Violet Lotus Requiem

Sometimes Engrish must be left as Engrish. It’s more powerful that way.

First of all I’d like to simply point to Merami, the lead vocalist of Foreground Eclipse, and that she is the same person as めらみぽっぷ (Merami Pop); so you should all search the [Lyrics Navigation Page] for both terms.

Byakuren is a kind, strange, and scary person. I’ll use a small snippet from “Love and Peace” by Simadoriru to illustrate (at the bottom).

I think it’s got translation notes etc on danbooru – but if anyone wants me to translate it, I’m all for it.


A few days later the boat that carried the monk who had come to eradicate her approached. On the boat were a number of other humans. With all her strength she thought she might threaten them. With all her strength, she thought she would break the power of that monk.


But things didn’t go as she had planned; the monk was completely defenseless. She felt nothing more than she would from an ordinary human. In an instant, the ship had sunk, and all the humans were thrown into the sea.

東方星蓮船~Undefined Fantastic Object.より一部抜粋

An excerpt from Touhou Seirensen~Undefined Fantastic Object.

Sorry to do a post like this while there’s other stuff to be done and all, but sometimes I think it’s sad I don’t get to give enough attention to some song lyrics that are in Engrish. ^_^; Also, I’m curious about what I should do with posts like [Gungnir] which are more like picture book translations than comics, or if anyone’s interested in me doing more of them, or only if I have scans of those books etc…. Comment if you have an opinion either on that, or on the song.

This time the color’s only there to bring attention to the lyrics, there’s nothing to translate. ^_^;

Violet Lotus Requiem
感情の摩天楼~Cosmic Mind|東方星蓮船~Undefined Fantastic Object.
vocal / めらみぽっぷ
circle / Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)
event / C79
album / Violet Lotus Requiem

While feeling keeps away, only cold is increasing.
Before breaking, I want you to help.
One life disappears.

What I do not.
It has been taken.
The reason made into desertion was got to know.
Their eyes are not averted.
Therefore, I want you to awake from sleep.

Deluding oneself with a lie or a bluff was continued.
It is not so miserable as the heart dying.

It has frozen.
I want you to touch you and to melt.
I want you to melt with your love.
Your eyes where hope in the world without anything.
Therefore, revive me.

What I do not.
It has been taken.
The reason made into desertion was got to know.
Their eyes are not averted.
Therefore, I want you to awake from sleep.

    • Egakiar444
    • February 25th, 2011

    I love both pictures. Is the first one from the guy that hand makes them and then takes a picture?

    • Yep, and the second one is from one of my favorite doujinshi artists Simadoriru/Stripe Pattern~ the pixiv for the guy on the top is here: [link] or you can search for him with the tag “frederiq” on *booru sites.

        • exaltdragon
        • March 5th, 2011

        Simadoriru’s Sanae doujin was pretty gory though. Nice engrish here in the song?

  1. exaltdragon :

    Simadoriru’s Sanae doujin was pretty gory though. Nice engrish here in the song?

    I’ve still yet to read that D:
    I don’t mind gore though, most of Simadoriru’s stuff is gory, in a way. I guess it’s just how he does it… ^_^

      • exaltdragon
      • April 24th, 2011

      I found the illustrator for Violet Lotus Requiem’s album art. He’s a PRC illustrator called As109. He’s works are mostly extremely gory rape, guro, and generally shocking/titillating. But Pizuya’s Cell seems to have noticed his talent and is putting it to something more standard… He’s done the art for the previous Pizuya Cell albums.

      • He’s really good; most of his stuff sort of leaps over my threshold, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s talented. ^_^;

        • exaltdragon
        • April 24th, 2011

        I think he’s a really talented person, with no reason to limit himself, and that’s why he’s doing stuff that’ll draw lots of attention to himself. In a way, very similar to sayori.. Either that or he’s got a few quirks. That’s probably the reason why they do such things anyway, ero just grabs more eyeballs. Or maybe it’s the PRC background that made them more motivated to draw stuff like this. I don’t want to generalise mainland Chinese or imply that they have had pro-deflowering experiences, but it’s no doubt that an artist’s background and life experiences shape what they draw. Both of them are fabulous artists in my book.

    • Sabre
    • April 24th, 2011

    and she,Merami,is Nashimoto Yuuri.
    if you can read you can also search”梨本悠理”

    • Sabre
    • April 24th, 2011

    oh sorry…it’s”梨本悠里”
    i make a mistake :3

    • Sabre
    • April 27th, 2011

    haha :D do you know more?
    you must know 綾倉盟 :3 if you know Mei Ayakura,you will think she is 綾倉盟
    well i’m not sure :D

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