Marisa☆Quest! // マリサ☆クエスト ~お宝探し大冒険~

Requested by: Kagamin

PV: [YT-Link]

I’m sorry for not finishing this like a month ago D:

Yes, I was tipsy when I translated this. Can you tell?

マリサ☆クエスト ~お宝探し大冒険~
 Marisa☆Quest ~O-Takara Sagashi Daibouken~
 Marisa☆Quest ~Great Treasure Hunt!~
vocal: アキ miko / 電波ソング
original: 恋色マスタースパーク
lyrics: bit
arrange: NYO
Circle: Silver Forest
Album: 永き夜のロンド
Event: C79

とある場所で お宝探し 忍び込んでガサゴソ [アリスのいえ]

At a certain place (Alice’s House), I snuck in looking for treasure *shuffle shuffle*
I found some thin books (ero-doujinshi) and figures (Shanghai!)
I’ll be borrowing these!

犯行現場 見られていたぜ [まほうのもり]
想わず撃ったぜ マスタースパーク ミ☆ (波動拳!)

I was seen at the scene of the crime!! (Magic Forest)
“Give that back!!” (Give me back Myon!!)
Without thinking I shot back, Master Spark! ミ☆ (Hadouken!!)

お前の物は私のものだ [はくぎょくろう]
許されるのはゲームだけです あくまで

Everything that’s yours is mine (*/∇\*)キャ ゝ(・ω・`)イヤ
I’ll search every nook and cranny of your room! (Hakugyokurou)
Playing the adventurer looking for treasure!
You can only get away with this in a game!!


Give that back~!
You’re not an adventurer anyway!
Yes… at the most I’m a magic user
I’m not a butler,
My name’s not even Sebastian!

次の家にやってきました [やくもてい]
くさいニーソ 死のトラップだ

I went to the next house (Yakumo’s Place)
I shuffle around, not learning my lesson
Ah, smelly knee socks, it’s a death trap!!
My nose feels like it’s coming off! (>_<)


Just then Reimu came in
“So where are your donations?”
(Why are you..)
“Why are you here? and – I don’t need these!! (kneesocks)”

宝探しも命がけだぜ やれやれ (よむはあきれる)

Burning armpit shrine maiden~ (Burning Waki Miko~!!)
“I’m still waiting!!” (Greed)
I can’t lose to you in firepower!
Tickle tickle your armpits
Ah! My broom’s been confiscated!
Searching for treasure sure is rough! Geez… (Youmu’s had enough)


(What are you doing in my house? (╬ ^‿^)屮)

    • Xav56
    • April 8th, 2011

    “I’m not a butler,
    My name’s not even Sebastian!”
    xat ? o_o”

    • Yeah, it’s random. I’m sure you know the ridiculous (anime-contained) Japanese belief that all butlers must be named “Sebastian”, it’s supposed to be funny because Marisa’s train of thought doesn’t make sense by Youmu’s question. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • Kagamin
    • April 8th, 2011

    Thank you! Ah, this as awesome as I imagined! :3

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