my head.

Given the emphasis on “body” by katakana, the lyrics tend to point to the fact that Remilia living in darkness, is but a living corpse.

There are a couple of interpretations you can throw around; it’s easy to link Sakuya to the moon, as her surname (given by Remilia) means the 16th day moon. Remilia’s longing for a “body” can be simply for another (Sakuya) to be with her, but also links with her wish to have a living body herself (“moist eyes” points to a living body, rather where Remilia’s tears a scarlet/blood). You can also say that this is after Sakuya has died; her resistance by her heart to manipulate fate (“No matter what I might do”) points to the issue that if Remilia wanted Sakuya to stay by her forever, she could just make her a vampire as well, but apparently she can’t bring herself to it. The moon “scorning” her suggests that this is after or near Sakuya’s death, because it is taunting her, showing her a representation of who she wants to see, but not the person herself.

This is why I love poetry :D

Endless Pain
Arrange: NAGI☆
All Instruments & Programming: NAGI☆
Lyrics: 美歌
Vocal: 美歌
Circle: FELT
Album: Fairy Queen
Event: C79

届きそうな月を 見上げ幾年も
終わらない 闇に生きるカラダに 紅い涙

todokisou na tsuki wo miage ikunen’ mo
owaranai yami ni ikiru karada ni akai namida

For countless years I’ve looked up at the moon, just out of reach
It won’t end; not my body living in darkness, not my crimson tears

果てのない記憶は 色褪せる事無い
冷たい雨に溺れ 流れて消えればいい

hate no nai kioku wa iroaseru koto nai
tsumetai ame ni obore nagarete kiereba ii

These endless memories will not fade
Drowning in this cold rain, I would rather be swept away

狂おしい程 欲しいカラダ潤う瞳
操ろうとも 遥か遠い ココロ邪魔をする

kuruoshii hodo hoshii karada uruou hitomi
ayatsurou tomo haruka tooi kokoro jama wo suru

I want for her body, her moist eyes so much it drives me insane
No matter what I might do, my heart far and distant intervenes

祈り奏でる 星屑の中
今宵踊ろう 許された瞬間。
繋ぐ旋律 途切れない息
揺れる香りに 酔いしれたい

inori kanaderu hoshikuzu no naka
koyoi odorou yurusareta toki.
tsunagu sen’ritsu togirenai iki
yureru kaori ni yoishiretai

I raise my prayers in song, in stardust
Tonight I’ll allow myself a dance, just this moment.
In this weaving melody, breath flowing uninterrupted
I want to lose myself in this wandering fragrance

この手に残った 赤く染まる花
咲き乱れ舞う命よ 代わってはくれないか?

kono te ni nokotta akaku somaru hana
sakimidaremau inochi yo kawatte wa kurenai ka

Left in my hand is a flower, dyed red
Blossom in profusion then dance, O life! Will not you replace me?

同じ未来 歩き始めたい 苦しみのない
世界へ導く 僅かな痛みで 寄り添っていて

onaji mirai aruki hajimetai kurushimi no nai
sekai e michibiku wazuka na itami de yorisotteite

I want to walk along the same future, to lead my life
In a world with no suffering, only just a little pain

祈りうた歌う 幼き月に
願う言霊 響く事はない
懺悔の後に 映った景色
嘲笑うように 月が昇る

inori uta utau osanaki tsuki ni
negau kotodama hibiku koto wa nai
zan’ge no ato ni utsutta keshiki
azawarau you ni tsuki ga noboru

I raise my prayers in song to the young moon
But my words and wishes do not reach
After my confession, shining upon the scene
The moon rises, as if to scorn me


tsuki ga noboru

The moon rises

  1. Thank you so much for the translation! <3
    This song is really beautiful *__*

  2. I love this, thanks so much.

  3. Love this ….romaji please :D

    • Jiao
    • April 7th, 2013

    Love this. Where can I get the piano sheets?

  1. November 22nd, 2015

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