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西へ西へ // Nishi e Nishi e


Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the rabbit!
I’m a snake, and I like eating rabbit. (º﹃º)

Requested by: Anim3ox

By the way, this is completely unrelated, but Nanosecond Eternity is great. I’ve got Gravity’s Rainbow stuck in my head.

 Nishi e Nishi e
 To the West, To the West
作詞 古賀たかし
作曲 古賀たかし
唄 ビアンコネロ (bianco nero)

迷い込んだ 海の三角地帯と思ってたら出た

I was lost; when I thought I’d wandered into the Bermuda Triangle
I made it out, and made a face as I ate some disgusting looking fish
Then a storm came to call; though I escaped harm, I came out of it drunk
After my late supper I found a star I’d never seen before

知らない事 いっぱい 知ってみたい

There are so many things I don’t know but want to know
So I’ll ride the wind and waves far away

目の前にせまった島もあれま 不気味に手招きしてるようだ

When I look up at the blue sky, I hear the cries of birds piercing the clouds
Alas, before me was an island, and it beckoned to me ominously

悪びれぬ船が 息巻いて向かってきたが 行った

My calm ship made a fuss as I turned it about, but I went
I set aside the pride that had become my baggage; I rolled it up and threw it into the sea

笑おうよ いっぱい笑おう

Let’s laugh, let’s laugh,
And go together with the wind and waves

蒼色の空へ漕いだ 船に響いた いくつもの笑い声
いつからか 目指した島は あれま こんあもん 見過ごしてしまいそうだ・・・

I rowed towards the blue sky, and my ship resonated with sounds of laughter
Since when could I before have so easily missed this island?


…We’ve made it… Come, let’s go…