Jealousy of Silence

Requested by: YSen

Mizuhashi Parsee~ Netamasee~

You’ve probably noticed, but I’ve changed the Engrish to English.

Jealousy of Silence
Circle: Unlucky Morpheus
Album: Jealousy
Event: C76

I’m looking for shine in the sky
trying to kill memories
絡みついた闇に 心潰されたまま

I’m looking for a light from the sky
Trying to kill my memories
With my heart still crushed, locked away in this darkness

You have gone away from my past
left my heart deadly
静寂から目を背けた 略奪の愛

You have left my past and
My heart dead
From the silence I avert my eyes – This love has stolen everything!

虚像は地殻の下 華やかならざるgoddess
狂い咲く碧き性 染まる指は紅

Now beneath the earth’s surface I find myself, a goddess never shining
With a spirit like flowers erupting in blue, and nails painted crimson

I’m losing your love
You and she, thieves give me envy
耐えきれない凶気の淵 沈む守人

I’m losing your love
You and her are thieves that fuel my envy
Watching you both, I sink deeper into the abyss,
 unable to take these intense feelings of hatred

往路は爪を蝕みて 狂った瞳のgazer
地の底を妬き尽くす 焔抱いて I can not stop

Travelling deeper, I eat away at my nails, with crazed eyes gazing
To the depths of the earth I rot in jealousy, embracing the flames, I cannot stop

Green-eyed Jealousy Don’t you leave me alone
戻れぬ橋を見送る 深淵のsadness

Green-eyed Jealousy, Don’t leave me alone!
Distressed in despair and love
I look across the bridge I can never cross again, over an abyss of sadness

So tell me true この身を焦がす 愛を殺して
Still want your heart 覚めない悪夢を

So tell me the truth! Kill this love burning in my chest!
End my unwaking nightmare, where I still want your love!
Stop time!!!

行方は姿見えず 絶望身を伏すangel
抜け殻の愛の灯を 胸に抱いて So I miss you

Unable to see her way an angel crouches in despair
She holds to her chest the light of love, all shells discarded – Yes, I miss you

Green-eyed Jealousy 土に堕ちて 心は今も
Stay in riverbed 忘れられない 水底のregret

Green-eyed Jealousy, Falling to the earth, even now my heart
Remains in this riverbed, I cannot forget this regret deep under the water

Green-eyed Jealousy Don’t you leave me alone
Take me back to the green love

Green-eyed Jealousy, Don’t leave me alone!
Take me back to my green love

    • exaltdragon
    • February 10th, 2011

    This is one circle that is sits on the metal genre’s fence. It doesn’t go the virtuoso-rift appeal that Demetori, Crow’s Claw, Phoenix Project and some of the others take; yet also doesn’t totally muddle itself in trash growling vocals. Usually either a good hit or total miss.This one song had people listening to the off-vocal version just to appreciate the instruments.

    Incidentally, could you explain to me what the phrase “綱の目に放る” from the song Scarlet Velvet of the album Chill Now(tamaonsen) means? It’s written as 綱 but sung as “hari(needle)”.. The full stanza is as follows:

    綱の目に放る 足を止めた欲
    朽ちる筈も尽きる筈も 願わなかれば無い

    動き出す秒針 価値求めた遠く
    壊れた溝 埋める距離も いざ宵を赤く染めよう

    • As for “綱の目に放る” I figure it’d just mean threading through the eye of a needle; 綱 or cable is really just a hard thread – so perhaps it is referencing the image of forcing a hard or thick thread through a needle’s eye.

      That sort of makes sense in regard to the rest of that stanza: “欲/朽ちる筈も尽きる筈も願わなかれば無い” a desire that will never wither or be exhausted, unless you yourself wished it to (願わな(け/か)れば). — “Threading the needle” would sort of add more “volition” to the description of the desire… as well, needles don’t just thread themselves… it’s hard D:

      願わなかれば is a little strange, I’d think it should be 願わなかれば ; but technically 願わなかれば would be possible, and mean the same thing, but be more forceful, because of it adding particle ば after 命令形 instead of 已然形.

      Anyway, those are my conjectures. Who’s the lyricist?

    • Wahaha! I listened to the song, reading the lyrics to that part, and it’s not 綱, but 網 and pronounced “ami” as it should be :p // 網の目に放る just means to slip through the net – often used as “through the dragnet” if you will ^_^

      It was bothering me so I figured I’d at least listen to the song, now that i have it.

    • As a follow up to all of this, I translated the song σ(^┰゜): [link] and everything makes sense now after looking at the rest of the song.

    • exaltdragon
    • February 10th, 2011

    願わなければ is right. (confirmed in lyrics books). Typo there. Thanks for the explanation. The lyricist is Romonosov?:p and ginryuu.

    The meaning of threading something through a needle, but replacing the word for needle with a cable… kinda confuses me.. Sort of like turning the subject into the object. Ah well I guess it’s just to demonstrate impossibility.

    • I could look at the song as a whole and post – but just having finished 狂気に満ちた不可視の珠 I think I need at least a little break between rap-lyrics XD. In any case, I’ll have to look a bit more at TAMAONSEN.

        • exaltdragon
        • February 11th, 2011

        I don’t recommend it. The rap-lyrics are pretty trashy. Unless trashy is your thing.

    • RIS
    • February 17th, 2019

    thank you, you are my hero.

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