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Yours Is Only Mine

Requested by: Tsunderella

This song can sound both sweet and creepy. ^_^ Just like our Yuuka ♡ヽ(´◕ ◡ ◕)ノ

Yours Is Only Mine
今昔幻想郷~Flower Land|東方花映塚
Vocal: 池田奨
Album: From the Bottom of the Heart
Event: C79

夢うつつ 月に照らされて 目を覚ます
絡みつく 白い指先が 震えてる

yumeutsutsu tsuki ni terasarete me wo samasu
karamitsuku shiroi yubisaki ga furueteru

Half asleep, the moon shines down on me as I open my eyes
Your white fingertips are tangled with mine, shaking

今はまだ 視線を逸らしているけれど
構わない 私は貴方を手に入れるから

ima wa mada shisen wo sorashiteiru keredo
kamawanai watashi wa anata wo te ni ireru kara

Now you still avert my gaze,
But I don’t care, for you are mine

変わらない 貴方が好きだから
いつまでも そのままでいて
私だけの ために咲く花だから
渡さない 誰の手にも

kawaranai anata ga suki dakara
itsumademo sono mama de ite
watashi dake no tame ni saku hana dakara
watasanai dare no te ni mo

Nothing will ever change, because I love you
Forever we’ll stay together this way
Because you’re a flower, blossoming just for my sake
I won’t hand you over to anyone

籠の中 閉ざされた檻に 繋がれた
青い目の その冷ややかさが いとおしい

kago no naka tozasareta ori ni tsunagareta
aoi me no sono hiyayakasa ga itooshii

Inside this cage, connected in a closed off prison
I love those cool blue eyes of yours

果てしなく あなたの心が 遠くても
この声が 必ず届くと 信じてるから

hateshinaku anata no kokoro ga tookutemo
kono koe ga kanarazu todoku to shinjiteru kara

No matter how far away your heart strays
I believe that my voice will reach it

飾らない きれいな心だから
鮮やかな 花を咲かせよう
私だけを 照らして欲しいから
離さない 細い貴方のその手を

kazaranai kirei na kokoro dakara
azayaka na hana wo sakaseyou
watashi dake wo terashite hoshii kara
hanasanai hosoi anata no sono te wo

Because your heart is pure and unadorned
I’ll make you blossom into a brilliant flower
For I want you to shine for me alone
I’ll never let you or your hand go

変わらない 貴方が好きだから
いつまでも そのままでいて

kawaranai anata ga suki dakara
itumademo sono mama de ite

Nothing will ever change, because I love you
Forever we’ll stay together this way

どこまででも 続いてゆく道も
二人なら もう迷わない
私だけの ために咲く花だから
離さない 細いあなたのその手を

doko made demo tsudzuiteyuku michi mo
futari nara mou mayowanai
watashi dake no tame ni saku hana dakara
hanasanai hosoi anata no sono te wo

No matter how far this road goes
As long as we’re together we’ll never be lost
Because you’re a flower, blossoming just for my sake
I’ll never let go of your slender hand

虚空の如く、月の如く、夢の如く // Kokuu no Gotoku, Tsuki no Gotoku, Yume no Gotoku

^Fullscreen necessary to fully appreciate

Requested by: Taste Tea

PC-98 Goodness!!!! :D

Kagura is a type of old Japanese music.
The 16th moon, or “Izayoi” is the 16th day moon of the lunar calendar , in other words, just a little past full.

 Kokuu no Gotoku, Tsuki no Gotoku, Yume no Gotoku
 Like Emptiness, Like the Moon, Like Dreams
Vocals: nao (DystopiaGround)
Arrangement: 式部
Lyrics: 式部
Album: Perfect Eastern Dream
Event: C79

霧雨の中 浮かぶのは

In the drizzling misty rain floating are
Shadows in light from the full moon
Wavering here and there before me
A white flower scattered its petals


I dream listening to kagura
Lit by a wood fire


Here now are
Phantoms of light
Disappearing in moments
Just as life does

朝霧の中 香るのは

In the morning mist, leaving a scent are
Sleeves of black clothes
On the waters surface, reflecting flowers
Sways breezes on the drifting waves


Even the sight for the 16th moon
Fleetingly passes by


Under the night sky
Spring festivals
Together with time pass by
Each like a passing moment


Under the shining moon
Each sleeping spring day
And everything returns to nothing
But now


Here now are
Phantoms of light


Under the night sky
Spring festivals
Together with time pass by
Each like a passing moment

^From the Album Booklet

危険なゆらめき // Kiken na Yurameki

^Because I could never find a Cirno theme arrangement fitting for this picture, and she’s sort of in the song.

Requested by: aesprika/vaespus/aghart101

Remember the old me? ← Remember? They fought in ESoD :P

 Kiken na Yurameki
 Dangerous Sway
文章:櫻井アンナ 編曲:六弦A助
Circle: 六弦アリス
Album: 夢想演舞 月之理
Event: C79


I set my stardust and go out to meet you
For this war of yours, I’ll be your last opponent


Even if it’s true, saying something like how
You’d like to “test the results of your training” would just be a kill-joy


So just shut up and come at me
That is, if you can ♪

夢を映したような魔法 目映けれど命奪う煌めき

Magic like you’d see in your dreams, dazzling, but these sparks will take your life
Don’t you want to come closer and spar with me?
–Oh but how I wish you’d get as far..


I set my stardust and keep you at a distance
With each laugh and smirk I feel my blood rise ♪


But it looks like you’ve made it here without much trouble!

なんて楽しませる展開 競り合う気が私を熱くさせる
過去の私を思い出すよ 弱い頃は諦めぬ心、胸に

What a development! Being able to fight like this flares me up
How far should I take this tonight? Well,
If it’s fine with you, I’ll keep blasting this magic forever!
Remember the old me? Even when I was weak I never gave up!!
How far should I take this tonight? Well,
If it’s fine with you, I’ll keep blasting this magic forever!

Bad Apple & Good Orange

^I love tearfish, and since Orange’s fan-art is minimal, I touched the hue of one of tearfish’s characters a little.

Requested by: Anim3ox

I really don’t know why I never did this earlier…

No, I’m not going to put color on all my text. especially because orange is a hard color to get right. D:
Three more today! C’mon~

Bad Apple & Good Orange
Bad Apple!!|東方幻想郷
霊戦~Perdition Crisis|東方幻想郷
装飾戦~Decoration Battle|東方幻想郷
Vo: あゆ
Arrange: ARM
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方恋苺娘+
Event: C78

息殺し 身をひそめ 耳ふさぎ 目を閉じて
悲しみと 絶望と 暗闇の終わりを待つ

Now hold your breath and hug your knees, plug your ears and close your eyes
Wait for all the sadness and despair and darkness to go away

弱いもの傷つけ 命さえもうばい
それでも生きていく 知恵は罪の証

I hurt things weaker than yourself, stealing from them even their lives
Yet I still live on; my sly wit becomes proof of my sins

欲のため 自分の為
永遠の幻想郷 探し続ける

I wanted to, it was for my own sake?
There’s no answer anywhere
So I search this wonderland for eternity


Even if it’s only a little
I want a freedom I can embrace
Now in this cruel warmth
Good night

影隠し 顔変えて 声無くし 過去作り
喜びと 願望と 輝きの朝日を待つ

Hiding in the shadows, changing face, losing voice, making up the past
I wait for the shining of the morning sun and hope and happiness

弱いもの装い やさしさ利用して
きれいごとならべて 愛は罪の証

Feigning weakness I use others’ kindness
All the while lining up beautiful things; this love is proof of my sins

夢のため 未来のため
追憶の幻想郷 探し続ける

It was for my dreams, for my future?
There’s no such thing as justice
So I search this wonderland of my past


Even if it’s only a little
I want a courage I can embrace
Now in this cruel peace

知恵を求め 罪を背負い
永遠の幻想郷 探し続ける

Seeking wisdom, shouldering sin
Even if it is my fate to die
I’ll search this wonderland for eternity


Even if it’s only a little
I want a freedom I can embrace
Now in this cruel warmth
Good night

^You were talking about me? (Elly)

^The Real Orange


^Probably only a lookalike, but I’m allowed to assume this is Momiji.

Requested by: John Ta

I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner, because this is an awesome arrangement of Fall of Fall! ♪~ヽ(╹ε╹)ノAbsolutely amazing! I love K2 Sound! :D

This is one of the most expertly written songs I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s very clever, and I hope I captured some or most of that. For perspective, Momiji and her held back emotions for Aya. ^_^ Momiji has for her power amazing eyesight, so keeps guard over the mountains of the Tengu, of which Aya is something like a queen (who spends all her time on her newspaper and photography ;p).

I tried playing with the colors as always, if they’re too hard to read, I can change them around a bit. ^_^

The lyrics are very, very like 邂逅 Halation // Wakuraba Halation (also written by W*M) [lyrics-link]

If I made a note about everything, it would take forever to explain. So I tried to work all the dualities and everything all into the translated lyrics. Along with the background (which took me forever to piece together) ^_^;;;

Circle: K2 Sound / C-CLAYS
Album: 麗鳴 RAY-MEI
Event: C77

風を斬る夜 騒がしくなびいてる 渓谷の奥に棲み 宵月望み
  凄く痛む瞬く愛は        茨く嬉しく輝く今が

Kaze wo kiru yoru↓ sawagashiku nabiiteru Keikoku no oku ni sumi↓ yoidzuki nozomi
   Sugoku itamu matataku ai wa↑     Egoku ureshiku kagayaku ima ga↑

Slicing through the wind tonight leaving behind a rustling trail
[This extremely painful flashing love of mine..]
 I look and wish to the full moon living deep within within this ravine
[Now like roses harsh and majestic, but with great joy shines..]

明るく輝かす太陽を背に照らし 濁る雲行き感じ取り 昇る飛沫

Akaruku kagayakasu taiyou wo se ni terashi nigoru kumoyuki kanjitori noboru shibuki

Now the brilliant sun shines, pouring light on my back
 And I take in and feel the muddied clouds, rising in the spray

吹き抜けるActivation 渦まきながら 模る手 もうすぐ来る吹雪任せ
            打ち明けまし  淋しい
いつものCamouflage させて隠れる 真意を 魅せぬ Synchronicity
           アトラクション  真意を

Fukinukeru activation uzumakinagara↓ Katadoru te↓ Mou sugu kuru fubuki makase
              Uchiakemashi↑   Samishii↑
Itsumono camouflage sasete kakureru↓ Shin’i wo↓ Misenu Synchronicity
              Attraction↑   Shin’i wo↑

Bursting through in activation, spinning in whirlpools
[But should I reveal myself? Otherwise this loneliness I’ll keep]
 To this sudden swift blizzard, it reaching like a hand, I entrust myself
Always as ever cloaked in camouflage, hidden away,
[With my attraction, and my true feelings]
 I hide my true intentions not leading on nor luring but in perfect synchronicity

滲むオーラを手に本性霞ませる 瞳の奥に潜んでる巧みを リンクさせて向かう

Nijimu aura wo te ni honshou kasumaseru
 Hitomi no oku ni hisonderu takumi wo rinku sasete mukau

I take my emanating aura into hand to cloud my true nature
 Linking it with the skill hidden deep within my eyes and then face forward

朝焼けの空 静かに残り浮いてる 雲海の絨毯裂き 宵闇明けて
  あのこの山が山上目指し     色褪す先、道その影は

Asayake no sora↓ shizuka ni nokori uiteru Unkai no juutai saki↓ yoiyami akete
  Ano kono yama ga sanjou mezashi↑  Iroasu saki michi sono kage wa↑

The sky blazing in sunrise, rips through the carpet sea of clouds
[I look to the peak of her mountain, this and the next]
 Left silently floating as the darkness of night opens unto day
[At the place of those colors fading, the shadows upon its road]

幹巻き込んで 一糸乱れぬ風紀 美しい仕草模倣し 崩れるlayout

Miki makikonde isshi midarenu fuuki utsukushii shigusa mohoushi kuzureru layout

Wrapped in many branches, not a thread of law or order in disarray
 I mimic such beautiful and graceful motions amongst a crumbling layout

駆け抜けるInspiration すぐに感じて 突風曝し 鈍い音ざらり響いて
             打ち明けし  五月雨
いつものMission 楽にこなせる 尋常ならぬ 心 Synchronicity
           アフェクション  真意を

Kakenukeru inspiration sugu ni kanjite↓ Toppuu sarashi↓ Nibui oto zarari hibiite
              Uchiakeshi↑    Samidare↑
Itsumo no mission raku ni konaseru↓ Jinjou naranu↓ Kokoro synchronicity
              Affection↑   Shin’iwo↑

I immediately feel a racing inspiration
[I’ll reveal myself, like a spring showering rain]
 Exposed to a raging squall, sounding with a dull rushing of notes
Always as ever each mission I manage with ease
[Of my affections, of my true feelings]
 My heart far from ordinary, but in perfect synchronicity

守るべき信念を貫く姿情映し 歪みない観念密かに固めて 静寂の中 透き

Mamorubeki shinnen wo tsuranuku shijou utsushi
 Yugami nai kannen hiisoka ni katamete seijaku no naka suki

My figure and inclinations project straight through the convictions and faith I must protect
 To this faultless ideal I must sharpen in secret, in silence transparent

吹き抜けるAffection 表情出さず 瞑想ふけ 平静をずっと保って
いつものFeature 顔色変えず 研ぎ澄ませる 魂 Synchronicity

Fukinukeru affection hyoujou dasazu meisou fuke heisei wo zutto tamotte
Itsumo no feature kaoiro kaezu togi sumaseru tamashii synchronicity

Bursting with affection, but not letting it show on my face
[                     ]
 I concentrate and meditate, preserving peace and silence
Always as ever with the same features, I won’t let my complexion change
[                     ]
 I clear and sharpen my soul, keeping it in perfect synchronicity

駆け抜けるPremonition 全身流れ 聡明な眼を 持ち合わせ瞬時に応え
            打ち明けまし  淋しい
いつものPosture 跡形もなく 過ぎ去る日 魅せぬ Synchronicity
           アトラクション  真意を

Kakenukeru premonition zenshin nagare↓Soumei na me wo↓mochi awase shunji ni kotae
              Uchiakemashi↑     Samishii↑
Itsumo no posture atokata mo naku↓ Sugisaru hi↓ Misenu synchronicity
              Attraction↑   Shin’i wo↑

My entire being flows in a racing premonition
[But should I reveal myself? Otherwise this loneliness I’ll keep]
 Holding my sage eyes matched with yours for an instant in answer
Always as ever in the same posture, days passing by without a trace
[With my attraction, and my true feelings]
 I hide my true intentions, not leading on nor luring but in perfect synchronicity