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“文学少女”と繋がれた愚者 // Bungaku Shoujo to Tsunagareta Fool

 ”Bungaku Shoujo” to Tsunagareta Fool
 Literature Girl and Chained Fool (Off-Hand TL)
 Book Girl and the Captive Fool (Official Title)

著:野村美月 (Author: Nomura Mizuki)
画:竹岡美穂 (Illustrator: Takeoka Miho)
ファミ通文庫 (Famitsu Bunko)
ISBN-10: 4757730845
ISBN-13: 978-4757730847
発売日: 2007/1/4

English Translation by Yen Press: [link] (Not Yet Released at Time of Posting)
[Release Date: July, 2011]


In short, I loved the second book in the series that I wanted to go ahead and start reading the third right away. So, I did. (As soon as I finished most of my ridiculous mountain of work I had this month D:) I guess this review is preemptive in a way, because the English release hasn’t come out yet. I hope I don’t spoil anything for anyone, and I hope you all go out and get this book because it’s great :)

Well, that means 5 more volumes of 文学少女 Bungaku Shoujo and 3 more of 文学少女見習い Bungaku Shoujo Minarai (which have a different narrator and are after Tooko graduates) left. Too bad I only have one more volume D:

Prominent Characters:
???s are either given names never mentioned or those that trigger spoilers.

天野遠子  Amano Tooko
・The Literature Girl, Head of the Literature Club
井上心葉  Inoue Konoha [Narrator]
・Former (Female) Author “Inoue Miu” and Tooko’s Writer
芥川一誌  Akutagawa Kazushi
・Konoha’s Classmate; Sincere, Level-headed, and Upright
更科    Sarashina ???
・Girl Who Claims to be Akutagawa’s Girlfriend
琴吹ななせ Kotobuki Nanase
・Pure Tsundere
竹田千愛  Takeda Chia
・Bright and Cheerful “Shinitagari no Piero”
五十嵐   Igarashi ???
・Akutagawa’s Upperclassman and Former Archery Club Member
鹿又笑   Kanomata Emi
小西繭里  Konishi Mayuri
・Two Girls from Akutagawa’s Past
姫倉麻貴  Himekura Maki
・Artist, Head of the Orchestra Club, Superintendent’s Granddaughter
朝倉美羽  Asakura Miu
・A Girl from Konoha’s Past, Konoha’s Writer

Story Overview:

Tooko finds books with pages cut out of them, and immediately vows to find the culprit! Surprisingly, she does, and as punishment forces him to join in on the literature club’s set play production for their school’s cultural festival. After Konoha quickly dismisses Tooko’s plans of flipping and tumbling about the stage, they decide to do a rendition of Yuujou (友情) “Friendship” by Musha-no-Kouji Saneatsu (武者小路実篤).

But the trouble has just begun. Something is troubling Akutagawa; he starts sending mysterious letters, and rushes off without warning. A girl who claims to be Akutagawa’s girlfriend starts contacting Konoha. The vandalism resumes, violence mounts on the school grounds.

The character relationships in Yuujou overlap those in front of Konoha at almost every angle. How can anyone resolve the tangled mess of ties in friendship, love and obligation?

Evaluation / Rating:

The second volume: “文学少女”と飢え渇く幽霊 (Bungaku Shoujo to Uekawaku Ghost) is probably the best of the series I’ve read so far, and yet for a few reasons I would put it at the bottom of the list. The first volume I think I still enjoyed the best because of the sheer novelty, but it’s really getting hard to put one of these volumes up above another. This volume: “文学少女”と繋がれた愚者 (Bungaku Shoujo to Tsunagareta Fool), is a bit of a hybrid between the other two. The formula is a lot closer to “文学少女”と死にたがりの道化 (Bungaku Shoujo to Shinitagari no Piero) with its many character connection angles, but does employ more characterization, but not as much as Ghost. The first half is interesting but feels sub-par, but then the second half flies by in an instant, and in the end gives you information that completely overturns your notion of what was happening before, so much that – well, I want to read it again already.

Characterization is strong this time around. It shocked me almost as much as Konoha when Akutagawa first opens up. The letters are more cryptic this time around and the plot of the story is clearly separate from Musha no Kouji’s “Friendship”; it deals more with similarities in the relationships between the characters in Fool, and the characters in “Friendship”. Like in the first volume, almost every character finds him or herself in a roll in the story, but they often switch roles back and forth, adding layer upon layer upon layer the interconnections which define each person. If you’ve seen the movie you’ve spoiled a few points already, but there are a couple of shocking revelations about Miu in the book. Kotobuki takes a more active role and grows beyond the “token Tsundere”. Whereas Ghost had an incredible amount of characterization given to “temporary characters”, most of the characterization this time around is focused on the main cast. I was glad to see Chia again, and though her role is small, she plays a wonderful antithesis character and contributes well to critical points in the plot. It is interesting to see her after her character has been sort of “revealed” since the first volume.

This book is apparently very very “Taisho Romance”. I have not read any Taisho Romance, but Fool was very gripping emotionally. The theatrical enactment was extremely well written and the atmosphere was overwhelming; Tooko really did work her magic this time around; I broke a person record in reading speed as I flew through those pages.

They explain the plot of “Friendship” relatively well and relatively early in the book, so I don’t think there’s much of a need for me to go over it, so I’ll go ahead and leave it here.

Overall: 9.6
I’m not in much of a position to judge one of these books above the other, because they’re all excellent, but in terms of best: probably 2nd, 3rd, 1st volumes; in terms of my personal preference, probably: 1st, 3rd,?=2nd. But it’s really hard to put them in any sort of order.

Concept: 9.8
(Not quite a 10, but extremely almost there)
Pacing: 9.5
(I absolutely flew through the second half, and the first half wasn’t bad either)
Plot: 9.5
(There are so many layers, so many layers… ; even if some plot twists were predictable, I second guessed some of them and was taken by surprise on a few others)
Characters: 9.7
(Most of the stereotypicalness seen in the first volume has since melted away, delving into each character more; Kotobuki has gone from TsunTsun to DereDere; Konoha feels slightly more relatable)
Writing Style/Flavor: 9.7
(Much improved from the last volume; not that it was ever bad to begin with)
Illustrations: 9.5
(A perfect match for the author’s flavor)

年中夢中×3 // Nenjuu Muchuu x 3

I love this song.

Sunny Milk is the “protagonist”; I like to imagine Reimu as the “old hag”.

I invite you all to sing.

Sunny Milk: The most intelligent, has the least common sense
Luna Child: The most independent, the least intelligent
Star Sapphire: Has the most common sense, the least independent

Sunny Milk is my favorite, because I treasure a lack in common sense :3

Dazed doesn’t perfectly describe 夢中 in this context, but I’m sure you can imagine fairies playing around all year non-stop without using their heads for anything = 年中夢中の好奇心.

There’s pun linked to ばっか (bakka) which is a contraction of ばかり (bakari) “only/all the time” and an exasperated spelling of ばか (baka) “idiot”.

Bakakababaka is fun to say, but it’s actually grammatical: two words Baka “idiot” and Baba “old hag” in an “or” contruction. :P

 Nenjuu Muchuu x3
 Dazed All Year Round x 3
Circle: 石鹸屋 Sekken-ya
Album: 東方マグマー
Event: Reitaisai 8

アレを隠してみようか コレを頂いちゃおうか
ソレと入れ替えちゃおうか 気づかれずに 得意技ね
もうすぐ気づくだろうか 慌てて転ぶだろうか
怯えて逃げるだろうか あぁ たまらない

Are wo kakushitemiyou ka kore wo itadaichaou ka
Sore to irekaechaouka kidzukarezu ni tokuiwazane
Mou sugu kidzuku darou ka awatete korobu darou ka
Obiete nigeru darou ka aa tamaranai

Shall I hide that? Shall I take this?
Shall I switch this and that? All without anyone noticing? It’s my specialty!
Oh, will they notice soon? Will they freak out and fall over?
Will they get scared and run away? Ah! I can’t wait!!!

年中夢中 無期原動力 じっとしてはいられない だから
年中夢中 無期原動力 思いつき奨励
年中夢中 無期原動力 いたずらが生きがい だから
年中夢中 無期原動力 好奇心がゆく

Nenjuu muchuu mukigendouryoku jitto shite wa irarenai dakara
Nenjuu muchuu mukigendouryoku omoitsuki shourei
Nenjuu muchuu mukigendouryoku itazura ga ikigai dakara
Nenjuu muchuu mukigendouryoku koukishin ga yuku

All the time!
Endless energy in a daze all year round! I just can’t stay still, so
Endless energy in a daze all year round! I just do whatever comes to mind
Endless energy in a daze all year round! Playing tricks is life, so
Endless energy in a daze all year round! Here goes curiosity!

悪戯考えてばっか 返り討ちにあってばっか
負け戦になってばっか 「ばっか」ばっかだ バカカババカ
思い切ってやってみようか 数で押し切ってみようか
ここいらでやってみようか もう止まらない

Akugi kangaete bakka kaeriuchi ni atte bakka
Makeikusa ni natte bakka “bakka” bakka da bakakababaka
Omoikitte yattemiyou ka kazu de oshikittemiyou ka
Kokoira de yattemiyou ka mou tomaranai

Always thinking of playing tricks, always getting the tables turned on me
Always losing the battle, always called an “idiot” – Who’s the idiot you old hag!
Shall I go all out this time? Shall I overwhelm with numbers?
Shall we do it here? Ah, there’s no stopping me!

年中夢中×3精 日月星揃って 名乗る
年中夢中×3精 光を弄れ
年中夢中×3精 一人でもなかなか だけど
年中夢中×3精 3つで1つ

Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei hitsukihoshi sorotte nanoru
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei hikari wo ijire
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei hitori demo nakanaka dakedo
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei mittsu de hitotsu

All the time!
In a daze all year around times three! Sun, Moon, and Star, all together we give our names
In a daze all year around times three! Able to bend light
In a daze all year around times three! I’m pretty good myself, but
In a daze all year around times three! Now us three as one!!

どうしてこうなったんだろうな なんか足りなかったろうか
三人揃ってもこうか 「あと一歩」って事もないか
今更だって知ったもんか 後先なんて知ったもんか
次も同じ結果なんて 知ったもんか

Doushite kou nattan darou na nanka tarinakattarou ka
Sannin sorottemo kouka “ato ippo” tte koto mo nai ka
Imasara datte shittamon ka atosaki nante shittamon ka
Tsugi mo onaji kekka nante shittamon ka

Why did it have to end this way? Was something not enough?
Even with all three of us together? We weren’t even “just a step away” were we?
Well is that going to stop me now? You think I’m going care how many times I’ve lost before?
You think this changes anything? It won’t be the same next time!!

年中夢中×3精 日月星揃って 名乗る
年中夢中×3精 光を弄れ
年中夢中×3精 計画性? 何それ? いつも
年中夢中×3精 三匹がゆく

Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei hitsukihoshi sorotte nanoru
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei hikari wo ijire
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei keikakusei? nanisore? itsumo
Nenjuu muchuu kakeru sansei sanbiki de yuku

All the time!
In a daze all year around times three! Sun, Moon, and Star, all together we give our names
In a daze all year around times three! Able to bend light..
In a daze all year around times three! What? A plan? What is that?
In a daze all year around times three! Now us three as one!!

婁 // Rou

^Finding an appropriate sad/depressing picture of a drawn and dressed pregnant woman on the internet is impossible. This has a similar feel, right? (・ω・´) – maybe?

This song is so sad and depressing I don’t even…

Requested by: YSen

Well, I had to look seek help at Japanese forums for this song. Σ(゚口゚; I assure you it’s correct.

The title, 婁, I am not 100% sure how to pronounce. It’s Chinese reading in Japanese is Rou. It is sometimes read as Tatara, but this has nothing to do with the meaning, it’s because the constellation this symbol in Chinese points to, points to the Tatara constellation from Japan’s point of view. The original meaning of the symbol (etymologically speaking) is “that what is between mother and daughter”, or “bonds”. One of the Kun-Readings that matches this is tsunagu, and it is used as such, so it could be read Tsunagi. You could say that the title is “Bonds Between Mother and Daughter” but I decided just to leave it as Bonds.

“She pays for her sins stricken with cold water.” Misogi practices. The lyrics use the split symbols that make up the meaning of the ritual rather than the symbol for the ritual, so I didn’t outright translate it as Misogi. Basically you stand under a cold waterfall at night for hours on end. D: The symbols are water and to shave off or bore into.

“With no past hope or memory to cling to as I throb in pain” – literally, with nothing from the past to rely on in memory to write a poem about (to stave her pain).

アンノウンX~Unfound Adventure|東方緋想天則
Vocal: 秣本瑳羅
Lyrics: KNHEZiXYTH & 秣本瑳羅
Guitar: すのうまん


Tsuki wa akaku kotohogu.
Ni no mikoto wo mi minasoko ga tsutsumu.

The moon shining scarlet sends its well wishes.
Two lives the depths of the sea embrace.



Then distort.


Koyoi no hoshi wa kirari kirameki, minamo no sora wa hirari hirameku.
Ikue no aza ni tsukareru mama ni, ono ga tsumi wo misogite aganau.

The stars tonight sparkle and glisten,
 the sky upon the water flashes and flickers.
While plagued by endless layers of bruises
 She pays for her sins stricken with cold water.


-Arishi hi no koto, meoto ga sumahishi goku nite-
Rihi naru geki wa kimama ni saigen naku, tsudzuku.
“Ganze naki ga gotoku!!”
Tokoshie no asobi wa yagate
Utakata no ko wo haramu sadame to tsuyu-shirazu.

-One day, in this hell where man and wife lived-
The beatings of judgement, falling each at their own whim, endlessly continue.
“It is as if there were no distinction from right or wrong!!”
At length in that endless play of sickness and fever
She knew not her fate, that she had conceived an ephemeral child.

「意。」 [Meaning]


Jihi naki koyomi wo mekuri mekurite
Ima wa mukashi no yosuga to yomanu a ga uzuku mo
Ta ga tame to wa iwasu mashite subekaraku
Kono rensa wo yomi ni utaite tokoyo e okuri
Komori-uta to semu nare
Hate naki gokuyo
Tsuinaru toga

Ruthlessly the pages of the calendar turn
With no past hope or memory to cling to as I throb in pain
I must go…
For whose sake? The answer drives me on all the more
Of these chains to the underworld I shall sing, and send them on to the afterlife
I’ll sing a lullaby
Come endless hell,
Here is my final sin.


Onna wa tsuyoku tsuka wo nigiri oni ga moto e.
Tada hitotsu dake, tsumi wo seou kakugo wo kimeta.

The woman grasped strongly the haft of a dagger and went to the demon.
She had resolved to carry the burden of just this one sin.


Goku ni hibiku wa tsunzaku matsuma no orabi to,
 eguri musaboru manamanashiki ensa no oto.

Throughout hell rang the tearing wails of death agony and,
 The sounds of indulgent stabbing filled with deep hatred one should never keep.


-Kakute onna wa emi wo ukaberu-

-Then on the woman’s face came a smile-


“Kono ko no ko-ko no koe wo kiku koto kanawazu ni
 utsushiyo wo saru haha wo kesshite yurusanaide.”

“Please never forgive this mother, for not staying to hear
 Her child cry, before she leaves this world behind.”

^Reminding you this is a Touhou Arrangement.


Requested by: @Rumia_13

Apparently this song can be sung in Karaoke places across Japan.

I’ve only got ONE song by Foreground Eclipse that I haven’t translated! ♪~ヽ(╹ε╹)ノ

Vocals by Merami
Lyrics by Foreground Eclipse
Music by Suzuori
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Wishes Hidden in Foreground Noises
Event: Reitaisai 7

碧い空 白銀の雲

aoi sora hak’gin no kumo
shikai zentai e hirogaru sekai
kimi wa mou hitori ja nai
ima sugu koko e oide

With its azure sky and silver clouds
This world fills the scope of my gaze
You’re not alone anymore
So come with us now!

(Here we go, we are the holy knights getting off into the light)
(We’re the holy knights getting into the light)
(Our spell brings a grace of the white goddess)

soukyuu ni tsudzuku sora e no kaidan
issho ni noboru koto ga dekiru nara
yami wo kirisaku tame no tsurugi
nakushita hazu no kagi wo motomete

If you can climb with us together
 (Here we go, we are the holy knights getting off into the light)
Up the steps to a sky wide and blue
We’ll search for a sword to cut through the darkness,
 (We’re the holy knights getting into the light)
The key we must have lost along the way
 (Our spell brings a grace of the white goddess)


nikushimi nado iranai
kagayaku asu wa bokura ga mamoru
yuukan’ na kokoro ni michibikare
haruka na tabiji wa tsudzuku

We don’t need hatred
We’ll protect our shining tomorrow
Led by our brave hearts
The distant journey will continue

遠い海 そよぐ風
この手を掴んで さぁ

tooi umi soyogu kaze
cobalt blue e to tsunagaru mirai
kimi wa mou hitori ja nai
kono te wo tsukan’de saa

Distant sea and rustling wind
Off toward a future tied in cobalt blue
You’re no longer alone,
So come and take my hand!

(Go, we are the holy knights getting off into the light)
(We are knights)
(Our spell brings a grace of the white goddess)

nanairo ni kagayaku niji no hashi wo
issho ni wataru koto ga dekiru nara
kimi wa kitto tsuyoku nareru kara
yuuki no hikaru kakera atsumete

If you can cross with us together
 (Go, we are the holy knights getting off into the light)
Over this rainbow bridge of seven colors
I’m sure you’ll become stronger
 (We are knights)
So gather up shining fragments of courage
 (Our spell brings a grace of the white goddess)

(Our brave heart and strong will lead us)

kanashimi nado iranai
yamanai ame wa nai no dakara
adokenai hitomi ni utsuru
habataku bokura no negai

We don’t need sadness
For every rain must let
Shining in our cherubic eyes
Our wishes take flight
 (Our hearts brave and strong will lead us)

We don’t need any sadness or hatred
We will save the future waiting for us
The distant journey will continue
Cause we have brave heart


arasoi nado iranai
kagayaku asu wa bokura no tame ni
yuukan’ na kokoro ni michibikare
haruka na tabiji wo koete

We don’t need strife
This shining tomorrow is for us
Led by our brave hearts
We cross the distant journey

(I won’t give up on going this way)
(Stay there who that I can find and embrace)
(I believe anyone can go on their one way)
(We all have this brave heart inside)

kurushimi nado iranai
akenai yoru wa nai no dakara
adokenai hitomi ni utsuru
habataku bokura no kiseki

We don’t need misery
 (I won’t give up on going this way)
For every night must dawn
 (Stay there who that I can find and embrace)
Shining in our cherubic eyes
 (I believe anyone can go on their one way)
On our journey we take flight
 (We all have this brave heart inside)

恋詠 // Koi-Utai

Requested by: @Rumia_13

I probably would have translated this song earlier if I hadn’t discovered this album so late.

I’ve translated the title as “Love Song”, but the second character emphasizes more of a poetry, and in general a “reading” of words.
I had to rework the structure in the first stanza to all crazy, so the lines don’t exactly match up.

 Love Song
Vocals: Merami
Arrangement: Suzuori
Lyric: Teto
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Missing,Loving…and Suffering EP
Event: M3-23

嗚呼 流離い響く神風の
廻り廻る 彼方への暁

Aa, sasurai hibiku kamikaze no
Inishie yori uketsugishi kotodama
Haruka naru toki ni tsutsumarete
Meguri meguru kanata e no akatsuki

Ah, the power in words carried on divine wind
Resonating, wandering and flowing
Words inherited from antiquity, embraced in ancient times
Turning, whirling off towards a distant dawn

天翔ける 奇跡を待つ人々

Kagayakeru gensou wa sou koko ni aru kara
Ama kakeru kiseki wo matsu hitobito

Because of the shining illusions here
The people wait for miracles to leap across the heavens

この胸で さぁ眠れ
咲き乱れ 狂おしい花
燃える灯火 共に抱き

Kono mune de saa nemure
Hakanaku chitta koiji no hate
Saki-midare kuruoshii hana
Moeru tomoshibi tomo ni idaki

Now come and sleep at my breast
While the ends of transient and scattered romances,
Frenzied flowers blossoming all about in profusion,
Burning lamplights we’ll together embrace.

嗚呼 彷徨い歩く恋風は
ゆらゆらりと 彼方への餞

Aa samayoi aruku koikaze wa
Tokoshie ni to aganau ao no hoshi
Azayaka na toki ni tsutsumarete
Yura-yurari to kanata e no hanamuke

Ah, love’s wind, wandering, fluttering
A blue star eternally paying recompense
Embraced in vibrant times,
Swaying, waving off into the distance, a farewell gift

天つ空 軌跡を待つ人々

Shizumiyuku gensou wa sou koko ni aru kara
Amatsusora kiseki wo matsu hitobito

Because of the illusions descending here
The people wait for miracles from the sky beneath the heavens.

この胸で さぁ眠れ
咲き乱れ 麗しい花
震う魂 共に抱き

Kono mune de saa nemure
Tayutau hibi ni namida nugui
Saki-midare uruwashii hana
Furuu tamashii tomo ni idaki

Now come and sleep at my breast
While we wipe our tears in these drifting days
Beautiful flowers blossoming all about in profusion,
Trembling souls we’ll together embrace.

身を委ね 癒した心

Koikaze ga fukinukeru
Utsuro na kage to ushinau kako
Mi wo yudane iyashita kokoro
Mou nakusanai…

Love’s wind blows through
The empty shadows and our lost past
Entrust yourself to it and no longer
Will you lose your mended heart.

恋風が吹く 悲しみの空
私が護る 全てを消し去る前に

Koikaze ga fuku kanashimi no sora
Watashi ga mamoru subete wo keshisaru mae ni

Love’s wind blows through our sad sky
I will protect before it all is erased.