I’m very very very (;O;) because neither the lyrics to “A Light in a Darkened Esoteria” and “H,S,T,N” are included in the booklet – it’s just like with “Clarity Green” (;O;) I can kind of hear the lyrics for Esoteria, so… I might try to transcribe them later, but…. All the songs I’ve just mentioned are in English, so ideally, this shouldn’t be a problem, but well – it is. T^T – Even if the English were perfect, extracting lyrics from metal can be difficult.

Due to the structure, I tried to keep each phrase in its place – which results in slightly broken sentences, but I think it matches the song.

vocal / 3L
Pizuya’s Cell (ぴずやの独房)
Album: Violet Lotus Requiem
Event: C79

冬の訪れ 白い粉雪
頬を刺す 寒空見上げては
届けたい 想いをあたためている

The coming of winter, white powdered snow
It pierces my cheek, as I look up at the cold sky
I want to reach you, I warm my feelings

心も体も 全て「アナタ色」
舞い落ちる 雪の華のように
透き通る その想いを受け止めて…

I do not resist
My heart, my body all is “your color”
Falling softly, like snow flowers
Transparent, please take my feelings…

冷えた 北風震えるこの胸
心さえ 凍えてしまいそう
今すぐに 私を包んで欲しい

Frozen, I shiver against the north wind; my chest
My heart, feels as if it might freeze over
I wish that you would hold me in your arms this very moment

道に迷ったとしても そばにいて…
抱きしめて 守って欲しいの
「愛してる」と いつか伝えられたなら…

I lose sight of my dreams
Even if I were to lose my way, if I were with you…
I wish you would embrace me, protect me
If only one day you had said to me, “I love you.”

心も体も 全て「アナタ色」
降り積もる 粉雪も 想いも
春の訪れを そっと 待っているの…

I do not resist
My heart, my body all is “your color”
Softly piling, this powdered snow, my feelings
I wait quietly for the coming of spring…

    • exaltdragon
    • January 24th, 2011

    C79’s vocal albums are really strong. One more album I have to go check out…

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