Subterranean Emotion

This really might be therapeutic… I’m not sure I’m getting any better though… but I feel trance-like, which is good… right? (・ω・)

I made “eye” plural to make it a bit more “universal”. — This song becomes infinitely more sad if you imagine the song is held at the bed of someone comatose.

Subterranean Emotion
Vocal: 茶太
Arrange: crouka
Lyric: 疒[丙]
Circle: EastNewSound
Album: Split Theory
Event: C79


tozashita hitomi no oku
shiroku nani mo nai sekai de
hitori tatazumu sugata
sokonaki ido no shirube no you

Inside these closed eyes
In a white empty world
Stands one all alone
Like the marker to a bottomless well..

想起することも もうないの――?

fuujirareta ano kokoro ni wa
mou nani mo irodzuku koto wa nai no?
futari de ayunda michi wo
souki suru koto mo mou nai no?

In your sealed away heart
Has everything lost its color?
Can you not even recall
That road we both walked together?

閉ざしたままの その瞳では

dou ka sono hitomi hiraite
tozashita mama no sono me de wa
watashi no kokoro mo nani mo mie wa shinai

Please open your eyes
With them shut like that
You won’t be able to see my heart, nor anything else..


furiyuku yuki no naka de
muishiki ni omoi idaite
toiki ni noseta omoi
kaze ni kiete todoki wa shinai

In a falling snow
Embraced in unconsciousness
My feelings held on a sigh
Disappear in the wind; they won’t reach you..

思い出すことも もうなくて――

kooritsuita keshiki no you ni
kono kokoro wa subete wo kobandeite
futari de ayunda michi wo
omoidasu koto mo mou nakute

Like this frozen landscape
My heart rejects everything
I can’t even remember
The road we both walked together..

閉ざしたままの その唇は

dou ka sono kuchi wo hiraite
tozashita mama no sono kuchibiru wa
jibun no omoi mo ie wa shinai

Please open your mouth
With your lips shut like that
You won’t be able to tell me how you feel..

閉ざした心は 私も 見ること出来ない
あなたの瞳に 私は 映らない

tozashita kokoro wa watashi mo miru koto dekinai
anata no kokoro ni watashi wa utsuranai

With your heart closed, even I can’t see
I am no longer reflected in your eyes..


dou ka


閉ざしたままの その心では

sono kokoro wo hiraite
tozashita mama no sono kokoro de wa
me no mae no sekai wa kawaranai

Open up your heart
With it shut away like that
The world before your eyes will never change..

閉ざしたままの その瞳では
私の想い 伝える事も出来ない

dou ka sono hitomi hiraite
tozashita mama no sono me de wa
watashi no omoi tsutaeru koto mo dekinai

Please open your eyes
With them shut like that
I can’t tell you how I feel..

    • Egakiar444
    • February 21st, 2011

    Little mistake, 3rd stanza “When them shut like that” should be “With them shut like that” based on your translation of the similar line 3 more stanzas down “With your lips shut like that”

    • Rie
    • March 21st, 2011

    I love this song, it’s one of my favorites on the album ^^

    Do you think you could translate Ash and Snow too? I really, really love that one <3 [link]

    • I will queue it up! ^_^ This week I’m a bit busy, but hopefully by the weekend I’ll get to all my requests :)

    • Jenny
    • July 29th, 2011

    Hello :) Beautiful translations… I was wondering if you had the Romaji of this song aswell? If not, I understand. Thank you :)

    -Jenny. <3

    • Just added them in!

        • Jenny
        • July 30th, 2011

        You are so wonderful! Thank you very much!! :)

    • asdfghjkl
    • February 24th, 2012

    Do you think you’d have time free to translate solar tokamak (here: ) by yellow zebra please?

  1. I’ve added it to the list – which can be extremely slow at times, but I might get to it depending on random variables ^^;

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