Air Reitaisai 8 // エア例大祭 // #AirReitaisai // #AirReitaiHanpu

^I want that signboard….

I’m not sure for how long, but as of now REDALiCE and (Syrufit) are DJing now: [ustream] (as of 08:35 3/13 US-CST)

In fair warning, many of these links will die @16:00 JST (2011/03/13) or 03:00 AM (US-CST) when the event ends.

Twitter Air Reitaisai: #AirReitaisai
Distribution: #AirReitaiHanpu
Pixiv Air Reitaisai Tag: エア例大祭

Air Reitaisai 8:
エア例大祭まとめ:会場: @airReitaisai8 頒布物公開: #AirReitaiHanpu

If you would like to participate in the Air Reitaisai 8 Event on Twitter, please follow AirReitaisai8 and search for the #AirReitaisai tag. Any time you would normally just post the #AirReitaisai tag, please post as “@AirReitaisai8 [Tweet Content] #AirReitaisai” This is done to prevent information from flooding people who aren’t participating and need Earthquake/Tsunami information.

Twitter Hashtag #AirReitaiHanpu will contain tweets related to product distribution. Many doujinshi circles have begun to upload the full versions of their products on pixiv, some direct to distribution sites that were stocked before the quake. Some of the online distributions appear to have time limit restrictions.

This goes without saying but, if you can, please donate to Red Cross, Red Crescent, or somewhere else reliable to assist in Japan’s recovery from the Sendai Earthquake.

Doujinshi / 同人誌:
・・New Works / 新版:
・((夏@例大祭す43a)) 花吹雪鬼(はなふぶき) [link]
・((fue@例大祭M-24b)) ちれいでんてぃーびぃーしょー [link]
・((めーり)) エア例大祭の新刊コピ本 [link]
・((水無月あくあ 例大祭い-25b)) Steamed rice with red beans [link]
・((YuuKi)) Reverse -side:fullmoon- [link]
・((アズキ)) 非想天則ガチンコバトル [link]
・((流圭))【エア例大祭】豊欲天昇2 [link]
・((みずきひとし)) くらわれるもの(漫画) [link]
・((きりぼしだいこん)) 東方犬物語 もこーとけーねといぬと… [link]
・((鯱彦)) TENGU SHOWER! [link]
・((ぇぃたいさ)) 岡崎夢美の夢見る幻想郷-全文 [link]
・((いねすー)) スゴスフユ [link]
・((水無月あくあ 例大祭い-25b)) ルーミア合同誌公開するよー!(自分パートのみ) [link]
・((元十郎 エア例大祭 せ-35a)) わりとヒマなメイド長の一日 [link]
・(((YsY))) 新刊「フランドール・シャーベット」 [link]
・((gam)) エア例大祭での配布![link]
・((あさぎり。)) 姉と妹と姉と妹と。 [link]

・・Old Works/Re-Release / 過去:
・((ハンサム)) レミリア以外全員おっぱい丸出し紅魔館 [link]
・((流圭))【エア例大祭】豊欲天昇 [link]
・((カズナ@例大祭L-31a)) 嫌われ者サディスティック [link]

音楽 / Music:
・Happy I Scream! – 恋のヘイルスト→ム☆ [link] *Single Track*
・豚乙女 – ゆらら紙芝居 [link] *Single Track*
・SoundCyclone – エアシングル [link] *Mini-CD*
・Syrufit – Excerpts from Love=ALL [site]
・ししまいブラザーズ – 日月星心 [link] *全部無料 / Free*
・SYNC,ART’S – もっとらぶれすっ! [mirror1] [mirror2] *全部無料 / Free* (pass:0311)
・陸離日和 [link] *全部無料 / Free*
・aaaaaaaaaaa – [link] *全部無料 / Free*
・Snow Dancin’ – [link] *Single Track*
・Xion – Ice Fairy [dwn-link] *Single Track*
・daru_ls – Aerial – [dwn-link] *Single Track*

    • exaltdragon
    • March 13th, 2011

    Nice find, why didn’t I check my feed earlier XD

    • vaespus
    • March 13th, 2011

    There are also some tracks from Love=ALL on Syrufit’s website.

    • imercenary
    • March 14th, 2011

    Spread the words fast folks. Some of the links are already down.

  1. March 15th, 2011

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