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Anticipating Reitaisai 8 // 博麗神社例大祭8にの期待

^I couldn’t pass up this picture of Akyuu

Reitaisai 8 has been rescheduled for May 8th.


Due to the recent Sendai Earthquake (the largest to ever hit Japan in recorded history), and damage to the event hall and surrounding areas, Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 8 has been cancelled. The committee in charge is in the process of determining what should be done (full cancellation, rescheduling, etc.) I’ll let you all know if there are any more updates on the matter.

If you know anyone in Japan, make sure they’re ok; the quake effected a very large portion of the country. Let’s all hope for the best: for minimal loss of life, and for those fraught with damages to be helped quickly back on their feet again. It appears the United States is preparing to send aid; I hope that other governments will do the same.

Air Reitaisai 8:
エア例大祭まとめ:会場: @airReitaisai8 頒布物公開: #AirReitaiHanpu

If you would like to participate in the Air Reitaisai 8 Event on Twitter, please follow AirReitaisai8 and search for the #AirReitaisai tag. Any time you would normally just post the #AirReitaisai tag, please post as “@AirReitaisai8 [Tweet Content] #AirReitaisai” This is done to prevent information from flooding people who aren’t participating and need Earthquake/Tsunami information.

A few groups have decided to release their music albums online and request that anyone who would normally buy them donate in some way to the relief efforts. I have only noticed two, if this trend spreads I’ll update with more information.

Twitter Hashtag #AirReitaiHanpu will contain tweets related to product distribution. Many doujinshi circles have begun to upload the full versions of their products on pixiv, some direct to distribution sites that were stocked before the quake. Some of the online distributions appear to have time limit restrictions. AirReitaisai8 will also be retweeting distribution posts that do not have the #AirReitaiHanpu tag, but have the #AirReitaisai8 tag.

I spent a very, very long time listing to every xfd I was interested in commenting a lot, comparing how much I liked this to how much I liked that, and here’s the result.

As a side note: I’m really sad that Demetori isn’t coming out with a new album; there were rumors, but unfounded. He’s one of my favorite guitarists, and he’s amazing. (Look him up if you haven’t heard his work yet.)

Last Updated: [2011/3/12 21:11 US-CST]

The list, with comments.
[xfd-pkg] in my xfd package. (almost everything)
[xfd-snd] hosted on SoundCloud, you can listen at the bottom of the post or via [site].
[xfd-web] hosted via the [site] link, may be hard to find or non-downloadable.
[xfd-link] if it’s not in the pkg in case you have trouble finding it.

The Rating “Interest” System:
☆☆☆☆☆ (50%) ⇒ ★★★★★ (100%)
・☆☆☆☆☆ is not 0% because I’m not going to spend my time listening to everything; if I’m less than half interested in it I won’t be mentioning it. If you think there’s something good I’ve missed (bound to have happened), mention it in the comments and I’ll give it a listen and update the post until the event comes around.

Here’s the Current Star Distribution:

Liz Triangle:
・Refrain / Shall We Dance? [site] [xfd-web-link]
  ★★★★☆: It’s a single with only two songs, but both are beautiful, especially the first, which seems to be an arrangement mixed with several songs (at least three). It starts with Locked Girl, then Phantom Ensemble, then Border of Life. ^_^

RD-Sounds | Diao Ye Zong (凋叶棕):
・憩 [site] [xfd-web-link]
  ★★★★☆: Very beautiful instrumentals. I’m very, very excited about the Circus Reverie arrangement, 詐欺師のスケルツォ. Circus Reverie is from 蓬莱人形~Dolls in Pseudo Paradise. and one of my favorite but least arranged melodies, so I’m doing this ヾ(゚O゚* )ツ三ヾ( *゚O゚)ノ and feel like I’ve got to tell everyone XD. Very much like his previous albums, very beautifully arranged, and Merami/MeramiPop does all the vocals as a plus. If Foreground Eclipse is slowing down, at least I can keep listening to her. I’ve taken a special liking to the whispering track Peaceful Distance, a Voile/Bucharesti arrangement.

Buta-Otome (豚乙女):
・感謝感激雨あられ [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  Kansha Kangeki Ame Arare
  ★★★☆☆: I’m always happy to hear more from Buta-Otome! This one’s a little short this time around with only three truly new tracks, but I enjoyed them. 契り酒 was probably my favorite off the xfd, which is unusual because I’m not usually a big fan of 華のさかづき大江山, but maybe it’s in part because of that I liked it.

・東の国 (PV-Collection)
  Higashi no Kuni [site]
  ★★☆☆☆: I’ve seen most of these before, but I really do love Ranko’s Sister’s Artwork, and it’ll be fun to revisit those songs.

Sekken-ya (石鹸屋):
・東方マグマー [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  Touhou Magmaa~
  ★★★★★: Sekkenya’s back!! I’ve missed them! and to my delight, what are the first two tracks on the xfd? Arrangements of Captain Murasa and Fall of Fall, two of my favorite themes. The arrangement of 年中夢中の好奇心 from Fairy Wars is awesome too, but we’ve all learned to expect awesome from Sekkenya and Zekkenya right?

Syrup Comfiture (Syrufit + Poplica*):
・Love=ALL [site] [xfd-pkg-snd]
  ★★★★★: I have a firm belief that every other album Syrufit puts out is absolutely amazing, and the others precariously cling to threads of average over the abyss of awful (`3´). Maybe I’m being too critical (Love Hearts? wasn’t that bad after all… I did really like “true blue”, “and Juliet”; “Myosotis Alpestris” wasn’t bad…), but his good albums are so incredibly good it makes the not so good ones look bad. Just take a look at show me your love, where is love, and this xfd vs. Love Buzz! and Love Hearts?, and you’ll see. Anyway, with my rant out of the way, I loved every track on this xfd, especially: “Listen Up”, “Baby, Baby”, “Desire”, “inner reality”, “Broken puzzle”, “root_A / evenescence”, “root_B / nephilim”, “root_C / =ALL” even Syrufit’s weird “—” interlude? was really cool, and I can’t wait to listen to the talk track at the end. Wait… I just listed 10/12 tracks… #1 anticipated album this event. Hence the top-image, also, the album artwork is beautiful.

・桃色ディスタンス [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  Momoiro Distance
  ★★★★☆: I’ve warmed up to this group lately, also hearing loli-chibi voices rapping is utterly priceless. PRICELESS. ことばのあや feat. 桃箱, Witches’ Night, and とある瀟洒な従者の物語 sound great, and Tama’s version of Romonosov:p?’s Bad Apple? is absolutely a must listen.

IOSYS (イオシス):
・東方メレンゲ少女夜行 [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  Touhou Meringue Shoujo Yakou
  ★★★☆☆: Here’s the Ranko song I’ve been looking for!! Buta-Otome does track #6 (タイジスルモノ) on this, and it’s great :D. I’ve not listened to IOSYS in a while, but I’ve missed its energetic-ness. I like track #3 “あたし色”, there’s another Railgun parody in track #5 “Pandemic of Love” (True Force?). Track #8, “Destination Change” is love, and so is “Burst!!” (#9). ♪~ヽ(╹ε╹)ノ

Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト):
・手のひらピアニッシモ [site] [xfd-pkg]
  Tenohira Pianissimo
  ★☆☆☆☆: Apparently I missed their release at C79, but I’ll be sure to get this one. 弱虫ナイフ, ひとりぼっちメロディ, and 小悪魔りんご shine brighter than the rest.

Alice’s Emotion:
・overture|KANA [site] [xfd-pkg-snd]
  [REDALiCE Disc]
  ★★★☆☆: “To be Free”, “Caligo”, “From the Vertex”, and “Night of Burning Star” are my favorites, Caligo is particularly exceptional.

・overture|SUWA [site] [xfd-pkg-snd]
  [t+pazolite Disc]
  ★★★★☆: “faith ofthe 540° (REDALiCE Remix)”, “Rave ON, Rage ON!”, “Retropolitans”, “Fly you higher in the Night”, “Psycho-nostalgia”, and “桜華月想” are my favorites. “Retropolitans” and “Fly you higher in the Night” bump this album above KANA, and ever since 12.3 I’ve liked Suwako more anyway ◕‿‿◕, and since his new album, t+pazolite’s been more on my radar.

・Definite Energy [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ★★☆☆☆: I still love you EastNewSound, but I miss Izumin. I really like the the first track, “Non stop dream” and “Fantastic Sequence”; it’s been a while since they’ve released a non-full-vocal album, but maybe that’s just because it’s Reitaisai. “Miniature Garden ~変わらぬ想い~” stands far above the rest in terms of vocals, and I’m really looking forward to hearing the full version.

・FIORITA -フィオリタ- [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ★★☆☆☆: A beautiful album. I like their pick of songs (Reincarnation!!) quite a bit this time around, songs ranging from soft like FELT, drifting easily into the SOUND HOLIC range. “TeTracTys”, “Infinite Nightmare”, and “Djedefre” are quite good.

・RUSH! -ラッシュ!- [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ★★☆☆☆: “Reversing Blackout” is a very beautiful instrumental and I like “Calling me” as well, but not much else really jumps out at me… wait the end is redeeming: “Nodule” puts Kotoge Mai’s vocals to use, and the result is very, very beautiful. With both FIORITA and RUSH having three great songs, I’d put them at about equal, between the two of them three great instrumentals and three great vocals.

・AGGRESSIVE EXPLOSION [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ☆☆☆☆☆: This is part of a line of tsunamix’s “AGGRESSIVE” albums, and I heartily appreciate tracks like “NIGHT FLIGHT”, “the Last Rites”, “Pretty SHOOTER” for their PC-98 sources, and the 90s-style-electric-sound-emphasized techno (why it sounds very DDR) rides heavy on the nostalgia factor, but it’s definitely not at the top of my list. In addition to the two I mentioned, I thought “ParameTRICK GHOST -Hi-Fi Mix-” was catchy too ^_^.

SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec.:
・Scarlet Shooter [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ★☆☆☆☆: Very like every other SOUND HOLIC+709sec. album, just as great. I’m not in a great hurry to grab it, but he’s guitarist/vocalist with a good reliable sound, and that’s worth something. “Desolation World” and “Wall of Knowledge” are probably my favorites, but that’ll have to do in part with my love of the originals.

・Flower Flag [site] [xfd-pkg-snd]
  ★★★★★: Absolutely, absolutely, beautiful (so I’ll forgive you the trouble I had to go through to get that xfd…), “TRULY GLORY” is absolutely amazing, easily my favorite on the album, but there’s not a song on the album I don’t love.

Hatsunetsumiko’s (発熱巫女~ず):
・Coda [site] [xfd-pkg-web]
  ★★☆☆☆: “Marionette” is great and my favorite on the album (TAMAONSEN!!), and “Beautiful Dreams” is a great English song arrangement (we have few of those), but “Pages” is definitely looking to be a star (no pun intended).. I would have to say you’re losing to your spin-off though a though. Tim Vegas’s arrangements win in being more interesting… (especially when they’re remixed right they hit the very top of the scale) but their sound’s losing in “beauty” to FELT, it’s lost its jazzy house beginnings a bit, and the album didn’t have a song that made me fall in love (maybe because there was no 陽子?). STRIPES is great (especially because Ranko’s singing) but I’m not judging your re-mixes, after all I like the originals better for both :x. Well, I’m judging you harshly because I still love you, and 桜花之恋塚 ~ Flower of Life is one of my favorite arrangements of all time.

ふぉれすとぴれお (Forest Pireo Records | FP Records):
・Memory Box [site] [xfd-web]
  ☆☆☆☆☆: I really liked the first two songs, but … not the rest. Sorry FP. Didn’t work out this time. Bring me another Spring★!!!!

Crossfades Accessible by Sound Cloud (Please Visit the Actual Sites Though)

Syrup Comfiture / Syrufit: Love=ALL

Alice’s Emotion / REDALiCE: overture|KANA

Alice’s Emotion / t+pazolite: overture|SUWA

FELT: Flower Flag

Alstroemeria Records / Masayoshi Minoshima: EXERENSES

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