婁 // Rou

^Finding an appropriate sad/depressing picture of a drawn and dressed pregnant woman on the internet is impossible. This has a similar feel, right? (・ω・´) – maybe?

This song is so sad and depressing I don’t even…

Requested by: YSen

Well, I had to look seek help at Japanese forums for this song. Σ(゚口゚; I assure you it’s correct.

The title, 婁, I am not 100% sure how to pronounce. It’s Chinese reading in Japanese is Rou. It is sometimes read as Tatara, but this has nothing to do with the meaning, it’s because the constellation this symbol in Chinese points to, points to the Tatara constellation from Japan’s point of view. The original meaning of the symbol (etymologically speaking) is “that what is between mother and daughter”, or “bonds”. One of the Kun-Readings that matches this is tsunagu, and it is used as such, so it could be read Tsunagi. You could say that the title is “Bonds Between Mother and Daughter” but I decided just to leave it as Bonds.

“She pays for her sins stricken with cold water.” Misogi practices. The lyrics use the split symbols that make up the meaning of the ritual rather than the symbol for the ritual, so I didn’t outright translate it as Misogi. Basically you stand under a cold waterfall at night for hours on end. D: The symbols are water and to shave off or bore into.

“With no past hope or memory to cling to as I throb in pain” – literally, with nothing from the past to rely on in memory to write a poem about (to stave her pain).

アンノウンX~Unfound Adventure|東方緋想天則
Vocal: 秣本瑳羅
Lyrics: KNHEZiXYTH & 秣本瑳羅
Guitar: すのうまん


Tsuki wa akaku kotohogu.
Ni no mikoto wo mi minasoko ga tsutsumu.

The moon shining scarlet sends its well wishes.
Two lives the depths of the sea embrace.



Then distort.


Koyoi no hoshi wa kirari kirameki, minamo no sora wa hirari hirameku.
Ikue no aza ni tsukareru mama ni, ono ga tsumi wo misogite aganau.

The stars tonight sparkle and glisten,
 the sky upon the water flashes and flickers.
While plagued by endless layers of bruises
 She pays for her sins stricken with cold water.


-Arishi hi no koto, meoto ga sumahishi goku nite-
Rihi naru geki wa kimama ni saigen naku, tsudzuku.
“Ganze naki ga gotoku!!”
Tokoshie no asobi wa yagate
Utakata no ko wo haramu sadame to tsuyu-shirazu.

-One day, in this hell where man and wife lived-
The beatings of judgement, falling each at their own whim, endlessly continue.
“It is as if there were no distinction from right or wrong!!”
At length in that endless play of sickness and fever
She knew not her fate, that she had conceived an ephemeral child.

「意。」 [Meaning]


Jihi naki koyomi wo mekuri mekurite
Ima wa mukashi no yosuga to yomanu a ga uzuku mo
Ta ga tame to wa iwasu mashite subekaraku
Kono rensa wo yomi ni utaite tokoyo e okuri
Komori-uta to semu nare
Hate naki gokuyo
Tsuinaru toga

Ruthlessly the pages of the calendar turn
With no past hope or memory to cling to as I throb in pain
I must go…
For whose sake? The answer drives me on all the more
Of these chains to the underworld I shall sing, and send them on to the afterlife
I’ll sing a lullaby
Come endless hell,
Here is my final sin.


Onna wa tsuyoku tsuka wo nigiri oni ga moto e.
Tada hitotsu dake, tsumi wo seou kakugo wo kimeta.

The woman grasped strongly the haft of a dagger and went to the demon.
She had resolved to carry the burden of just this one sin.


Goku ni hibiku wa tsunzaku matsuma no orabi to,
 eguri musaboru manamanashiki ensa no oto.

Throughout hell rang the tearing wails of death agony and,
 The sounds of indulgent stabbing filled with deep hatred one should never keep.


-Kakute onna wa emi wo ukaberu-

-Then on the woman’s face came a smile-


“Kono ko no ko-ko no koe wo kiku koto kanawazu ni
 utsushiyo wo saru haha wo kesshite yurusanaide.”

“Please never forgive this mother, for not staying to hear
 Her child cry, before she leaves this world behind.”

^Reminding you this is a Touhou Arrangement.

  1. Oh yes, Riverside! One of the best Unknown X vocals I’ve heard, along with SOUND HOLIC’s one. I’ve heard this song many times, but I never expected the lyrics to be so beautiful and sad at the same time. I truly love songs that tell a story. And I don’t why, this one makes me think of Suwako, and especially of that doujin called Though the Wind Cries, by Iyokan. Which would be fitting, since it’s also a boss fight theme for Suwako.
    Thanks a lot for this translation!

    Oh, by the way, I’d like to request the translation of Broken puzzle, by Syrufit. I can only understand small parts of that song, and I really wish I could understand everything. And if you can (and of course if it doesn’t bother you), can you translate sound of carnation by EastNewSound as well? Thanks in advance! :3

    • I would be very happy to; just keep in mind that because of my recent busy situation I’ve got a stack of requests already, so I probably won’t touch them till at least April. But Syrufit and ENS = :D

      • No problem, take your time~ :3 Good luck for what you are currently doing, and thanks once again! ^^

    • YSen
    • March 29th, 2011

    Thank you so so much for translating. Riverside doesn’t get enough love.

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