Wandering, Never Wondering // Alone With You (Dying To See Your Face) // Throve Keys

Here are all the English / Mostly-English tracks for Foreground Eclipse’s M3-23 EP Album: “Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP” Much less well known – but it’s Foreground Eclipse; and like any band’s first release, it’s got charm to it. Throve Keys, a tribute to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is especially good. Just a few more steps and I’ll have finished all of Foreground Eclipse’s discography.

Pseudo requested by: @Rumia_13

I’ll be posting the two songs he did request soon, but he reminded me of my desire to finish all of FG, and I’m going to do it. (Along with everyone else’s requests!)

Only “Throve Keys” has any Japanese in it, so I’ve italicized/colored the parts I’ve translated like usual to differentiate.

Wandering, Never Wondering
Vocals: Merami
Arrangement: Suzuori
Lyric: Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP
Event: M3-23

Stop, liar!
I can tell what’s going on
And I know what hell you are thinking of
You never tell me
But I know what’s true
I won’t be deceived by you
You had better know well that
I’m always looking at your mind

But it’s so hard
Many thoughts smother me
Sometimes I drown in the sea of thoughts
Nothing feels alright
And everyone’s afraid of me now in the end
I feel badly left out
Finding myself in the dark

“Don’t hate me…!”
That was my last simple wish
On the day, I shut this eye from the minds
Then the world had changed
Now I think I can fly up higher like a bird
Without thinking anything
No one stands on my way

Therefore I shut my eyes and killed my mind
It’s not an escape or a hideaway
Well, I just don’t wanna be like “her”
Are you ready?
Get, set go!
It’s my heart-shaped persistent love
Hey, my ancestors wait for you

“Hey, do you know where the god is now?”
On that day I hard started to change
The only reason is you two
Can I start from here again?
Now I feel my heart beating strong
Emotions are rising from below
I think I can open my eyes now

Alone With You (Dying To See Your Face)
Vocals: Merami
Arrangement: Suzuori
Lyric: Merami
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP
Event: M3-23

Being caught in the rain I’m standing alone
Shadows, swallow me
Let the rain wash this knife soaked with blood red
Dying to see your face and stay with you for good
Did you know?
Well, all I wanted you to do is to see only me

No, you’ve never kissed on my lips
Until the end of time
In my dreams you’re always with me
Still I feel you close

Dying to feel your warmth and be the one with you
I wonder why you give me no answers and
Got so broken like this instead

Now time is up you’ve let me down
Don’t worry, I’m with you
Yes, you can come here in my arms
So good night…

Throve Keys
Vocals: Merami
Music: Suzuori
Lyric: Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP
Event: M3-23

ねえ どうか嘆かないで
私が あなたを許すよ

Please, don’t grieve;
I forgive you

This is, this is an end again
have you enjoyed this game
but next atrocity is waiting for us

この次 目が覚めたときも
あなたと共に 戦おう
悲しみや 痛みや 別れは

The next time I open my eyes
Let’s fight again, together
Sadness, pain and parting
We’ve felt countless times
But still,

Well, I’m alright

Hundreds of times I’ve never gave it up
I know I can
correct these pieces and take back
my long life

お願い ここに来てほしい
あなた無しでは 掴めない
聞こえるの 夏の虫の声
また祭が 始まる

Please, come here
Without you, I can’t grasp..
I hear the cicada;
The festival is starting again

誰だって 幸せに過ごす
その権利が 必ず
私たちの 解へと向かって
青い そらのむこうへ

For everyone to live in happiness
Surely we have that right
Now I face towards our resolution
Beyond the blue sky

  1. Woah, Alone With You (Dying To See Your Face) brings so much memories. It was the first Foreground Eclipse song I’ve heard…mainly because it was Green-Eyed Jealousy~

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